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  • 1. “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Henry Ford© 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 2. Ohio Economy: Where are we Heading?Ohio -- Northeast Ohios economy continues to grow at a steady but modest clip, thanks largely to an oldfriend -- manufacturing -- but observers see a powerful new catalyst on the horizon.Major energy companies are investing millions into Ohios surprise resource --the natural gas trappeddeep in ancient shale deposits. With drill permits being acquired at accelerating rates, its only amatter of time before large-scale drilling becomes an economic stimulus, according to an analysis byTeam Northeast Ohio.The regional economic development agency reported in 2012 that job creation in Northeast Ohio grew forthe seventh consecutive quarter as the unemployment rate dropped to 8.3 percent in March, slightlybeneath the national rate.© 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 3. Toledo, OhioToledo, located in the heart of the industrial Midwest, Northwest Ohio has built a strong manufacturingbase in glass, plastic, primary metal and fabricated metal products, as well as automotive assembly andparts production.Toledos central location to major Midwest cities such as Chicago, Pittsburg, Detroit, Cleveland,Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Columbus, St Louis, Buffalo and Toronto, coupled with its world classtransportation infrastructure, gives it unparalleled access to the Midwest market. Located at thecrossroads of Interstate 75, 80 and 90, the Northwest Ohio region is within a days drive of nearly half theU.S. and Canadian industrial markets and is ideally situated for businesses to reach customers andsuppliers throughout the Midwest.That access to the Great Lakes, combined with the regions international cargo hub, and one of theleading rail centers in the country, makes Northwest Ohio a global platform for doing business anywherein the world..© 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 4. ToledoState and Local Business ClimateIndustries that historically have supported the area include farming, industrial production, transportationand warehousing. A strong agricultural base - fostered by farming communities that harvest corn, wheat,soybeans, tomatoes, pickles, and more - has promoted the growth of food production, distribution andtransportation throughout the region. The region’s industries include both small and large companies, allsupported by highly trained workers© 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 5. Toledo + Ergur: Where are we Heading?Partnering with the City of Toledo in a public private partnership (P3), our main goals are creating jobs &development projects; not only to raise the standard of living of the residents of Toledo, but to create ayoung, vibrant and productive economy. The solution is to use public + private partnership monies to develop major for-profit transportation,energy and communications infrastructure projects that will spark employment & growth, reduce USdependence on foreign energy and on foreign debt, and improve the efficiency of the economy for allgrowth industries in the twenty-first century. The end result will be a more sustainable and stable economic future for greater Toledo, Ohio. The results will elevate the City of Toledo as a world class business investment and lifestyle hub.© 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 6. From hot dogs to Jeeps, President Obama sees what Toledo makes Toledo Blade, June 3, 2012 Fortified by chili dogs from Rudys Hot Dogs, President Barack Obama arrived at Chrysler Group LLC’s Toledo Assembly complex Friday afternoon to herald the auto industrys rebound after a government bailout and announce a deal for Fiat to buy the Treasurys remaining stake in Chrysler.© 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 7. Ergur + JV Partners  City of Toledo  Trade Unions  County of Lucas  Port Authority  University of Toledo  RGP  HONDA  Rudolph & Libbe  AGM  Sandvick Architects  McGladrey  A2A + Brooks Media Dean Monske (Northwest Ohio Growth Partnership (RGP)–CEO), Koray Ergur (Ergur Real Estate Group-CEO), Mike Bell (Toledo Mayor), Ismail Sumer (HONDA Factory Director, Board Member), William Rudolph (Rudolph Libbe Companies-Chairman), Thomas Crothers (Deputy Mayor)© 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 8. Ergur Guiding Principles Core Beliefs and Values + Purpose = Guiding Philosophy Mission + Vivid Description = Tangible Image Guiding Philosophy + Tangible Image = Vision Strategic Vision x Communication = Shared Purpose Shared Purpose x Empowered People x Appropriate Organizational Changes x Strategic Thinking = Successful Visionary Leadership© 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 9. Be a company that people want to existTHE ERGUR GROUP BUSINESS DIRECTION Global No.1 amongst Real Estate companies Vision: Become a company that contributes to society through with highest efficiency construction projects & properties. Mission: Achieve ‘Outstanding Quality w/ Affordable Price’ for worldwide customer satisfaction. ERGUR Midterm Vision: Establish a company constitution that contributes to society Action Requirement: Midterm Direction: 1. Strengthen teamwork among ERGUR associates. Strengthen ERGUR Name 2 .Enhance each associates skills. 3. Ensure all applications based on company principles. Expansion of ERGUR Group People living in higher reliable investments To make clear understanding standard new housing of Nicholas Building incentives To be a Marketing of existing new company that working & living area which Find clients to move in Housing construction for has been established by EG people can to new dwellings at attractive living area respect & Nicholas Building ERGUR Group management trust Standardize ERGUR & growth plan Group management ERGUR Group management constitutionbased on corporate governance Create a working environment where people can enjoy living and have the desire to move to Toledo Reinforce management led by ERGUR Group / Apply company principles which respect individuals 2012 2013 2014 The Nicholas Building ANDI Vision Projects Reliable ERGUR company constitution Ergur Group @ Toledo Projects against changes
