Korey Rogers Visual Resume'


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Korey Rogers Visual Resume'

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  • -Introduce myself, project assignment and my current course.
  • -Information about my town and a few highlights about it.
  • -Information about the school I went to.
  • -I love music, I can’t make it but I have an ear for it and plenty of business skills to build something from it. -Picture represents my love for music and the impact it has made on my life.
  • -Pictures represents the impact these performers had in this era and these are the people who influenced me to want to be in the music business. I payed attention to the things they were doing and how it was changing their lives for the better, I wanted that change.
  • -Talk about what I did prior to attending Full Sail, and what led me to go to college.
  • -One of the things that made me want to go to college was the dead end jobs I had to work to make a living.
  • -I felt it was time for a change in my life. I wanted better for myself, I wanted more out of life.
  • -I thought many months what could I do to make an impact on my life, and if I were going to go to college then what would I go to school for?
  • -I decided Full Sail was the place for me. Many of my friends considered going but none of them enrolled. I enrolled myself and it was the best decision I made in my life.
  • -I carefully considered Digital Cinematography instead of Music Business, but at the time the Music Industry was calling my name.
  • -I formed a label with a few friends of mine and made a quick impact on our community. -Information about my very first record label.
  • -The current status of my label, we changed the name because we merged with an independent label in my town.
  • -My “accidental” video production company, was started when I created a simple music video for my artist. After that everyone wanted their video done by me. It was the best accident I ever made.
  • -a friend of mine and I created a line of apparel to represent us because we felt as if we always were always above the rest. Some called us weird but we looked at it as being original because we weren’t afraid to be ourselves. Which is why we started the “Never Basic Association” brand.
  • -Skills I learned while attending Full Sail and outside of Full Sail.
  • -My current status is a Self-Employed, Full Time student.
  • Korey Rogers Visual Resume'

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