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Presentation on presentation techniques course at Anadolu University

Presentation on presentation techniques course at Anadolu University



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    Employment.Konrad + Ilkay Employment.Konrad + Ilkay Presentation Transcript

    • Presented by: Konrad Ilkay
    • The Agenda
      • 1.Why tourism is good for the economy?
      • - why tourism indystry is hiring?
      • -what is direct and in-direct employment in tourism?
      • 2.Who are benefiting most from the global tourism?
      • 3.What career opportunities waits for people in tourism industry?
      • - what are qualifications needed?
      • -who is a typical tourism industry employee?
      • -disadvantages of this kind of job
      • 4.Conclusion
    • Tourism as employment creator
      • The rapid expansion of international tourism has led to significant employment creation as did growth of world income .
      • Tourism can generate jobs directly .
      • ( through hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, taxis, and souvenir sales )
      • Tourism can generate jobs indirectly through the supply of goods / services needed by tourism-related businesses.
      • Lowers unemployment rate.
    • Direct employment
      • Transport
      • Accomodation
      • Food&Bevrage
      • Attractions
    • Indirect employment
      • I nfrastructure improvements such as better water and sewage systems,
      • roads, electricity, telephone and public transport networks
      • Suppliers to direct employment bussinesses
      • Financial and Insurance sector
      • Security sector
      • Health Service sector
      • FDIs – Foreign Direct Investments (Factories/Storage houses)
      • This can improve the quality of life for residents as well as facilitate tourism.
    • Tourism influance on national income
      • For Some countries , cities or regions the only o p portunity to get satisf ying income is tourism industry.
      • Cyprus
      • Maladives
      • Canarian islands
      • Hawaii islands
      • Tenerife
    • Most visited countries by international tourist arrivals The World Tourism Organization reports the following ten countries as the most visited in between 2006 and 2008 by number of international travelers.
    • International tourism receip ients The World Tourism Organization reports the following countries as the top ten tourism earners for the year 2008. It is noticeable that most of them are on the European continent, but the United States continues to be the top earner.
    • Career Opportunities in the Tourism Industry
      • v ari ous kinds of employment
      • over 400 occupations available in diverse tourism industry
      • different sectors providing services to all kinds of customers
      • development oportunities?
    • Tourism Industry/ jobs
    • What t ype of qualifications are r equired to w ork in t he t ourism i ndustry?
      • the training required depends on the type of job
      • more training - more to offer to potential employers
      • technical skills - supervisory, management and technical positions
      • tourism education
      • ( Masters Programs /
      • languages certificates)
    • Disadvanteges of working in Tourism Industry
      • Tourism might be the global industry of the 21st century , but according to some critics, its industrial relations are primitive.
      • K ey workplace issues are :
      • c asualisation
      • lack of career opportunities
      • low skills levels
      • gender segmentation
      • season and part-time jobs
      • mostly low paid
    • In conclusion
      • Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries around the world.
      • Some countries GDP depends on tourism
      • Destinations are diversified, as there are many kind of tourists.
      • Tourism supports the economy directly and in-directly.
      • Jobs in tourism, leads to decrease in unemployment, as well to increased economical wealth.
      • Career opportunities ?