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Reputation Management: In A Digital Age


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Reputation management has never been this easy or this hard. With more chances for people to talk about you online, and more tools to monitor that conversation, we will show you have to protect and …

Reputation management has never been this easy or this hard. With more chances for people to talk about you online, and more tools to monitor that conversation, we will show you have to protect and monitor your brand.

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  • QuoteSource – The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier ( Source -
  • Image Source -
  • Image Source -
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  • Create Advanced Segments to monitor keywords that include your brand name plus any keywords that have a negative sentiment like bad,scam,spam,negative, terrible, poor, hopeless, incompetent, unsuitable, shit. Each word should be separated using a pipe EG word|word|word
  • The launch of Google Analytics Social Reports has caused a bit of a stir as you can see exactly how your content is shared, by user.
  • Report - Social, Sources, Google+, Activity StreamMonitor conversations and shares of your content directly from Google Analytics
  • Report - Social, PagesScore the interactivity and value each link has brought socially.Understand which URLs work well socially and which aren’t worth the time sharing. Improve interactivity and social sharing success by utilising what works well
  • Report - Social, Pages, URL, Social Network and ActionMonitor how your content is shared or used on social networks for specific URLs and see the level of engagement across sharing tools. Use this data to identify where to promote similar content to get the best results. < GOOGLE PRODUCTS ONLY
  • Report – Social, Social Visitors FlowUse this report to understand which social media platform is driving traffic that interacts with your site.
  • Google+ Ripples can be used to see who is sharing your content. You should interact and follow all these people. They are your brand angels.
  • Image: Tom Stamp
  • Engaging a Trademark SpecialistAlways use a trademark specialistIt will save you a few hundred pounds doing it yourself but a specialist will be able to tell you very quickly if they feel you will have any issues with the name you have chosen due to class issuesMake sure you are in the right classes, a specialist can help you with this. Go to IPO to search the different classes and decide which you think you need to be inIf you operate in different countries, you need to look at which class locations you need to be registered inIt can take up to three months to get a trademark approved, so you need to be patient and factor this time into your planningUntil you have the trademark approved, there is not much more you can do other than securing that trademark on all the other domains and social entities ready for when it is approvedTrademarks tend to need to be renewed after 10 years. It is very important that you don’t let it lapse, so set a reminder in your calendars!
  • Claim profiles (e.g. Google Local)Fill out the description with brand keywordsAdd imagesInclude your URLCorrect postal addressContact details
  • Image credit: Todd Barnard (
  • Image source:
  • Create Advanced Segments to monitor keywords that drive traffic to your site containing your brand name to ensure you dominate page 1 for most popular searches
  • Transcript