  • 10.  The Nicholas Building  The Spitzer Building  The Commodore Perry  Ergur Tower (New)  The Nasby Building  The Pythian Castle  The Erie Street Garage (New)© 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 11. © 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 12. © 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 13. © 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 14. © 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 15. © 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 16. © 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 17. © 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 18. © 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 19. Billboards (4) @ Nicholas© 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 20. © 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 21. © 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 22. © 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 23. © 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 24. © 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 25. © 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 26. Total Nicholas + Spitzer (398 units)© 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 27. © 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 28. © 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 29. Commodore Perry Building© 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 30. Ergur TowerMixed Use Development (New Construction)
  • 31. Sample Tunnel Concrete System Project Picture from Baker High-Rise Concrete
  • 32. The Nasby Building (To Be Restored as a University Campus / Hotel)
  • 33. The Pythian CastleTo be Restored as Residential Condos© 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 34. The Erie StreetParking Garage By ANDI© 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 35. © 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 36. A2A Media + Ergur Partnership
  • 37. A2A Media + Ergur Partnership© 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 38. Self Sustainability w/ GEOTHERMAL ENERGY • WIND • SOLAR • GEOTHERMAL© 2012 – The Ergur Group
  • 39. Downtown Toledo Revitalization Analysis Create a vibrant downtown community by filling the area withmore residential occupancy work with the city to reduce crime ratesand create a safe community to live. Create ample FREE parking for people to be able to live andvisit the downtown Toledo area. Attract necessity service stores (i.e.drug & grocery stores) to downtown to fill the needs of thepopulation and attract retail shops to the downtown area.
  • 40. Setting the Stage for Development STEP 1 Capture the Vision (ANDI + ERGUR) (DONE) STEP 2 Develop a Strategic Plan (DONE) STEP 3 Forge a Healthy Private/Public Partnership (WORK IN PROGRESS) STEP 4 Make the Right Thing Easy (TOLEDOANS + LEADERSHIP IN PLACE) STEP 5 Establish Business Improvement Districts and Other Non-Profits (DONE) STEP 6 Create a Catalytic Development Company (THE ERGUR GROUP) STEP 7 Create an Urban Entertainment District (ANDI) STEP 8 Develop a Rental Housing Market (ANDI + ERGUR) STEP 9 Pioneer an Affordability Strategy (ANDI + ERGUR) STEP 10 Focus on For-Sale Housing (ANDI + ERGUR) STEP 11 Develop a Local-Serving Retail Strategy (ANDI + ERGUR) STEP 12 Re-Create a Strong Office Market (ANDI + ERGUR)
  • 41. Strength Weakness  Continued investment from abroad.  Lack of FREE parking China, Turkey & Others  Lack of youth demographic in  Continued increase in residential area  Newly developed arena  No grocery stores in area  Newly formed pro hockey/baseball  No drug stores in area teams (Mud Hens & Walleye)  No shopping centers in area  Strong demand for urban living  Historic renovation creates greater value.Opportunity Threat  Draw in a grocery store to downtown  Lack of FREE parking in area will center detour people from wanting to  Pull in youth demographic through shop/live downtown development of college in the city center  Attract retail shops to create a vibrant urban living community
  • 42.  Increase the population of downtown Toledo to 150,000 residents by spring of 2013 with a growth rate of 7.5% per year Work with city officials to identify the key drivers of crime within the area, and prepare a plan of action to reduce crime rates by 20% every year Create a solution for free parking that offers no less than 25,000 spaces for a 1 mile radius, with the ability to double every 2 years Attract national and local retail to the area to satisfy demand & needs for the local population
  • 43.  Grocery Store & Supermarket Pharmacy & Drug Store Restaurants + Jazz Clubs Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee Clothing Stores Dining & Food Court Electronics Stores  APPLE  MICROSOFT
  • 44.  Phase 1  Work with the student bodies of the local colleges to identify and satisfy what needs/demands they have in order for them to have a desire to live downtown  Build a movement among the universities to want to revitalize downtown Toledo  Work with University board of directors to establish a campus in downtown Toledo by the end of 2013
  • 45.  Phase 2  Establish no less than 10,000 parking spaces within a 3 mile radius in downtown Toledo, with the ability to double parking every year for the next 3 years  Work with local taxi companies to establish reliable transportation to and from downtown Toledo  Improve the public transportation system (TARTA), in order to add efficiency and increase traffic to and from downtown Toledo
  • 46. Phase 4  Bring in grocery store by 4th quarter of 2012.  Bring in national drug store chain (i.e. Walgreens) by 2nd quarter of 2012.  Bring in at least 1-3 new shopping outlets to downtown Toledo every year for the next 5 years.
