Bqc Gen Quiz finals 2014


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Finals of the General Quiz done at the Mumbai Quiz Festival 2014 by Sumant Srivatsan, Abhinav Dasgupta and Vikram Joshi

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Bqc Gen Quiz finals 2014

  3. 3. As well as our regular supporters… Imran Ahmad S. Balakrishnan Siddhartha Banerjee Sahil Barhate Souvik Basu Avaneendra Bhargav Saswata Chakraborty Soumyadipta Chanda Anubhav Chatterjee Sachin Deshpande Geetha S.N. Govind Grewal Aushim Gupta Vikram Joshi Jagdeep Kannarath Vikram Keskar Mohammed Khan Vishal Lalchandani Kunal Malhotra Mithil Mehta Avinash Mudaliar R. Padmasree Amit Pandeya Pratyush Peddireddi Rajen Prabhu Francis Rodrigues Arnab Saha Naushi Samad Ameya Samant Ashoke Sanyal Prasad Sawant Samrat Sengupta JKY Sharma Sundesh Shetty Anand Sivashankar Srinath T.B. Arish Tavadia Harita Thacker Aswath Venkatraman Saransh Verma
  4. 4. The Format • 6 questions written round, +5 each correct answer • 40 questions – 20 clockwise/20 anticlockwise • +10 points each on Infinite Bounce • Infinite pounces throughout quiz • +10 / -10 scoring for pounces • 8 questions written, differential scoring • The Quizmaster is “considered to be” right in case of any quibbles
  6. 6. 1 This panel from Transmetropolitan #57 is a near-replica of which iconic image?
  7. 7. 2 Whose thought is Spider Jerusalem paraphrasing in this panel, and what was the outcome of that thought?
  8. 8. 3 Who/what is President Gary Callahan mimicking on the cover of his book, Simple New Truth?
  9. 9. 4 Whose words are these two characters quoting? Also fill in the blank.
  10. 10. 5 Name the poem and the poet.
  11. 11. 6 In 2001, the Montecito Picture Company acquired the rights to this image, seen in Transmetropolitan as the symbol of the Transient Rights Movement, for use to promote a new science fiction comedy about aliens landing on Earth via a meteorite strike. Name the film.
  13. 13. 1 This panel from Transmetropolitan #57 is a near-replica of which iconic image?
  14. 14. John Filo‟s Pulitzer-winning photograph of the Kent State University shootings on May 4, 1970.
  15. 15. 2 Whose thought is Spider Jerusalem paraphrasing in this panel, and what was the outcome of that thought?
  16. 16. Bruce Wayne, who picks the bat as his symbol, and becomes Batman.
  17. 17. 3 Who/what is President Gary Callahan mimicking on the cover of his book, Simple New Truth?
  18. 18. Rosie the Riveter
  19. 19. 4 Whose words are these two characters quoting? Also fill in the blank.
  20. 20. “If the President does it, that means that it is not illegal.” – Richard Nixon
  21. 21. 5 Name the poem and the poet.
  22. 22. Ulysses, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
  23. 23. 6 In 2001, the Montecito Picture Company acquired the rights to this image, seen in Transmetropolitan as the symbol of the Transient Rights Movement, for use to promote a new science fiction comedy about aliens landing on Earth via a meteorite strike. Name the film.
  24. 24. Evolution
  26. 26. 1 During the Bubonic Plague epidemic in Bombay in 1896-1900, over 1000 people died per week and a hundred thousand people fled the city. Since the reasons for the plague were not fully understood at the time (they believed it to be spread by unclean air), the Bombay City Improvement Trust created by the British Parliament in 1898 recommended two specific changes to the city geography to combat the plague. What were these 2 changes to the city?
  27. 27. ANSWER
  28. 28. 1 One was opening up of undeveloped suburbs to the north of the crowded island city. Both Chembur and Bandra were developed at this time. The second built new streets perpendicular to the sea front to bring “healthy” sea air into the congested inner city. Princess Street and Sydenham Road (now Mohammed Ali Road) are examples of such streets.
