Asbestos safety


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Asbestos safety

  1. 1. A Hand and Knife S | Drims#5 Asbestos Safetyy Ella Agbettor SHEQ F d tiSHEQ Foundation Safety | April 2010 5505437
  2. 2. Asbestos Kills Asbestos is a Naturally Occurring MAsbestos is a Naturally Occurring M Amosite, and Crocidolite and conta Products including ceiling material, materialsmaterials If you are exposed to enough asbe It’s an invisible killer - You need sp asbestos fibersasbestos fibers Asbestos has been used to make t Maintenance and construction wor Mineral made up of ChrysotileMineral made up of Chrysotile, ainer in over >3,000 Building , pipe insulation and flooring estos, it will kill you pecial equipment to even see thousands of products kers are most at risk Slide 2
  3. 3. How Do Asbestos Fibers Ent Asbestos fibers are released from dam asbestosasbestos These fibers enter your body when you They may remain in your body for life They cause deadly diseasesThey cause deadly diseases • Once the asbestos fibers are airborne, it is veryOnce the asbestos fibers are airborne, it is very you breath, eat or drink. You will not be able entering your • The human respiratory system will try to f your natural defenses at work, some of the dany , the walls of your lungs. Once attac be trapped in yo • Once asbestos has attached to the walls of you life. Because it is so hard to destroy asbestos fiby it, causing many health problems. If enough asb develop a deadly er Your Body? maged materials containing u breath, eat or drink y easy for them to enter your body wheny easy for them to enter your body when to feel or taste the hazardous particles r body. filter the air you breathe. Even with gerous particles will attach themselves tog p ched, the asbestos fibers will our body. ur lungs, it may remain for the rest of your bers, scar tissue will begin to form aroundg bestos accumulates in your lungs, you will y disease. Slide 3
  4. 4. Diseases Caused By Asbesto Asbestos must be disturbed and inAsbestos must be disturbed and in Latency Period (15 to 40 years). The risk level is based on duration Asbestosis is a deadly respiratory d Mesothelioma is a cancer of the lin Lung cancer accounts for the most exposureexposure. It can also cause cancer of the rect intestines and pancreas os haled to cause problems it has ahaled to cause problems, it has a of exposure, diseases include disease ning of the chest or abdomen t deaths related to asbestos tum, colon, esophagus, stomach, Slide 4
  5. 5. Beware of Materials That Cru Materials that crumble easily are ca containing asbestos can release dag contact with friable materials. Non-f asbestos can become friable when as not disturbed If you must disturb AsbestIf you must disturb Asbest Turn off the ventilation syste Spray the material with wate Pl d l h b l hPlace a drop cloth below the Double bag, label all materia for proper disposalfor proper disposal umble Easily alled friable. Friable materials angerous fibers into the air. Avoidg friable materials containing damaged. They’re safe as long tostos m er ke work area als exposed to asbestos Slide 5
  6. 6. Activities That Cause Asbestos T Before starting a project make sure thaBefore starting a project make sure tha not be disturbed A ll t t i l t iAssume all suspect material contains a If you encounter suspect material whe immediately Fallout continuously releases asbestos Impact causes high concentrations of a Reentrainment moves asbestos fibers o Become Airborne at asbestos-containing material willat asbestos-containing material will b tasbestos n performing work STOP s fibers from a damaged substance asbestos fibers to be released that have settled Slide 6
  7. 7. Pictures of Asbestos containing m Your goal is to prevent asbestos f b i i bfrom becoming airborne When cleaning areas containing friag g asbestos-containing materials: • Use dampened mops • Do not use brooms • Do not use traditional vacuum cleaners Stay away from damaged materialsy y g containing asbestos material ble,, Slide 7
  8. 8. Summary If d t h b t it il• If you are exposed to enough asbestos, it wil you can’t see, smell or taste asbestos. Asbe equipment • Materials containing asbestos are most dan which means that the materials can be easwhich means that the materials can be eas asbestos fibers into the air. Try to avoid con slightest contact can cause the material to fibers int • If you must work near asbestos your go• If you must work near asbestos, your go becoming airborne. Here are o Saw, sand, scrape or dr o Use abrasive pads on power stripp o Sand or try to level asbo Sand or try to level asb • When cleaning in areas with friab o Use dampened m o Do not o Only use High Efficiency Po Only use High Efficiency P • Regulated areas have dangerous levels of a without proper protective equipment. The messages such as, “Danger, Cancer and Protective Clothing Rg ll kill U lik th d b tll kill you. Unlike other dangerous substances, estos fibers are so small that you need special to see them. ngerous when they are in a friable condition, sily crumbled by hand releasing dangeroussily crumbled by hand, releasing dangerous ntact with this type of material since even the o crumble and release dangerous asbestos to the air. oal is to prevent the asbestos fibers fromoal is to prevent the asbestos fibers from e some rules of thumb. Do not: rill holes in asbestos material. pers to strip wax from asbestos flooring. bestos flooring or its backingbestos flooring or its backing. ble, asbestos-containing materials: mops and dust cloths. use a broom. Particulate Air vacuum cleaners.Particulate Air vacuum cleaners. airborne asbestos and should not be entered re will be signs identifying these areas with Lung Disease Hazard, or Respirators and Required in This Area.” Slide 8 q