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Welcome to sheq foundation

  1. 1.   www.sheqfoundation.org   Follow SHEQFOUNDATION on        1  SHEQ FOUNDATION Be safe not sorry      
  2. 2.   www.sheqfoundation.org   Follow SHEQFOUNDATION on        2  Contents  Introduction 3  Membership 4  SHEQ Passports 5 WASHEQ 6 Accreditation 7 
  3. 3.   www.sheqfoundation.org   Follow SHEQFOUNDATION on        3  Introduction          Our Vision   SHEQ FOUNDATION is to become the  leading advocate for improving the  culture of Safety, Health, Environment  and Quality across all industries in Ghana  and beyond.  Our Mission To promote and advance a culture of  Safety, Health, Environment and  Quality in all industries in Ghana and  beyond to reduce the number of  deaths and injuries.  SHEQ Foundation Ghana is a not for profit NGO established in 2011 working on developing SHEQ programs to increase knowledge, awareness and skills amongst all industries in Ghana. Besides educating, we also try and work closely with the authorities and unions to promote leadership in HSE. Accidents and cases of work related ill health can happen in both the public, private and voluntary sectors and ignorance of the relevant legislative requirement or best practice in the area concerned is no excuse. Everyone has a part to play in improving health and safety standards at work. As an employer you are responsible for the management and control of risk in your workplace. We collectively work with, and support our members and the industry, to achieve safer and healthier workplaces. We provide a wide range of SHEQ solutions including:  Members Portal on the SHEQ Foundation website where useful information on SHEQ issues are available  SHEQ Passports  SHEQ CHARTER for companies  Monthly newsletter covering various SHEQ topics relevant to your industry  Annual WASHEQ Conference, Exhibition and Awards
  4. 4.   www.sheqfoundation.org   Follow SHEQFOUNDATION on        4  Membership   As a member, you receive benefits, and visibly support the work to reduce deaths and injuries across all industries.  Your membership also provides free access to health and safety guidelines, safety management Plan templates, readymade toolbox talks, plus regular newsletters and other important safety information. To sign up as a company please send mail to director@sheqfoundation.org As an individual you can sign up online. As a company member you will receive the Following benefits:  Instant recognition of your company commitment to safety.  Opportunity for your premises to be a SHEQ Passport controlled  Ability to borrow are safety videos for training at your organization  Use of the SHEQ FOUNDATION LOGO for marketing purposes- on your stationery, advertising and tender documents.  Discounted awareness posters for your site or premises.  Safety Management Plan template that you can customize for your company  Safety consultancy services from our member consultants.  A Certificate of Membership, demonstrating your company As a individual member you will receive the Following benefits:  Receiving monthly newsletter covering SHEQ news in Ghana, SHEQ jobs in Ghana plus covering two SHEQ topics.  Access to members Portal on the website.  Access to our Resource and Safety Information Centre.  Access to over 50 Toolbox Safety Talks covering the common industry hazards.  Seminars and workshops  Discounted tickets to the annual WASHEQ conference.
  5. 5.   www.sheqfoundation.org   Follow SHEQFOUNDATION on        5  SHEQ Passports      A SHEQ Passport is like any other Passport; it identifies the holder as having undertaken basic SHEQ awareness training and allows the holder access to “passport controlled” workplaces. Safety Passports are a very simple way for workers who move from one contract or company to another to show employers they have received basic training. How do I obtain a SHEQ Passport? You can purchase the Safety Passport book for 20GHC . After you feel you have mastered the contents you inform SHEQ Foundation and we invite you for a half day session were we go through content watch your industry related safety videos and you undergo a written assessment. If you pass you are issued with a passport similar to the Ghana driving license which last for 3 years. Renewal will be online where you undergo another assessment.   How is the scheme promoted? For the scheme to be as widely accepted as possible we need the help and assistance of everyone to help in the promotion. Companies can help by making the scheme conditional and interested parties are invited to be proactive by publicizing and promoting the scheme. What is important to remember is that this is a continuous long term project for the benefit of all industries. All Safety Passport holders will be registered with SHEQ Foundation on a central database.
  6. 6.   www.sheqfoundation.org   Follow SHEQFOUNDATION on        6  WASHEQ          WASHEQ (West Africa Safety Health Environment & Quality) is an annual Occupational Health and Safety Conference, Exhibition and awards organized by SHEQ Foundation. The conference is currently run in partnership with the Department of Factories, and other statutory bodies. Specialists and recognized experts in their field are invited to share their experiences on topics and themes that reflect current issues affecting companies in the various sectors of the economy. Each conference is designed to be as interactive as possible thus ensuring that all those who attend have an opportunity to learn and further develop their knowledge. The exhibition which runs alongside the conference gives companies with SHEQ Services and Products the opportunity to ex hi bit at the Conference and also advertise on the SHEQ Foundation website. Awards are also given to companies and individuals who have had outstanding SHEQ performance.
  7. 7.   www.sheqfoundation.org   Follow SHEQFOUNDATION on        7  ACCREDATION        To achieve 'best value', many companies are looking beyond low price when selecting contractors by looking at actual on-site performance. For contractors, Accreditation can be used to gain competitive advantage in a tight market as most multinationals have safety as number one priority. If your site is audited and the Performance Threshold results are achieved in the Initial Audits the company is recognized through Charter Accreditation at one or more Tiers and invited to be a Charter Accredited company. Ongoing Accreditation Audits throughout the year are used to monitor that the performance threshold is being maintained. The SHEQ Foundation Accreditation program gives clients information they can use to pre qualify and select contractors based in part on safety performance. SHEQ Charter Accreditation Goals  Recognize the companies performing at a high level  Help accredited companies secure more jobs  Ensures worker safety and well being  Provides a pathway for continuous improvement for any company no matter where the starting point Why? Accidents has a huge impact on all our lives, SHEQ Foundation Accreditation has been designed to measure and recognize contractors/ companies in Ghana performing at a high level of safety - planning, communication, monitoring and accountability. What? The accreditation commits those companies registered with the accreditation Scheme to enhance their appearance, respect the community, protect the environment, secure everyone’s safety and care for the workforce. Where? Companies operating within Ghana can apply to become accredited. Who? The Accreditation Scheme is open to all companies of all types and size. To become a Charter Accredited company, company must be a member of SHEQ FOUNDATION. How? Through the monitoring of work covered under the accreditation scheme and the displaying of registration stickers on company vehicles, as Well as posters at sites where appropriate.  When? Anytime, just send mail and the process will be initiated through a safety audit of the company.