  29. 29. 2 When an attempt to remove the Spanish royal family from Madrid after Napoleon‟s occupation of Spain sparked off widespread riots, the Mamelukes of his Imperial Guard were sent in to quell the riots. The crowd, however, turned on the attackers, thinking they were Moors. The riot is captured in the painting on the next slide, but the aftermath is significantly more famous. Explain and identify the artist of this painting.
  30. 30. ANSWER
  31. 31. 2 The painting by Francisco Goya depicts events of The Second of May 1808, after which Joachim Murat‟s troops quelled the riots and executed several of those arrested, made famous by Goya‟s The Third of May 1808.
  32. 32. 3 Before he besieged Constantinople in 1453 CE, Mehmet the Conqueror took care to block any passage of ships through the Sea of Marmara and into the Golden Horn by building a massive fort and reinforcing another massive fort (2 of the largest in the world) – opposite each other equipped with the latest in heavy cannon. What were the names of these forts – work it out given the unique geographical position of Constantinople? (Need Turkish names for full points. English gives you half points)
  33. 33. ANSWER
  34. 34. 3 Rumeli Hisari and Anadolu Hisari Rumeli (Roman) of course was on the European side of the Bosphorus while Anadolu (Anatolian) was on the Asian side. (Half points for Roman and Anatolian forts)
  35. 35. 4 While it is now a British cultural icon, it owes its origins to the Franco-Prussian War in 1870, when Napoleon III ordered one million cans of meat for his troops, and the task went to a Scotsman in Canada called John L. Johnston. With meat transport and storage being problematic, Johnston came up with the product idea to meet the needs of the French emperor. While the first part of the trademarked name of the product is derived from the Latin word for the animal it is derived from, the second part owes itself to an electromagnetic substance endowing people with superhuman power in Lord Bulwer-Lytton‟s then-popular novel The Coming Race? Name the product / brand, and what it is popularly known as in the United Kingdom.
  36. 36. ANSWER
  37. 37. 4 Beef Tea
  38. 38. 5 At the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014, Russian figure skater – 15 year old Julia Lipnitskaia – has created controversy through her planned skating routine (shown in the video below which she earlier performed at the 2014 European Figure Skating Championships). Even though both newspapers and sports people have called the routine beautiful, people all over the world have called it disrespectful and have blamed historical ethnic Russian emotions for the tone-deaf nature of the routine. What exactly are the critics objecting to?
  39. 39. ANSWER
  40. 40. 5 Julia‟s signature piece is set to John Williams' theme from Steven Spielberg’s 1993 Holocaust drama Schindler’s List. But that's not all: The routine features Lipnitskaia skating as the film‟s iconic “girl in the red coat,” a young Polish Jew who is killed by Nazi soldiers.
  41. 41. 6 The generic term used for a number of Shia Turkish militant races is an Ottoman Turkish expression for „Crimson Head‟ - a phrase derived from the distinctive nature of their headgear. While Babar had some of these warriors fighting alongside him at Panipat, their major influx into India came with Humayun, who was provided an army of 12,000 of them by Shah Tahmasp of Persia. What were these militants known as? Also, what was the Shah’s only condition for providing Humayun military assistance - something the former‟s father had also tried unsuccessfully with the latter‟s. The condition laid caused immense happiness in the family of his wife Hamida Banu.
  42. 42. ANSWER
  43. 43. 6 Qizilbash / Qizilbashi Shah Tahmasp‟s condition was that Humayun should convert from a Sunni to a Shia, which the latter did temporarily
  44. 44. 7 While this language was largely regarded as a variant of Hindi, George Grierson in 1908 first deemed it a distinct language with different dialects spread over a principal geographical area. Today, the language is recognized by the Sahitya Akademi and National Academy of Letters, as well as the UGC for the awarding of degrees at certain universities. With around 50 million speakers (of whom around 60% speak the most common dialect), it is recognized as a state language. There have been demands since 2010 (most recently in the monsoon session of Parliament in 2013) to include the language as one of the official languages of India. Which language? And what is the most widely spoken dialect?
