Webinar: Leading Healthcare Insurer Saves Time and Costs

Webinar: Leading Healthcare Insurer Saves Time and Costs



Chief Architect of Independence Blue Cross, Gregory Barnowsky, discusses their mobile strategy from discovery to implementation.

Chief Architect of Independence Blue Cross, Gregory Barnowsky, discusses their mobile strategy from discovery to implementation.



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Webinar: Leading Healthcare Insurer Saves Time and Costs Webinar: Leading Healthcare Insurer Saves Time and Costs Presentation Transcript

  • Gregory Barnowsky Chief Architect of Enterprise Architecture at Independence Case Study: Independence Blue Cross Blue Cross Mobility Project Jeffery Kendall Director of Healthcare Sales at KonyCopyright © 2010 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 1 1
  • Independence Blue CrossI d d Bl Cand the Kony Partnership June 2012 Greg Barnowsky
  • Topics….• Independence Blue Cross – Company Overview• Our Mobile Technology Strategy• Our Business Vision of Mobility in Healthcare• Selecting a Mobile Vendor / Partner – Kony• Key Considerations when selecting a Mobile Vendor Technology Provider• Our current Technology Implementation Approach• Current Status of our Mobility and Kony Applications • Examples
  • Independence Blue Cross – Company Background• Philadelphia based member of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association A i i — Corporate Mission: To enhance the health and wellness of the people and communities we serve by increasing access to quality healthcare and delivering l through our products and services d li i value th h d t d i — Membership ~ 3 Million mostly across 5 southeastern PA counties; with subsidiary businesses in NJ and DE — Product offerings for all segments of the marketplace, including: Managed marketplace Care (HMOs and PPOs), Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), and Traditional
  • Our Mobile Technology Strategy CHOOSING THE RIGHT SOLUTIONS• Challenges Overcome Costs • Investments Considered Environmental and Internal Hurdles Technology GAPS to Address Without HTML 5.0 adoption, top U.S. Smartphone New Infrastructure Support Middleware support to application environments vary widely in capabilities manage the device access to backend data and and in development tools and licensing* applications including additional web services li ti i l di dditi l b i capabilities, Technology tools vary, infrastructure toolset required, security and data management, backend host Updated security monitoring upgrades to provide integration capabilities, support for IBC current remote wipe and other capabilities such as member technology and operational environment t h l d ti l i t login d th ti ti l i and authentication services, etc. i t Rapidly changing market in device capabilities, New Training, and focus to “build rapidly internal applications, and technology toolset and network & delivery capability middleware capabilities Resolve R l GAPS in Resources and Solutions B l i R dS l i Balanced d Investment in skillsets, and mindset to best address delivery capability between internal, external or Third the Smartphone technology is needed (e.g. new Party Solutions and External Staff augmentation market includes gaming features, GPS, integrated voice recognition, mapping, search, telephony, Address Cost Effective Mobile Development mobility, etc. etc. etc.) bili ) technology toolset
  • Our Business Vision of Mobility in Healthcare
  • Our Business Vision of Mobility in Healthcare The Basics: mHealth: Gamification:Customer Service, Wellness, Medical Marketing, Sales, Administration Management Wellness Mobile Member Exercise, Game Apps to Portal for Nutrition, and Gain Market Customers Tracking Apps Attention Apps to Engage Mobile Members and Apps for Brokers Connected Reward Devices Behaviors
  • Our Business Vision of Mobility in Healthcare The Next-Gen Mobile Insurer: Key Apps and F K A d Functionality ti lit Gamification mHealth Customer Service and Administration Common Themes Rapid Innovation Channel Integration Ease of Use, Usability Customer Engagement
  • Selecting a Mobile Vendor / Partner – Kony….• Key Capabilities of Mobile Develop Toolset • S Support f HTML 5 0 for 5.0 • Cross platform support • Security • Integration with IBC Operating Environment • Portals, transactional, datawarehouse, and internal corporate technology (e g SharePoint) (e.g. • Support for “games” and high-localized performance • Partnership and vendor viability• Rigor – Followed IBC Technology Selection Process • 40+ vendors evaluated initial “pool” • > 1 year duration (longest on record)
  • The KONY CoE Fast, Agile and Cost effectmobile solutions
  • Building Kony Applications• Current activity Initial Prototypes completed I i i lP l d — < 90 days for feature releases — Launching our Member Mobile Release 2.0 w/ Kony team — Agile Methodology — Linked to IBC Strategic and Business Development group• Lessons Learned Take Center of Excellent (CoE) approach — Application Architecture is a great start for these skills Utilize Agile Methodology Start small – revamp an existing mobile app and re-platform to Kony Don’t forget your partner? Leverage KONY Support!
  • Current IBC Kony Applications EXAMPLES
  • Payment Reminders ApplicationDescription Payment reminders to help members to keep track of their bill payments and due dates.Benefits / Features Solution Display a calendar with the due date highlighted for each month Notify the member in advance when a bill is due by displaying an alert on the application MBR CRM Reminder icon When payment is overdue the application icon color can change to red Display the payment amount and coverage Kony MBR Contact Mgr period dates Payment Display payment history information such as the transaction date, the amount and the status (paid) Payment Notice Event Mgr eBilling (eBB)
