Directorix™ interactive Way-finding Solution


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Interactive digital directory for shopping malls, hotels, airports, etc.

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Directorix™ interactive Way-finding Solution

  1. 1. Directorix™ Directorix™ Interactive wayfinding solution
  2. 2. Interactive Kiosk Elegant slim design, stand-alone, wall mounted Dual-side stand-alone option Outdoor waterproof models 24-55 inches interactive antivandal touch screen Modern high-performance PC Uninterruptible power supply Integrated printer (for directions, vouchers etc.) Lots of decoration options Custom design, embedded version Additional options: GPRS, WiFi, sound, proximity sensor etc.
  3. 3. Main Functions Interactive multilevel map (including outdoor facilities i.e. bus, subway stops, parking etc.) 2d & 3d maps support Information about locations, facilities and services View and print the directions to the location Parametric Search (alphabetic, category, Company name, keyword) Detailed information about selected location Informative messages (news, announcements) Detailed usage statistics and reporting Accessibility for people with disabilities Adjustable kiosk standby/sleep mode Offline mode support Emergency mode
  4. 4. Additional functionality Multilingual GUI Proximity sensor support Events calendar Loyalty program integration Gift guide Security service call Customer registration and feedback Speech function for disabled Directorix Mobile integration Additional information for user (time, forecasts etc.)
  5. 5. Benefits for Mall Visitor loyalty increase Additional information channel DirectorixTM Analytics: – Tenants popularity – Visitors interests (search keywords with positive/negative search results), – Detailed statistics for each mall – Compound statistics for country, region etc. (based on several malls data). Quick directory updates (interactive map and all data)
  6. 6. GUI customization Color scheme Backgrounds Elements layout Buttons quantity and position
  7. 7. System architecture Analytics,Marketing manager smart advertising campaigns Shopping Center 1 Directorix™ Directorix™ Central know2buy Server Directorix™ Smart Advertising Навигатор Навигатор Навигатор Навигатор Shopping center Kiosks adjustments, administrator usage statistics and reports - Included in wayfinding solution - Optional Visitors
  8. 8. Directorix CentralTenants management, maps, kiosks monitoring
  9. 9. Directorix Analytics
  10. 10. Directorix placement “Where to go” places – Entrances – Crossroads – Near elevators, escalators – Parking exits – Recreation areas More kiosks – more happy visitors
  11. 11. InitiumLeading developer of innovative solutions for interactivedisplays and self-service kiosks, designed for a massaudience. More then 7 year experience in design and usability engineering (touch screen user interfaces) Vast experience in web based technologies Full range of interactive equipment External multimedia content integration Turn-key interactive and digital signage solutions
  12. 12. Advantages Professional User Interface design Proved Easy-to-use, no special skills required Back office system Remote Kiosk management system (Internet connection is not required for kiosk operation) Large interactive screens — up to 105 inches Effective interactive map, high resolution promo banners
  13. 13. Our clients Various size commercial companies and government organizations
  14. 14. Our partners and suppliers Industry-leading equipment suppliers
  15. 15. Success stories
  16. 16. Directorix on the map
  17. 17. World Trade Center Moscow
  18. 18. «AFI Mall» (Moscow)
  19. 19. “М5 MALL” (Ryazan)
  20. 20. “VEGAS” shopping mall
  21. 21. Lancy Shopping Mall (Geneve, Switzerland)
  22. 22. Villeneuve Outlet (Montreux, Switzerland)
  23. 23. “Ohotny Ryad” shopping mall, (Moscow)
  24. 24. Signy Centre (Nyon, Switzerland)
  25. 25. «Modny Boulvard» (Belgorod, Russia)
  26. 26. Gagarinskiy Mall (Moscow)
  27. 27. Chizhov Gallery (Voronezh, Russia)
  28. 28. Interactive outdoor kiosks for Bolshoi Theatre 28
  29. 29. Thank you! Questions Contact us:Russia Switzerland USAInitium ltd. Initium Holdings SA. KioskMax Inc.+7 (499) 702-84-07 +41 79 639 49 16 + 1 (949)