  45. 45. ANSWER
  46. 46. 7 Rajasthani and Marwari
  47. 47. 8 Lawrence Weingarten (1897-1975) was one of the leading film producers in the US in the 1940s and 1950s. In an association of over 30 years with MGM, he produced classics like I Take This Woman (1940), Adam’s Rib (1949), Pat and Mike (1952) and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958). What did the Academy Awards witness for the only time (although it could potentially have taken place at least 12 times before and after that) when Weingarten was honoured with the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement at the 1974 ceremony?
  48. 48. ANSWER
  49. 49. 8 The only time Katherine Hepburn made an appearance at the Academy Awards (to hand Weingarten the award).
  50. 50. 9 The image on the right is a poster for a documentary about the lady in the middle. The poster was designed by her in 1917 for The Blind Man‟s Ball. On the left is a picture of her with one of her famous associates. The film pays tribute to her role in the rise of an art movement through its title. Name her, and the film.
  51. 51. ANSWER
  52. 52. 9 Beatrice Wood: Mama of Dada. The Blind Man was a leading avant garde art publication put out by Dadaists in New York. The man in the black suit is Marcel Duchamp.
  53. 53. 10 Connect, and explain.
  54. 54. ANSWER
  55. 55. 10 Red box - Clark Kent. The name comes from Clark Gable and Kent Taylor, and was drawn to look like Harold Lloyd. Yellow box - Models for the appearance of Clark Kent (Harold Lloyd) and Superman (Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.)
  57. 57. Identify the singer (majorly in the news in January 2014) and the song.
  58. 58. Justice for Widows
  59. 59. BACK TO THE QUIZ..
  60. 60. 11 This is the ______ Ice Dome, the venue for the skating events at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. It pays tribute to two Russian cultural icons, one through it‟s name – though it could be construed as a generic term as well – and the other through its design. Identify what the design is based on and FITB.
  61. 61. ANSWER
  62. 62. 11 The Bolshoi (named Bolshoi – meaning large) It‟s modelled on the Faberge Egg.
  63. 63. 12 In 1863, the United States Congress established a national banking system and charged the US Treasury to oversee the issuance of national banknotes. On April 14, 1865, a separate body was instituted and charged with preventing the counterfeiting of this currency. In 1901, a significant event (which echoed a similar one of its founding date) added one more task to this organization‟s duties. Name the organization, the new task, and the event that necessitated it.
  64. 64. ANSWER
  65. 65. 12 The United States Secret Service, which was given the additional responsibility of protecting the President of the USA after the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901. April 14, 1865 was also the date on which Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.
  66. 66. 13 In the late 18th-early 19th century, one way to get out of the ghastly punishment of transportation for life to Australia from England was to “plead one‟s belly”. This is a long-standing plea that actually began in the late 14th century. This plea became unnecessary once certain legislation was passed in the UK in 1931. What exactly is “pleading one’s belly”?
  67. 67. ANSWER
  68. 68. 13 Pregnant women with late-term fetuses could plead to not be executed or transported.
  69. 69. 14 Statistically speaking, a person has a one in 9.2 quintillion chance of doing this perfectly. One in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to be very, very exact. An autistic teenager from Illinois was perfect in his first two rounds in 2010 (a 1 in 13,460,000 feat), but did not go on to attain ultimate perfection. Perfection in this activity has never been documented till date. The incentive to do so got many dollars sweeter in 2013 when billionaire Warren Buffet offered $1 billion to anyone who does a perfect job with this. What sporting activity is this?
  70. 70. ANSWER
  71. 71. 14 Filling out a perfect March Madness bracket
  72. 72. 15 The competition between these two clubs (collectively known as the Old Firm) and their fans is more than just sporting rivalry – there are divides based on religious identity (Catholic v/s Protestant), on national identity (Irish v/s British), Northern Ireland related (Republican v/s Loyalist) or social ideology (Socialism v/s Conservatism). The ferocity of the rivalry has made it rare for a player to represent both teams during his career – only 5 such players have done so since 1935. Identify both teams and the city where they are based.
