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Nuclear Power Nuclear Power Presentation Transcript

  • Nuclear power
    By Kody Ta
  • The Chernobyl Disaster
    At 1:23 AM on April 26, 1986, two explosions broke through the Unit 4 reactor of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukraine
    The area around the nuclear power plant was wrecked by the initial explosion
    Buildings nearby were ignited by over heated graphite objects
    Radioactive particles spread across the Ukraine, Belarus, the western part of Russia and later covered Europe and the whole Northern Hemisphere
  • Nuclear Power Defined
    According to from nuclear fission or fusion: the power, usually electrical or motive power, produced by nuclear fission or fusion
  • Thesis Statement
    The Catholic Church opposes uranium mining even though nuclear power is becoming a highly used power alternative.
  • Pros
    Nuclear Power is “green” safe for the environment.
    Uranium is a natural power alternative that doesn’t harm our atmosphere.
    Uranium doesn’t pollute our air and our atmosphere because uranium turns into oxygenwhen burned.
    Uranium is a very efficient power alternative and is one of the most popular power alternatives used around the world.
    There is much uranium found all over the world today; therefore many nuclear power plants have large quantities in stored.
  • Fuel Shares in 2008
  • Art
  • Cons
    The United States of America doesn’t invest on nuclear power plants and leads to more accidents.
    About the majority of the nuclear power plants in Europe have more than 10 scientists watching over the power plants.
    The United States hires about 7 scientists to watch over the nuclear power plants.
    Having less than 10 scientists watching over the plant can be very dangerous and can lead to accidents
    Many minor accidents occur because of simple mistakes because the United States of America doesn’t hire professional scientists in the field of physics.
  • Religious Aspects
    Nuclear power isn’t just a type of power alternative but can be used to make nuclear weapons to genetically harm others, therefore the Catholic Church opposes to nuclear warfare.
    “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” The Holy Bible (Mt 5:9).
    War does not make peace, but destruction and sadness. Peace can be made by making just judgment and putting our guns down.
  • Religious Aspects Cont.
    The Catholic Church does not want companies to mine uranium for the sake of mankind, but the church knows how uranium can be used for good and not evil.
    That is why nuclear weapons can cause many conflicts and affect the people involved.
    Nuclear energy can be used for good such as heating and other uses around a house.
  • Definitive Statement
    Nuclear power isn’t just a type of power alternative but can be used to make nuclear weapons to genetically harm others, therefore the Catholic Church opposes to nuclear warfare.
  • The Chernobyl Disaster Cont.
    The graphite continues to burn for days despite the fact that thousands of tons of boron carbide, lead, sand and clay were thrown over the core reactor by a helicopter
    The fire eventually puts out itself when the core melted away, flowed into the lower part of the building and then turned into a solid, closing off the entrance
    About 135,000 people were evacuated from a 30-km radius exclusion zone
    Clean up took about 800,000 people
    The radioactivity released was estimated to be about two hundred times that of the combined releases in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    Millions of people were exposed to the radiation many ways.
  • Thank You
    Any Questions?
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