Fire Safety
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Fire Safety



A Powerpoint I made for school.

A Powerpoint I made for school.



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Fire Safety Fire Safety Presentation Transcript

  • By Sean Markus 2009
    • He set the leaves right next to his house on fire. Don’t light stuff on fire, especially next to buildings.
    • He panicked and just stood there screaming. You shouldn’t panic, but if you do, at least do it right and get away from the fire.
    • When she caught on fire, he just stood there shaking. Stop, Drop, and Roll!
    • When his family came, they just panicked too, they should have called 911 and helped him.
    • Signs:
    • There’s a giant fire in front of you.
    • Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.
    • Unusually large amounts of heat from a certain area.
    • If you smell a gas leak.
    • Animals go crazy (may also be result of any natural disaster or rabies).
    • If you notice any of these symptoms, leave the area and contact authorities immediately
    • Don’t go into a fire, but if you get caught in one, here’s what to do.
    • Crawl on he ground. Heat and smoke rises, so if you stand up during a fire, you could easily be exposed to 300° smoke.
    • Feel a door before going through it. If it’s burning hot, there’s probably fire on the other side and you should consider a different route.
    • If it seems too dangerous, try waiting for the fire department. Jumping over and through flames only works in movies.
    Escaping a fire
    • When putting out a fire aim for the object on fire, not the flames.
    Fire Tips
    • He set leaves on fire away from the house. Still not a good idea, but better.
    • He got away from the fire and called the fire department.
    • When a family member caught on fire, another helped put them out.