  73. 73. ANSWER
  74. 74. 15 Rangers and Celtics in Glasgow, Scotland
  75. 75. 16 According to their website, this restaurant chain‟s name means “lucky peach” in Japanese, though there is no such word in the language. The Chinese characters for the word, however, read “Pai-fu”, and translates to “hundred luck”. The word comes close to being a mispronounced English expletive, one of the reasons the chef who founded the chain claims he picked it for a name. Another reason is that Wu Pai-fu is the real name of a man whose work inspires the chain‟s cuisine. Name the restaurant chain, its founder, and explain why Wu Pai-fu was an inspiration.
  76. 76. ANSWER
  77. 77. 16 David Chang’s Momofuku restaurant chain is partially named after Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant ramen noodles.
  78. 78. 17 The author of this highly acclaimed war novel, ironically, saw action for the first time only one year after the book was published - as a war correspondent in Cuba and later in Mexico and Greece. En route to Cuba, the ship SS Commodore struck a sandbar in a dense fog and sank, leading to the author and some fellow shipmates being adrift on a dinghy for almost two days, an experience later to be described in his well-known short story „The Open Boat‟. Identify the author and his well-known war novel.
  79. 79. ANSWER
  80. 80. 17
  81. 81. 18 The only occasion when something very familiar to Bengali film and music audiences of the day happened in Bollywood. What are we talking about – 2 IDs and what “relationship” do they share?
  82. 82. ANSWER
  83. 83. Sandhya Mukhopadhyay – the voice of Suchitra Sen in Bengali cinema sang for her in a Hindi movie Mamta
  84. 84. 19 The painter Francis Bacon was profoundly influenced by a certain image – so much so that he used representations of that image in several paintings (see next slide). What cinematic image was this? (Specific answer required)
  85. 85. ANSWER
  86. 86. 20 On August 20, 1949, Big Ben – the clock above London‟s Parliament buildings failed to ring at 9pm as usual causing thousands of alarmed BBC radio news listeners to wonder what was going on. It rang 4 minutes later – in the words of one radio commentator “Time stood still for 4 minutes last night”. What unusual summer-time reason led to this delay?
  87. 87. ANSWER
  88. 88. 20 Hundreds of roosting starlings sat on the hands of Big Ben holding them back from moving.
  89. 89. 8 QUESTIONS WRITTEN DIFFERENTIAL SCORING Number of teams getting it right Score to each team getting it right 8 0 6 or 7 2 4 or 5 4 2 or 3 6 1 10
  90. 90. 1 Which Actress, born in 1944, took her name from a character in The Great Gatsby and made her film debut in the 1977 Woody Allen film “Annie Hall” although her most famous role was as Ellen Ripley in 4 movies of the same name?
  91. 91. Sigourney Weaver
  92. 92. 2 The term X was coined by Auguste Spectorsky in 1955 to describe rings of prosperous communities beyond the suburbs that are commuter towns for an urban area. Whitefield near Bangalore and Virar and Kalyan near Mumbai are examples of these communities. Give us the term X.
  93. 93. Exurbs
  94. 94. 3 What do the following three elements (necessarily, but not exhaustively) constitute:  Hamd (Praise to Allah)  N’at-i-Sharif (Praise to the Prophet)  Manqabat (Praise to the saints)
  95. 95. A Qawaali perfornce
  96. 96. 4 Connect these three images (exhaustive connect)
  97. 97. The only 3 mammal species to go through menopause
  98. 98. 5 Referred to in Japan as sampuru (derived from the English word „sample‟), this product has given rise to an industry worth over 10 billion yen per year. It is estimated that high-end clients often make single orders of over 1 million yen. What exactly is sampuru?
