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Why MDM Alone Falls Short


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Learn what each of the acronyms in Mobility Management means and how they contribute to an overall enterprise mobile strategy.

Learn what each of the acronyms in Mobility Management means and how they contribute to an overall enterprise mobile strategy.

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  • Similar to our full-spectrum mobile application support, we now provide a robust mobile management solution that secures data, apps and devices. Not only is it necessary to secure data, apps and devices, but it’s important to do it in a manner that both end-users and administrators find easy to use so that the solution can scale as more and more mobile devices are used within the enterprise.
  • Centralized Web-Based Management ConsoleRegister User for MDM or Bulk Update User List for MDMUser and Group ManagementActive Directory or LDAP IntegrationManage Enterprise Device Configuration SetsEmail, VPN, WiFi, etc. SettingsLocate a User’s Device or Group of Devices on a MapLock a Device to Block All AccessWipe All User and App Data on a DeviceMonitor Device Runtime and Configuration InformationMonitor Individual App Runtime InformationManage Compliance Rules and Remediation StepsMonitor for Jailbroken DevicesConfiguration Remediation StepsMessage UserRevoke EmailLock DeviceWipe DeviceOn-Device MDM ProfileProvide Communication Link Back to MDMEnforce Device Restrictions (e.g. Passcode Required)Receive and Set Enterprise ConfigurationsEmail, VPN, WiFi, etc. SettingsReceive Push NotificationsPeriodically Log Device Location if Requested by MDM Console Monitor Device Configuration and App Usage
  • Centralized Web-Based Management ConsoleMobile App Distribution LifecycleUser and Group Management (Active Directory or LDAP)Manage App Security PoliciesView and Schedule Usage ReportingWipe App Data and/or Disable Access to AppsSecure Mobile App ContainerCentralized Access Control on the DeviceMobile App Single Sign-OnData Sharing Between AppsReceive Push NotificationsSecure Browser for Mobile Web AppsEnterprise App StoreBrowse Available Enterprise AppsView and Submit Ratings and ReviewsProvide App Feedback or Defect to AdminReceive App UpdatesSearch Apps or View Most PopularApplication Security Policy EnforcementRuntime App Security Policy EnforcementTarget Different Policies Based on User, Group, Device Type and AppExtensible Security Policy FrameworkFIPS-140 Data App Data Encryption
  • Centralized Web-Based Management ConsoleContent Distribution LifecycleUser and Group ManagementManage Content Security PoliciesView and Schedule Usage ReportingDisable Access to ContentWipe Content from DeviceContent Locker on DeviceCentralized Content Access Control on DeviceNotifications of Available Content UpdatesView and Modify ContentFacilitate Content Sync between UsersAbility to Launch Native Players and Content Viewing Apps for various content typesContent Security Policy EnforcementRuntime Content Security PolicyEnforcement through Content LockerTarget Different Policies Based on User, Group, Device Type and AppRestrict Content based on user authorization, Device Type, Time, Location, etc.FIPS-140 Data App Data Encryption
  • Enterprise Directory is synced to ensure the latest changes in your org structure are reflected immediately Auditing and reporting tools that reduce the burden of administrationRule-based actions on violations including cutting off a device from the networkSAAS and on-premise modelsKony’s integrated Push Notification System simplifies sending updates and messages to users regardless of their mobile device
  • You can secure any mobile application in a few simple steps – just upload the binary file to your management console and get an updated binary file that supports all the security policies you want to create.
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    • 1. Keith KatzVice President, Management ProductsWhy MDM Alone Falls ShortWhat about my apps?
    • 2. © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc225 Fortune 500 customers with 200+globallyFounded in 2007Kony is the mobile and web applicationdevelopment and management platform600% growth in two years
    • 3. © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc3 © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc3Agenda• BYOD. MDM. MAM. MCM. EMM. What does it all mean?• Why MDM alone no longer meets business or IT needs• The evolution of mobile application management• Critical elements of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy
    • 4. © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc4What does it all mean? EMM – Enterprise Mobility Management MDM – Mobile Device Management MAM – Mobile App Management MCM – Mobile Content Management BYOD – Bring Your Own Device