    • 1. Reputation Management: In A Digital Age Samantha Noble 1
    • 2. Agenda Reputation Management Brand Monitoring Brand Protection Page One Domination Questions…. @Koozai_Sam
    • 3. What is a Brand? “A brand is not what YOU say it is” “It‟s what THEY say it is” “The Brand Gap” – Marty Neumeier @Koozai_Sam
    • 4. @Koozai_Sam
    • 5. Dictionary DefinitionReputationThe estimation in which aperson or thing is held,especially by the community orpublic generallyManagementThe act or manner ofmanaging; handling, directionor control @Koozai_Sam
    • 6. Digital DefinitionReputationThe difference between abrand that has a future andone that may struggleManagementUnderstanding, respondingand controlling negative andpositive mentions of a brand @Koozai_Sam
    • 7. @Koozai_Sam
    • 8. The BP oil spill was broadcast all over the internet and the news. @Koozai_Sam
    • 9. BP responded with a dedicatedsection on their website explaining how they were committed to helping the situation. @Koozai_Sam
    • 10. There was uproar when the BBC broadcasted a programme abouthow the employees of Primark were treated badly. @Koozai_Sam
    • 11. Primark responded with adedicated website dedicated totheir ethical trading practices. @Koozai_Sam
    • 12. This slide shows tweets sent to Interflora on the left and tweetsfrom the Interflora account on theright. You can see that during the time period, Interflora did not respond to negative comments @Koozai_Sam
    • 13. British Airways… My Story On my return from Mexico in April this year, I had a bad experience with British Airways. In the next slide you can see their response time. @Koozai_Sam
    • 14. British Airways… The Response1) Completed the online complaints form2) Waited for 10 days, no response3) Sent a Tweet to BA, response within 10 minutes4) Waited 5 more days, no response5) Sent another Tweet, response in 10 minutes6) 16 days after initial contact, finally got a reply @Koozai_Sam
    • 15. Service ProductOnline Offline @Koozai_Sam
    • 16. Deal With The Negative Uncover and respond to all mentions Respond publically so others can see your response Never respond posing as a „happy customer‟ Don‟t ignore negative press, it won‟t go away @Koozai_Sam
    • 17. Reward the Positive Acknowledge positive feedback Keep a record of your brand angels Dedicate a member of your team to „network‟ with your followers Respond to any questions they have Engage with your followers @Koozai_Sam
    • 18. @Koozai_Sam
    • 19. What is Brand Monitoring?A strategy that allows you to track all mentions of acompany name, product or service that has beenadded to an online resource. Negative Positive Competitors Comments Comments Content Trademark Counterfeit Drivers Infringement Sites @Koozai_Sam
    • 20. @Koozai_Sam
    • 21. Brand NamesDifficultEasier @Koozai_Sam
    • 22. Phrases to Monitor Your Brand Name Common misspellings Abbreviations Trademarks and/or Copyrights Senior Management Team Names Key products/services (if not generic words) Your competitors @Koozai_Sam
    • 23. Sites to Monitor Review Forums Articles Personal Photo Blogs Industry Related Competitor BlogsSocial Your VideoMedia Site @Koozai_Sam
    • 24. This Takes Time! We spend over 30 hours monitoring our brand each month Depending on your brand name, you may need to dedicate a lot more time Brand monitoring should form part of your day-to-day job @Koozai_Sam
    • 25. @Koozai_Sam
    • 26. BrandsEye @Koozai_Sam
    • 27. @Koozai_Sam
    • 28. @Koozai_Sam
    • 29. @Koozai_Sam
    • 30. @Koozai_Sam
    • 31. Tweet Deck
    • 32. Google Alerts
    • 33. HootSuite
    • 34. Social Mention
    • 35. @Koozai_Sam
    • 36. Negative Brand Searchesbad|scam|spam|scam|negative|terrible|poor|hopeless|incompetent|unsuitable|shit @Koozai_Sam
    • 37. Brand Term Traffic - AlertsBrand Traffic Decrease AlertBrand Traffic Increase Alert @Koozai_Sam
    • 38. Google Analytics Social Reports @Koozai_Sam
    • 39. Social Conversations @Koozai_Sam
    • 40. Shared URLs @Koozai_Sam
    • 41. Social Network Interaction @Koozai_Sam
    • 42. Social Visitor Flow
    • 43. Google+ Ripples @Koozai_Sam
    • 44. Brand Monitoring Dashboard1) Brand Term Visits (SEO)2) Non Brand Term Visits (SEO)3) Social Media Visits4) Facebook Visits5) Twitter Visits6) Google+ Visits7) Brand Term Keywords8) Activity by Shared URL9) Visits & Page Views by Social Network10) Social Media Interactions by Day11) Data Hub Activities by Social Network @Koozai_Sam
    • 45. Brand Monitoring Dashboard @Koozai_Sam
    • 46. @Koozai_Sam
    • 47. TrademarksSocial ProfilesDomains
    • 48. Trademarks Engage a Trademark Specialist Understand the classes and locations Become familiar with the IPO website Add renewal date to diary @Koozai_Sam
    • 49. Social Media Profiles Create new profiles Update existing profiles  Add more content  Include your brand name  Build relevance  Add images  Link to main site  Real contact details  Be consistent @Koozai_Sam
    • 50. Domains Stop cyber-squatters Register relevant TLDs Buy misspells of your domain Think about the future Redirect all variations to main domain @Koozai_Sam
    • 51. @Koozai_Sam
    • 52. Jim Lecinski“If consumers will doresearch online forhouses and health care,they‟ll also do it forBand-Aids and ballpointpens.” Jim Lecinski – „Zero Moment of Truth‟ @Koozai_Sam
    • 53. Dina Howell"Customers find incredibledetail online, from everypossible source… " Dina Howell – CEO - Saatchi & Saatchi X @Koozai_Sam
    • 54. Why It‟s ImportantResearch Your Research Your Stage Website Stage WebsiteTypes of Searches: Brand Name Brand Name + Reviews Brand Name + Scam Brand Name + News Brand Name + Vouchers @Koozai_Sam
    • 55. @Koozai_Sam
    • 56. Brand Searches in GA Create Advanced Segments in Google Analytics to monitor your brand keywords Dominate page 1 for all the popular searches @Koozai_Sam
    • 57. What Ranks Already? Analyse Your brand Your competitors Positive listings Benchmark @Koozai_Sam
    • 58. Pages That Rank1 - Domains 2 - Wikipedia 3 - News 4 - Financials 5 - Customers 6 – Social Profiles 7 - Niche Sites 8 - Vouchers 9 - Industry 10 - Videos @Koozai_Sam
    • 59. Build Relevance YouTube LinkedIn Facebook Google+ Extra Domain Press Release Article Article Deep Link Your Website Facebook Wikipedia Social Profiles Your Blog Twitter Guest Blog Deep Link YouTube Niche Link @Koozai_Sam
    • 60. Summary Take control of your reputation Understand what is being said about you online Protect your brand Ensure potential customers see you in a positive light @Koozai_Sam
    • 61. @Koozai_Sam Samantha 65
    • 62. Image SourcesSlide 3 - 5 & 6 - 14 - 19 - 46 - Tom StampSlide 57 - Todd Barnard ( 58 - @Koozai_Sam