  99. 99. Plastic food displays outside restaurants
  100. 100. 6 Connect (Exhaustive list): My Fair Lady (1957 / 1964), The Sound of Music (1960 / 1965), A Man for All Seasons (1962 /1966), Amadeus (1981 / 1984).
  101. 101. Only 4 instances of winning both the Tony for Best play and Oscar for Best Movie.
  102. 102. 7 The chao, issued by the Yu‟an Dynasty in the 13th Century, was the first state-issued currency without an intrinsic value. This form of currency is known by a Latin word meaning “it shall be”. What is the term used to refer to currencies such as the chao?
  103. 103. Fiat currency
  104. 104. 8 In 1896, Matthew William Gloag gave his grandfather‟s product a brand name, whose popularity was advertised on the alcohol bottle‟s labels in following years with the image of the country‟s national game bird, until in 1905, the brand name itself was modified. Name the brand, the highest selling brand of its kind in its home country.
  105. 105. The Famous Grouse
  107. 107. Who is the last in this exhaustive list? Also, how is the inclusion of the person in question unique?
  108. 108. Two Booker Prizes, along with Peter Carey, J.M. Coetzee & Hilary Mantel J. G. Farrell‟s second Booker was the posthumous Lost Booker for Troubles (1970) in 2010
  109. 109. BACK TO THE QUIZ…
  111. 111. 21 This chemist, working for UK food manufacturers J. Lyons and Company, was part of the team that created Mr. Whippy soft serve icecream in collaboration with the American Mr. Softee distributors of icecream. A common anecdote from opponents of this person is that by inventing soft serve ice cream, X "added air, lowered quality and raised profits". Who is X?
  112. 112. ANSWER
  113. 113. 22 She appeared on the cover of Time magazine thrice – the first time sitting next to her husband, the second time with her husband as “Man and Wife of the Year” and the third time individually as Person of the Year. She also had the honor of being only the second woman to address a joint session of the US Congress. Identify this remarkable woman who you hear here.
  114. 114. ANSWER
  115. 115. 22 Soong May-Ling better known to the world as Madame Chiang Kai-Shek
  116. 116. 23 The map on the left depicts a phenomenon, and the map on the right depicts an outcome related to that phenomenon. What is this cause-and-effect pair? Hint: Think education.
  117. 117. ANSWER
  118. 118. 23 The map on the left depicts the average annual snowfall in the USA. The map on the right depicts the amount of snowfall required to close schools. Unsurprisingly, the threshold drops dramatically as one travels southward.
  119. 119. 24 Over the years, the Olympic Flame has taken many routes and modes of transport to travel from Olympia to the host city of the Summer or Winter Olympic Games, including boats, buses, aeroplanes and scuba divers. Of these, what was unique about the 1976 Olympic flame’s transportation from Athens to Ottawa, en route to Montréal?
  120. 120. ANSWER
  121. 121. 24 The flame was placed in front of a sensor in Athens which used ionized gas particles to create a digital image of the flame, which was then transmitted via satellite to Ottawa, where a laser was used to recreate the image in the same shape as the original. This was then carried by runners to Montréal for the opening ceremony, where Sandra Henderson and Stéphane Préfontaine lit the cauldron.
  122. 122. 25 The most common use of this term is for a mixture of sulphuric acid and hydrogen peroxide, commonly used to clean organic residue from surfaces. The common name for this mixture comes from the very violent nature of the reaction as well as the ability of the mixture to eat through anything. What is this reaction called commonly?
  123. 123. ANSWER
  124. 124. 25 The mixture is known as a piranha solution, as the reaction is similar to a piranha feeding frenzy.
  125. 125. 26 The Stefaneschi Altarpiece is a triptych by the Italian medieval painter Giotto, commissioned by Cardinal Stefaneschi (circled in picture) to serve as an altarpiece for one of the altars of Old St. Peter's Basilica in Rome in 1320 CE. It‟s considered to have the first instance of what later became known as mise en abyme in art. Simply, what is mise en abyme and connect it to an idea from an ad campaign?