  • 47. Our exit plans foresee the following potential: Sale with owner carry back programs Refinance with FHA + SBA loans (multiple options) Investors’ green card program; EB5 + Toledo Ergur Regional Center Program Sale – Lease back with $1 buyback plan Partnering with end users Exchange & trade globally Sell investors a debt or equity shares Build up cash flow and sell it to private + institutional investors Donation for the benefit of the public Utilize and capitalize all available tax credits, incentives & grants (Up to 90% +) Joint venture and partner with 2nd tier group of new JV’s and partners Toledo + Ergur Real Estate Investment Trust (Private REIT) Toledo + Ergur Private Equity Investment Fund Offering Pre-Lease Up Campaign (Worldwide) Pre-Sales (Worldwide)  Floor by Floor to Investors  Unit by Unit to End Users Perfect Ergur business model and franchise it globally  
  • 48. How does the overall cost of a typical project like this compare with what it might cost to undertake equivalent new construction?  By putting the proper incentives in place, new construction cannot compete with the value of historic renovation.  New construction may appear at the onset to be less expensive than historic renovation because the labor costs comprise a much larger portion of the historic renovation construction budget.  New construction labor costs are typically about 50 percent of total costs, whereas the labor component of historic renovation is closer to 60 to 70 percent.  But you have to evaluate the complete financial structure, and when you do that historic renovation creates greater value.
  • 49.  The federal government provides a “Historic Renovation Tax Credit” of up to 26 percent of the total renovation costs. State of Ohio offers additional historic preservation credits of 25 percent or more. Because many of these buildings are located in areas that have suffered considerable decay and economic blight, they will often meet the requirements. For participation in the Federal New Markets Tax Credit program. The NMTC can generate additional credits equal to 39 percent of the renovation costs and are often layered on top of the historic credits. Some quick math will tell you that adds up to 90 cents plus on the dollar of public equity contribution in the form of state and federal tax credits — just for starters.
  • 50. City of Toledo Leadership + Ergur Team Members
  • 51. The EB-5 immigrant investor category allows a person and his or her family members to get a green card (i.e. live permanently in the US) by investing a certain amount of money in the U.S. and creating or saving 10 U.S. jobs. The minimum amount of money to invest is $500,000 if you invest in a rural or high unemployment area. Otherwise you must invest at least $1,000,000.Mike Bell (Toledo Mayor), Angela Beck (Ergur) and Dean Monske (President and CEO The Regional Growth Partnership (RGP))
  • 52.  Invest in projects developed by City of Toledo government agencies, economic development non-profits, and top real estate firms Invest in projects selected to create a significant number of jobs TERC will assist you in the EB-5 petition process Minimum investment is only US $500,000 Satisfy job creation requirements by counting both direct and indirect jobs TERCs job creation methodology is subject to approval by the USCIS Your US $500,000 investment will be held in a protected escrow account until approval of your I- 526 petition. If your petition is rejected, your US $500,000 investment will be immediately will returned to potential investor.
