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  • komal


  • 1. Chitkara business school marketing management presentation Submitted by: Komal Sharma Kulbir Arushi Gaurav Anshum
  • 2. TOPIC The company Karamchand Appliances Private ltd. has hired you for consultancy for mosquito repellent brand. Find out all the history background on their brand, its STP and 4P’S . Also analyze the competitors. Identify the stage of PLC at which the brand is currently and suggest the marketing strategy accordingly.
  • 3. History/Background Of Allout KAPL brand “All out” is a generic name for liquid vaporizer. KAPL began developing it in 1987 at Baddi (HP) All out was launched in April 1990 by a small company KAPL(Karamchand appliances private ltd.) The company was run by Arya brothers-Naveen, Anil and Bimal.
  • 4. Continue History… Initial success was largely due to technological innovation. KAPL decided to handle the advertising for all out on its own. - an animated frog jumping ad KAPL’S distribution network consisted of around 120 distributors across the country. KAPL was a single product company i.e. niche market. SCJ (sc john) acquire All out in early 2000.
  • 5. CONTINUE HISTORY… KAPL managed to wrest market share from corporate giants such as Godrej Sara Lee ltd.(GSLL) and HUL with strong brands such as good knight, mortein with 69% share in 1999. It was launched at Rs 225 due to initial cost but later it was reduced to Rs.135 in 1994 and Rs.99 in 1999.
  • 6. Major playersThe major competitors of All out are as follows: GOOD KNIGHT,GSLL MORTEIN, RECKITT BERCKISER. MAXO,JYOTI LABS.
  • 7. CURRENT MARKET SHARE Leader: All out (45%) Challenger: Good knight (39%) Follower: Mortein(12%)
  • 9. The 1st P: Product Pioneer Effect: First of its kind. Technically Sound: Dependable Japanese Technology. Smoke Free No residue, almost odorless. Long lasting. Ease of Use.
  • 10. The 2nd P: Price Flexible pricing to accommodate market sentiments. KAPL was proactive with its flexible pricing strategy. It set a trend in the process. product combo advanced refill All Out 63 99 49 Good knight 72 99 49 mortein 54 - 49
  • 11. The 3rd P: Place GSLL and R&C were multi-product giants whereas KAPL was a newcomer with a single product. Hence the former companies (before launching vaporizers) already had well established distribution networks. The only P in which KAPL was behind its major competitors was “Place”. Of the 9 lacs outlets across the country that sold repellants, KAPL was available in only 18% (120 distributors)
  • 12. The 4th P: Promotion The ads of All Out were unique and immediately caught the imagination of the masses. The ad had high mind recall. Since KAPL themselves handled the account the advertisement cost was quite low. Other strategies: 1. Hindi Movie Video Cassettes 2. FM Radio 3. News Program Sponsors 4. Movie Song/Dance/Fight Sequence sponsoring on satellite TV Channels. 5.Exchange mat machine
  • 14. SEGEMENTATION: Segmentation of allout is done according to the Geographical : METRO(22.6%) URBAN(16.4%) RURAL(6.9 %)
  • 15. Targeting KAPL is targeting on the households of: URBAN cities. METRO cities.
  • 16. Positioning Machro ka Yaamraj.. Surkshit Parivaar.. Generic Name..
  • 17. Product life cycle The all out is at it maturity stage. The sales are stable. As the competitors are increasing and there is a stiff competition. Good knight having 43% and all out 42% in july 2011. however in MAT all out still has the highest market share of 45% and good night of 39%. So we can say that the product cycle has reached a maturity stage..
  • 18. Product Life Cycle
  • 19. Strategies Launching a new herbal product (reducing ALLETHRIN).. Battery operated Spreading awareness via Campaigning Actions against duplicity Tapping rural market Different fragrance (room fresheners)