  126. 126. ANSWER
  127. 127. 26 Mise en abyme is the effect of a picture appearing within itself, in a place where a similar picture would realistically be expected to appear – also known as the Droste effect. The appearance is recursive: the smaller version contains an even smaller version of the picture, and so on.
  128. 128. 27 When Polynesians from Tahiti first reached Hawai‟i 1700 years ago, they realized they had come to a beautiful location to colonize – however with no source of food whatsoever other than what they could fish or hunt. Future voyages, along with Tahitian colonist, brought 24 species of food plants like taro, yam, banana, breadfruit etc. as well as 3 species of food animals – pigs, chickens and dogs. What evocative name are these 24 species of plants known by based on their journey to Hawai‟i from elsewhere?
  129. 129. ANSWER
  130. 130. 27 Canoe Crops
  131. 131. 28 In an October 1994 letter to Chemical and Engineering News, Paul Karol of Carnegie Mellon University came up with the phrase „Transfermium Wars‟ - calling it the often secondary (to the Space Race, i.e.) and unnoticed tussle during the Cold War period. What exactly did Karol call the Transfermium Wars?
  132. 132. ANSWER
  133. 133. 28 This controversy arose due to disputes between American scientists and Soviet scientists as to which group had first isolated elements 104 and 105 and thus had naming rights over these elements. While the Americans named the elements Rutherfordium and Hahnium, the Russians called it Kurchatovium and Nielsbohrium.
  134. 134. 29 In the latter half of January 2014, Apple‟s review queue for the iTunes App Store was bombarded with over a hundred apps all with similar names. The move comes as part of a _____Jam, an organized protest against a recent development. What are they protesting?
  135. 135. ANSWER
  136. 136. 29 CandyJam is a protest against’s move to trademark the term “candy” by flooding the App Store with hundreds of apps containing variants of the word in their titles.
  137. 137. 30 What major change was carried out in this global architectural marvel between October 2004 and February 2006 when it was closed to the public? Also, how was this major renovation activity financed?
  138. 138. ANSWER
  139. 139. 30 As a measure against corrosion, the outer aluminium layer of the spheres was replaced by stainless steel. The aluminium sheets were sold to the public as souvenirs of the original Atomium to finance renovation.
  141. 141. Connect.
  142. 142. The Jamaican bobsled pairs team (Winston Watts and Marvin Dixon) and Shiva Kesavan have both secured funding to participate in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics through Dogecoin donations.
  143. 143. BACK TO THE QUIZ…
  144. 144. 31 This Greek lyric poet (5-6th Century BC) was known for his hymns and lyric poetry which addressed themes of drinking and merrymaking, and gives his name to the 7-syllable verse that was common in his poetry. His name was adopted by an amateur music club in 18th Century London, whose official song, attributed to John Stafford Smith and Ralph Tomlinson, was adapted to a far more sober purpose in 1814. Name the poet, and the 1814 song.
  145. 145. ANSWER
  146. 146. 31 Anacreon, for whom the Anacreontic Society and the Anacreontic Song are named. The tune of the Anacreontic Song was adapted by Francis Scott Key as The Star-Spangled Banner in 1814.
  147. 147. 32 This picture of Johan Santana was taken by Tom Dahlin using a camera which he modified to function as described below: A film based strip camera makes use of a thin slit mask inserted in between the lens and film plane. This slit … is oriented perpendicular to the film‟s travel path. Light must pass through the slit in order to reach the film. To record an image, the film is set in motion, and the camera‟s shutter is opened for a period of a few seconds, depending on the length of the event to be recorded. Because the film is moving, stationary objects in front of the lens produce streaks. But if a moving object passes in front of the lens with a speed and direction in sync with the film‟s motion, a sharp undistorted image is recorded. For what specific purpose are such cameras actually utilized?
  148. 148. ANSWER
  149. 149. 32 To identify winner at photo finishes at races. The image below is Konstantin Kenteris winning the 200m at the Sydney Summer Olympics in 2000.