  • Doctor, Pharmacy and Hospital FindersDescription Doctor, Ph D Pharmacy and Hospital Finders – graphical di d H i l Fi d hi l directions and i d nearest locations with match to current Member Profile and Preferences for Health Products. SolutionBenefits / Features Profile based fast location services Formulary finders/ 24 hour pharmacy Emergency service and nearest ED (for out of town emergencies) Rank locations by cost and quality location Customized search, incentives, and •Location history “healthy workout locations” – (e.g parks, •Average Speed swimming areas, etc.) •Previous Rewards
  • Enhanced Fitness and Personal HealthDescription Allow members to search for fitness centers check in for workouts, and centers, workouts enroll in the Healthy Lifestyles Fitness Program. Log visits to the gym using GPS tracking, which counts towards the members’ discount program for reimbursement. Solution GPS Geo fenceBenefits / Features Fitness Center Search – search on fitness Fitness center, address or zip and state or using Center • Healthy Lifestyles Rewards current GPS location • Check in status Fitness status to display on app – • Fitness data Current/anniversary dates, number of visits, / y , , days remaining Check in using GPS location to any participating gym. Save member data locally so no need to keep re entering it (Pin, USI, p g ( , , etc.) Member Data Fitness Center Search 15
  • Kony Overview
  • Who uses Kony 3 of the top 6 U.S. automobile brands 3 of the top 5 largest insurance companies 3 of the top 5 largest passenger airlines in the U.S. US 2 of the top 3 banks in the U.S. 2 of the top 6 largest auto insurance companiesCopyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 17 17
  • Value to Payers for Mobile Apps Member ID Cards: On average, a replacement member ID card is $5.00 7.00 per card PBM Functionality Allowing patients to request mail order online can increase net profit of about $10 00 per 90 day fill $10.00 fill. Reducing Call Center Interactions Reduce cost by $12 15.00 per call It’s in the RFP’s! Companies such as Google, Intel and others have placed REQUIREMENTS for mobile access in their search for a new health plan Healthcare Reform In 2014 Health Insurance Exchanges will drive more needs for consumerization of health plan purchasing.Copyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 18 18
  • Example Payer Use Cases for Mobility Member Facing Apps Employee Facing Apps Member Cards HR Mgmt Rx Management Corporate Intranet Claims Management Closed Loop Feedback Wellness / Adherence W ll Adh SFA / CRM Plan Compare / Shop Broker / Enrollment Cost Estimation Provider Facing Apps Formulary Mgmt Claims Status Cost Estimation Pay for PerformanceCopyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 19 19
  • Paths to Success Custom B2C, B2E App Configurable pre built apps g p pp Multi Channel Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP)Copyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 20 20
  • KonyOne Multi Channel Platform KonyOne Studio KonyOne Server Kony Multi Channel Application Management Standards Based Eclipse Plugin p g Lightweight orchestration g g Javascript & Lua based Mobile optimized Server Side Define and test mobile apps: transport/messaging Assign policy to apps Drag and drop widgets Enterprise connections Test & deploy apps to app Customize widgets to specific Device database (9000+ devices) store device, iOS Logging & Analytics Assign User/Group to app Define D fi events Push Notifications P h N ifi i Send notifications to app Connect to backend services App analytics & reporting and data Preview on the fly Client/Device Side Generate apps for channels Secure device container Test with emulators and devices App store app Policies enforced at run time DEVELOP DEPLOY MANAGEOnly Kony… Only Kony… Only Kony… Supports multi channel development Offers integrated B2C, B2E server Supports BYOD for all devices within code base Provides loosely coupled architecture Offers softly partitioned app Supports 7 native OSs + HTML5 and lightweight middle tier container on device for security Hybrid & Mixed Mode Supports integrated data and SMS Delivers centralized console for Delivers standards based HTML5 synchronization management of server, sync, APIs pp appsCopyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 21 21
  • Kony Pre Built Apps Feature Complete Configurable Leveraging industry experience Make changes without rebuilding or republishing Hundreds of use cases per app p pp Enable/disable features and rules Extensible Universal Connectivity Add custom or 3rd party modules Standards based connectivity via Web Services (Rest or Support business specific requirements SOAP), JSON, Java connectors or website data Scraping Connectors to SAP, Oracle, Siebel, and other legacy systemsCopyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 22 22
  • Empowering Members Everywhere: Health Plan App New Revenue Medication Search Research and shop Research medications for plans and prices Save search Rx journal and reminders results Request and get an Provider Rx ePrescribe instant quote Rx conversion Contact a opportunities representative Find Facility / Plan Info Provider View benefitsinformation by member Find providers (geo based locator) View/track all claims by plan member Find facilities (urgent care, care pharmacy) Graphical 3D ID Cards Filter and sort results by (view, e mail or print) specialty, type and distance Plan expense summary Research symptoms Account balance and conditions details Contact and schedule appointments Copyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 23 23
  • KonyOne SLA: Future ProofingKony Platform Version 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0 5.5 6.0 6.5 Today 4.x 5.x 2.3 3.0 4.0 6.0.0 7.0.0 Kony has you covered OS Upgrade – 30 days* New Device on New OS – 90 days* 7.0 from release to developers * 8.0 1.0 10 Copyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 24 24
  • Questions? Q ti ? More information on www.kony.com/resources www.kony.com sales@kony.comCopyright © 2010 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 25 25