    • 5. © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc5Enterprise Mobility ManagementDeviceManagementAppManagementDataManagement
    • 6. © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc6Device ManagementLocate, lock and wipeany deviceProvision email, VPN,Wi-Fi profilesDetect and disconnectJailbroken / Rooted devicesHardware level control over all devices connecting to your network
    • 7. © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc7Manage ApplicationsContain and manage applicationssecurely for their entire lifecycleWrap policies on existingor new applicationsMobile app distributionlifecycle – publish, review,update, removeExtensible App securitypolicies – network, storage,data sharing, app andphone featuresSingle sign-on and datasharing between apps
    • 8. © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc8Manage DataPublish, share, edit and review documentswith complete audit trailWipe contentselectively from deviceGovernment grade (FIPS-140 certified) dataencryptionContent lifecyclemanagement includingupload, edit, approveand publishBackup and restorecontent using Kony’soffline sync server
    • 9. © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc9Manage EasilyAutomated, scalable management tool which plays wellwith your enterprise architectureEnterprise Directoryintegration forreplicating role / groupbased accessAutomated policyviolation managementOver The Air installationon user devicesUnified Notificationsystem for pushingmessages / app updatesto users
    • 10. © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc10Why is MDM not enough? Businesses have increasingly come to realize thatsimply providing the same functions they have foryears but on the user’s choice of device does notsignificantly increase productivity Distribution and control of business specific apps andemail is the end goal that provides the value to anenterprise MDM only focuses on filling in gaps in security acrossa wide and disparate variety of devices
    • 11. © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc11How do I make apps work for me? Enterprises are not limited to generic apps from thepublic app stores An Application Management solution should providea robust Enterprise App Store where both public andcustom apps can be centrally managed anddistributed Keeping your data secure is a central tenet ofApplication Management Custom App Wrapping allows dynamic security andcontrol of your data without needing to reprogrameach app
    • 12. © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc12Enterprise App Store MAM allows anenterprise to provide asingle store for users tobrowse for all theirbusiness relevant apps Both Public (iTunes,Google Play, etc.) andprivate apps can behosted in the sameEnterprise App StorePublic Apps Private Apps
    • 13. © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc13Secure any application• Wrap policies around existing ornew applications built using anytechnology stack, independent of OSlimitations• Provide fine grain controls such astime & date usage, geo-fencing,device features, cut-copy-paste andmore
    • 14. © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc14Bring Your Own Device considerations One key starting point is deciding who gets what levelof access based on what criteria, and will your chosensolution support your need Is a full MDM enrollment feasible based on your userbase Remotely wiping corporate data not just at the devicelevel but at the individual app level
    • 15. © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc15New Device EnrollmentMDM MAMStart Here Start HereSTEP 1EnrolledYES✓EnrolledYESSTEP 1STEP 2STEP 3STEP 4STEP 5STEP 6✓
    • 16. © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc16Wipe specific apps or the enterprise containerMDM MAMUSER Data / APPSEnterprise ContainerEnterprise ContainerMDM SERVER MAM SERVERContainer wipe App SpecificWipeMDM supports fulldevice wipe, or wipeof specific policiespushed to a device✓MAM expands thefunction to allow wipeof specific apps, aswell as specific appdata✓WIPEXXXXWIPE
    • 17. © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc17Summary MDM meets the business security needs of mobileplatforms MAM takes you beyond catching up on devicesecurity and into the realm of new valuable featuresfor end users An intelligent mix of both MDM and MAM providesthe full suite of security and functionality, robustenough to meet both a corporate owned devicemodel as well as a BYOD model
    • 18. © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc18 © Copyright 6/10/2013 Kony Solutions, Inc18Questions?For more information, @Kony