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  • 1. Transportation for the Nation(TFTN)
    US-DOT’s Strategic Planning Project
    Michael Terner
  • 2. Transportation
  • 3. for theNationRoad centerlines first
    All States & Territories
    All Kinds of Roads
  • 4. Many are doing it now
    2009 TIGER/Line®
  • 5. Enormous Duplication of Effort
  • 6. Other Problems
    Licensed data cannot be readily shared
    Rural places may be ignored
    (or not prioritized)
  • 7. Can’t we all just get along…And agree that there’s a common baseline foundation that’s required?
    Current geometry
    Basic Attributes
    Maybe addresses?
    Maybe linear referencing system (LRS)?
  • 8. Variety of stakeholders adds their own “special sauce” on top
    Private Sector: full routability and immersive imagery
    US Census: Polygon topology for census geographic units
    USGS: Enhanced cartographic display and labeling
    State DOTs: advanced attributes
    State DOTs: Linear Referencing System (LRS)
    State E911: Addresses
    TFTN: Common baseline foundation of geometry, basic attributes
  • 9. CharacteristicsContinuous Nationwide
  • 10. CharacteristicsAll Roads
  • 11. CharacteristicsPublic Domain
  • 12. In order to try and figure this out, US-DOT is performing a Strategic Plan
    Identify what you want and need
    Figure out what you’re going to do about it
  • 13. Strategic Plan Identifies What TFTN might look like?
    Who should be involved?
    What kind of standards?
    What kind of funding?
  • 14. Some initial ideas… Highway Performance Management System (HPMS)Incentivizes Participation
    Provides a recurring update cycle
    Opens up the use of existing federal funding
  • 15. Some initial ideas…Each State Completes an Inventory(and keeps it current)Statewide road inventory becomes a reporting requirementHaving the inventory keeps you eligible for US-DOT highway funding
  • 16. How do states currently do it?
    Empower and work with the counties
    Links with E911 funding
  • 17. How do states currently do it?
    Partner with the Private Sector
    New York, Delaware, Massachusetts, etc.
  • 18. Capitalize on new opportunities
    Engage and take advantage of OpenStreetMap and Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI)
  • 19. Strategic Planning means talking to lots of people to get their input, ideas and reactions
    Conference Workshops
    One-on-one Interviews
    • Safety
    • 20. Highway Performance Management System
    • 21. Intelligent Transportation Systems
    • 22. Asset Management
    • 23. Deputy Director of RITA
  • Help us figure it out
    Wednesday, 2pm – 3:30pm Breakout Session
    Share your ideas
    React to our ideas