  150. 150. 33 The following images are pictorial representations of elements of a lawsuit documented by Ian Frazier in New Yorker (1990). The defendant is an organization whose 85 mail-order purchases have caused the plaintiff “personal injuries, loss of business income, and mental suffering” due to “defects in manufacturing or improper cautionary labelling”. Name both the plaintiff and the defendant, or the title of Frazier’s piece.
  151. 151. ANSWER
  152. 152. 33 Ian Frazier‟s piece (Coyote v/s Acme) was a fictional account of Wile E. Coyote’s lawsuit against the Acme Company.
  153. 153. 34 Lorenz Diefenbach (1806-1883) was a German pastor, philologist and lexicographer who wrote extensively on the comparative linguistics of Latin, German and Celtic languages, apart from compiling a comprehensive Latin-German dictionary. His most enduring contribution, however, is his 1873 novel about a gambler and conman who, through employment and hard work, changes his ways and gains virtue. The novel would have a strong impact on German society and culture in the early 20th Century, though its well-meaning origins are less well-known in the rest of the world. Name this influential novel.
  154. 154. 34 Arbeit Macht Frei, the phrase which became inextricably associated with the concentration camps of Nazi Germany.
  155. 155. 35 During his isolation of lanthanum in 1841, Carl Mosander also discovered another substance which he thought was an element, and gave it a name derived from the Greek for “twin”, as it was found along with lanthanum. It would even be entered in Mendeleev‟s periodic table at #95 as “Di”. It was not until 1885 that this substance was separated into its two constituent elements by Baron Carl Auer von Welsbach, based on their differently coloured salts. He modified the original substance‟s name with Greek prefixes meaning “green” and “new”, giving the two new elements their names. Name both these elements.
  156. 156. ANSWER
  157. 157. 35 Praesodymium – from Greek praeso (“green”) and dymos (“twin”) Neodymium – from Greek neo (“new”) and dymos (“twin”) The original material was tautologically called didymium (“two twins”).
  158. 158. 36 Bhim, the chieftain of the Mahimi tribe (around modern day Mahim, Mumbai), would call for a general meeting and feast, after which he would propose to select warriors and tribesmen a challenge which he needed resolved. Willing warriors would indicate acceptance through an act, and the chieftain, on his part, would acknowledge it with another act. The first act gives rise to a well-known term used in unsavoury contexts, while the second lends itself to a sobriquet meaning “brave” or “gallant”. What are these two terms?
  159. 159. ANSWER
  160. 160. 36 Warriors would accept challenges by picking up a paan and supari, leading to the use of supari in underworld contracts. The chieftain would apply soorma to the warrior‟s eye, from which we derive the use of Soorma as a nickname, the most famous one probably not too worthy of it.
  161. 161. 37 This is the second time that M. S. Subbulakshmi performed at the United Nations General Assembly in 1966. This song was a benediction composed for a significantly more momentous event. Name the writer, the occasion, and the composer who set it to music for the UN performance.
  162. 162. ANSWER
  163. 163. 37 Maithreem Bhajata sung by M.S.Subbulakshmi The Sanskrit lyrics, written by Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati of the Kanchi Mutt on the occasion of India’s independence, were set to a Ragamalika by Vasant Desai.
  164. 164. 38 The images are unaltered photographs of Kawah Ijen, an active volcanic complex in Indonesia, by day and by night, by Olivier Grunewald. Kawah Ijen is also a highly dangerous mining quarry, with the caldera lake water having a pH of 0.2-0.5. Why is the colour different?
  165. 165. ANSWER
  166. 166. 38 The lava is coloured no differently than any other typical volcano, i.e., red-to-yellow, depending on temperature. The blue colour comes from the ignition of sulphuric gases resulting from the high concentration of sulphur in the lava. During the day, the blue flames are not visible.
  167. 167. 39 What you shall see is an explanation of parthenogenesis, the act of asexual reproduction in an animal that normally reproduces sexually, in the Komodo dragon. What is common to all Komodo dragons born out of parthenogenesis, and how does this benefit the species?
