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  • What did you see? A bunch of subversive young types – and they are already winning.
  • Change becomes more targeted
  • This is where the real power of mobile lies
  • Sector 3.0. Chris Worman

    1. 1. Sektor 3.0
    2. 2. A few of my favorite things…Some bits of now and later shaping society, technology and civil society…• Social Media• Mobile• BOP Design• Demographics• 3DPrinting
    3. 3. Social MediaLet’s start with an easy one…8.26 million users in Poland vs 38 million population1.17 million joined in the last 6 monthsSO WHAT? What does it mean for civil society? 3
    4. 4. Example: Restart Challenges in RO• 2 topics• 800 ideas generated• 250+ ideas entered• 8,000 unique profiles created• more than 150k unique visits, more than 1.3 million hits• 2,400+ hours of IT volunteerism• 14 websites• Mass democratic dialog and citizen engagement• Interesting leaders 4
    5. 5. 5
    6. 6. What’s important in social media …• Democratization of dialog• Seeding Grass-roots• Aggregation potential• Ability to challenge ‘democracy’ The death of Authority … we need not apply
    7. 7. A few of my favorite things…• Social Media• Mobile• BOP Design• Demographics• 3DPrinting
    8. 8. Mobile…Smart phones:democratize computing as social media democratizes dialogToday the revolution is in services,• Farmers• Bankers• Mobile medicalTomorrow?
    9. 9. Mobile ahead…1) The App Revolution Problem Campaign Behavior Change
    10. 10. Mobile ahead…2) Data
    11. 11. A few of my favorite things…Some bits shaping society, technology and civil society…• Social Media• Mobile• BOP Design• Demographics• 3DPrinting
    12. 12. These go together because theirinteraction may change everything…Definitions:• BOP Design: Business services or processes for people living at/below their country’s poverty level.• 3D printing: Additive technology• Demographics: population stuff…
    13. 13. Base of Pyramid/Bottom of the PyramidServing the Un-served: a Social MarketExamples:- Banking, Farming, etc…A couple stats:2.6 billion under $3k/year = $7 trillion1.4 billion at $3k - $20k = $18.5 trillion = $25.5 trillion
    14. 14. That’s a decent amount of zloty…By market segment:• $100 billion ICT market ($10B in E. Europe)• $300 billion Health• $900 billion energy market
    15. 15. Yeah, but we are in Europe…The BOP market in Eastern Europe is estimatedat nearly $700 billion per year.= 64% of the people= 36% of total income generated…It is our market, we know it better than anyoneand it is in flux…
    16. 16. BOP Demographics
    17. 17. Population Growth… it took: 250,000 years to hit 1 billion people1 century to hit 2 billion (1927)32 years to hit 3 billion…44 years to double that…Now 12 years/B babies….. 9.3 Billion by 2050…
    18. 18. Insert Malthusian Scream…OMG.That’s bad right?
    19. 19. Eh. Maybe.Growth does not necessarily = BAD – Violence is not increasing – Pollution is not increasing
    20. 20. Eh. Maybe.We do need to get smarter about: – Food – Population bubbles – Having more babies…
    21. 21. Go back a bitMore babies?FYI : Fewer babies are the future…Growth of mankind peaked in 1960 at 2%. It is now 1% and dropping. Much of the world is already shrinking…
    22. 22. My favorite question… So WHAT?So what if there are fewer babies?So what if we peak at 10 Billion people andstart shrinking?
    23. 23. What happens then?• Income goes up rapidly…• Premium on services for the elderly• Need for Adaptive Technology• Healthcare keeps on growing• Education changes• Migration changes• Change in consumer patterns• … a lot changes …
    24. 24. Demographics, Us, and Technology?Today we talk about:…youth, over-consumption, environmentaldegradation, politics, engagement, fightingthe ghosts of communism, health care,capitalism …No idea how this is going to hit us but theability of new tech to listen and gather datawill keep us in the game.
    25. 25. BOP3DPrinting Demographics
    26. 26. Additive Tech…3D printing will change mankind the way thefactory changed us during the industrial revolution.26
    27. 27. What’s being printed?Everything:• Cars,• Organs,• Machines,• Tools,• Prosthetics…27
    28. 28. Changes• Consumerism• Movement• Consumption We are just beginning to ride this wave…
    29. 29. Recap• Population goes down• Income goes up• Consumerism changes Market economics if flipped on head… What about our models?
    30. 30. Put it all together and… Mobile Expectation Social Civil Society 3D Power Comms Printing Techno – Interaction Models ? democracy
    31. 31. Put it all together and…We have a lot of learning, thinking anddecentralizing of our own to do.Hope: we can listen and engage better thanever, we can influence behavior based onpeople’s own willingness to change, we willhave more resources to do it with, we needpartners…
    32. 32. Start with socialGet mobileAnd think about the rest…GET GOING
    33. 33. Thank you.Contact:Chris WormanDirector Communications and Special Projects,