  • 53. The Ergur Group is seeking visionary dreamers, Looking for business partners who develop & market powerfulentrepreneurs, brokers, lawyers, engineers, contractors, self-sustained city solutions and technologies.universities and other experts to become involved withus in implementing a plan to create a visionary  Joint Ventures + Partnerships:downtown in Toledo, Ohio, while ensuring the City’s  Joint Ventures w/ Land + Property Ownersfuture with development that will be beneficial to all.  Joint Ventures w/ Developers Team of professionals / companies we are seeking  Joint Venture w/ Retail End Users to partner with:  Joint Ventures w/ Financial Partners Private & institutional investors  General contractors worldwide (multiple) Real estate brokers & agents worldwide  Trade subcontractors from Ohio  Specialized in Leasing  Specialized in Sales Commercial mortgage brokers & lenders  Anyone who participates and assists us with creating and  Bridge loan agents / brokers fulfilling our vision and transforming it to reality,  Specialized FHA + SBA Loans regardless of their position or background, but who has Public employees union leaders (Ohio) Trade union leaders (Ohio) the necessary abilities to accomplish a dream, will be paid Manufacturer owners from around the world the industry standard finder’s fees plus commissions. Private universities from around the world Entrepreneurs & innovators with revolutionary vision  Let’s spread the word and capitalize on our abilities and and ideas Investment bankers from around the world relationships by working together on a significant joint Small business owners seeking to expand their enterprise for which we will all be proud, rewarded and market appreciated from a great City that thinks far into the future Medical center & clinics owners and enthusiastically supports these business endeavors. Senior care facilities managers & business owners Hotel management & business owners Data center managers, owners and operators from  Thank you all in advance; now let’s roll up our sleeves around the world. and bring these dreams to reality. We are fully committed City, county and state government agencies to this vision and we welcome everyone. Come and join Network of individuals / companies active in building self-sustained cities within cities projects worldwide. us in becoming part of this history-making project. Please forward a one or two page letter of intent to Koray Ergur at
  • 54. WHY THE NICHOLAS BUILDING?  We sell and/or exchange + equity swap with no down payment.WHY TOLEDO?  No interest (0) + No down payment plan (0) / {(0) + (0)}  Approximately $12 Million in renovations over the past few years Toledo Mayor, Mike Bell, has a clear vision of the “City of  As a national historic landmark, The Nicholas Building qualifies for Toledo, becoming a world class international business many State and Federal Grants for both interior and exterior investment and lifestyle hub.” renovations Unlike many other city leaders who are sitting and complaining  Excellent location within Toledos Central Business District about the economy, the City of Toledo leaders are travelling  Significant opportunity to create value: Year One NOI does not include around the world creating new opportunities for metropolitan lease-up of the vacant space Toledo.  Easy Access to Interstates 75, 280 and 80/90 (Ohio Turnpike) Prospective business owners & entrepreneurs engage with  Located within walking distance of Toledos Marina District, the Lucas Toledo’s local professionals & government officials to take full County Courthouse, various government offices, several restaurants, advantage of all of the available tax credits & incentives for new Fifth/Third Field, the Seagate Convention Centre and Lucas County businesses moving to Downtown Toledo. Business Advantages Arena - Providing the Area with 1.5M People per Year in Foot Traffic of relocating to Downtown Toledo  Available at well below replacement cost. Priced to sell and/or exchange.WHY ERGUR?  Located across from the brand new Lucas County Arena, an 8,000 seat arena which opened in the Fall of 2009 Full commission to finders & brokers. (In most cases, finders get double full commission because of our equity swap deal JOIN US! e+Force structure.) We can close very fast; that means cash out of escrow for  We are focused and constantly seeking real estate deals that fit into everyone involved. our formula and we’re interested in recruiting top real estate brokers in Ergur has plans to finance the Nicholas Building, swap and/or the almost anywhere. Our plan is to expand our network daily & purchase transaction 100% in-house so there’s no need for constantly for potential opportunities for exciting equity swap bank approval or extensive due diligences & long appraisal transactions…join us! periods.  We are leading a global REVOLUTION in real estate & e+Exchange - Please share our proposal with all of the real estate brokers e+Force and agents in your network; we will protect your commission  We are recruiting Realtors, Brokers, Team Leaders and Partners split share. almost anywhere We will also consider (in lieu of payment) Nicholas Building  We are searching for brokerages to acquire, merge with or JV almost condo ownership and/or stock option exchange for promising anywhere startup companies.  International Development Officers & Partners almost ANYWHERE
  • 55.  ANDI Vision Video  City of Toledo + The Ergur Group is supportive of creating new infill projects that further the Arena Neighborhood Development Initiative (ANDI) Vision as created by the Greater Downtown Business Partnership relating to the redevelopment of Downtown Toledo, Ohio. We believe the potential for ANDI and other projects near the downtown zone have an estimated budget exceeding one billion dollars. RGP  Visit this website and find out about Northwest Ohio’s advantages:. When it comes to a dynamic business location, Northwest Ohio is your central point for access and opportunity. With nearly 100 million people living within a 10-hour drive of Northwest Ohio, and with instant access to air, rail, seaport and two of the countrys most traveled interstates, the doors to the global market are wide open. Northwest Ohio provides the perfect balance of business opportunities and an exceptional quality of life. Future of Glass vs. Glass City (Toledo)  Watch "A Day Made of Glass" and take a look at Cornings vision for the future with specialty glass at the heart of it . Latest News & Articles Questions, Comments & Feedback are Welcome or (888) 513-6688