  168. 168. ANSWER
  169. 169. 39 All parthenogenetic hatchlings are male - eggs receiving the female chromosome simply fail to develop! Parthenogenesis is a means to propagate the species if there is one last female left on an island.
  170. 170. 40 Christian Lange was a political scientist and diplomat who played a key role in organising the Oslo Conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in 1899, and rejoined the IPU as its Secretary General in 1909 - a post which he held until 1933. A recognized expert in arbitration and arms control, he also served as his country‟s delegate to the League of Nations from its inception to his death in 1938. In awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Lange in 1921, the Committee cited his “work as _________ and the Secretary General of the Inter- Parliamentary Union.” So for his work in which other post, between his two stints with the IPU, was Lange recognized?
  171. 171. ANSWER
  172. 172. 40 He was the first Secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Can see where Dick Cheney got his inspiration clearly..
  174. 174. T1 A certain type of behavior is described as “bushusuru” in Japanese based on a famous individual who famously exhibited this in 1992 on a visit to Japan. What exactly is bushusuru?
  175. 175. T2 This capital city was first discovered by the West during the 1873 expedition of HMS Basilisk, primarily meant for hydrological surveys in the southern hemisphere. The city was one of the three islands the captain of the Basilisk claimed for Britain, and one of two of those islands that he named for his father, Admiral Sir Fairfax _______ (the other one being Fairfax Harbour for the inner reach). Name the city and the country.
  176. 176. T3 In January 2014, John Nimmo and Isabelle Sorley were sentenced to prison for abusive and threatening tweets targeted at activist Caroline Criado-Perez who was targeted because of a public campaign she was spearheading in July 2013. What was the aim of her campaign, which generated the abusive responses?
  178. 178. T1 A certain type of behavior is described as “bushusuru” in Japanese based on a famous individual who famously exhibited this in 1992 on a visit to Japan. What exactly is bushusuru?
  179. 179. ANSWER
  180. 180. T1 Public vomiting is called Bushusuru (Bush-like) in Japan. Based on President George H.W. Bush vomiting on the Japanese PM.
  181. 181. T2 This capital city was first discovered by the West during the 1873 expedition of HMS Basilisk, primarily meant for hydrological surveys in the southern hemisphere. The city was one of the three islands the captain of the Basilisk claimed for Britain, and one of two of those islands that he named for his father, Admiral Sir Fairfax _______ (the other one being Fairfax Harbour for the inner reach). Name the city and the country.
  182. 182. ANSWER
  183. 183. T2 Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
  184. 184. T3 In January 2014, John Nimmo and Isabelle Sorley were sentenced to prison for abusive and threatening tweets targeted at activist Caroline Criado-Perez who was targeted because of a public campaign she was spearheading in July 2013. What was the aim of her campaign, which generated the abusive responses?
  185. 185. ANSWER
  186. 186. Jane Austen on the British banknote.
  188. 188. FT1 Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall of Sweden was the first Olympic athlete to be disqualified for the use of performance-enhancing substances. The Swedish modern pentathlon team at Mexico City (1968), which had won bronze, had to return their medals as a result. What was the violation that led to Liljenwall‟s disqualification?
  189. 189. ANSWER
  190. 190. FT1 He tested positive for the forbidden substance alcohol. He claimed that he had two beers before the shooting event to calm his nerves. Fourteen other athletes at the same event tested positive for tranquilizers but were not disqualified.
  191. 191. FT2 The video is that of the 1978 song “Rapture”. The first few seconds of the edited video show the entire band. This song is historic in the field of music and entertainment. What first does it hold in this context? Also identify the band.
  192. 192. ANSWER
  193. 193. FT2 Rapture by Blondie (better known for being “the” American new-wave band) was the first rap song to play on MTV ever in 1984. The black DJ in the video of course is a very young Grandmaster Flash – one of the pioneers of rap/hip hop in the US.