Problems of Well-Being - Technology disadvantages and advantages in our society


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Multimedia presentation by Kole Turpin.

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Problems of Well-Being - Technology disadvantages and advantages in our society

  1. 1. Our technology may seem all great to us but it has some effects on our society that some people might not notice or even realise that they are a part of the problem. Some of these biggest problems with our technology include:  Communicating to people through electronics more so than in person  Spending too much time on electronics  Relying on our technology to the point of being lost without it
  2. 2. Most people today communicate with other people through technology more so than in person. A good example of this would be think of how many times you text people a day and compare it to how many times you have a face to face conversation with someone. Most of us will communicate more through technology. This is mainly because everyone has this technology and it is so convenient to be able to talk to someone anywhere at any time but it can have some drawbacks to this great technology.
  3. 3. Our technology today might be too convenient. We are spending less and less time talking with people face to face and more time playing with our electronics. It’s causing our generation to be more anti-social. Why go make new friends with the people near you when you can talk to your old friends anywhere you want? Younger people are getting phones earlier than any of us have which could cause the next generation to be even more anti social. It’s hard for us to go without our electronics for a few days which is crazy, we are way too attached to our phones and computers.
  4. 4. One of the biggest problems today but also the greatest is the internet. It allows us to do so much from communicating with friends to learning how to make something. We spend so much time browsing the web to the point of it being a lot of peoples lives. This site here has many videos showing how it is negatively effecting our society. (
  5. 5. One of the biggest things on the internet is social media. Everyone uses social media and there is tons of it some include Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Reddit, YouTube and much more. Social media has become so popular that it’s taking away from peoples lives. People are spending hours a day on these sites posting their own lives online for everyone to see instead of doing other things. This video here was made in 2009 showing the popularity of social media. (
  6. 6. You might see less bullying in schools and all around you but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening online. Cyber bullying is becoming more popular because people feel safer behind a screen and wont be afraid to speak their mind. A lot of the bullying face to face has been moved to the online environment since we would rather talk to people through our electronics than in person it’s not a big surprise that this is happening more. This video here explains cyber bullying and how to help prevent it. (
  7. 7. Since we are using our electronics to the fullest we start losing some of our other crucial skills. Some of these skills are face to face communication, writing skills and our patience. We are always on our electronics we rarely speak to another person face to face and we rarely write everyday since we are usually typing instead. Since we have such convenience online we aren’t use to waiting so long for something and our patience over all is getting slimmer.
  8. 8. Our lifestyles have gotten so convenient with technology that we don’t go out as much as we should on a daily bases. Since we go out less our health is deteriorating causing more people to get illnesses and diseases. It’s just getting worse and worse as the years pass we must remember that we need to keep exercising to stay healthy and eat well. Today you can order more and more food online even fast food you can order online and get it delivered to your door so you don’t even have to move.
  9. 9. Not everything is bad about our technology and electronics though, just we have to remember to not let them take over our lives.  Very convenient  Learn to do things on your own  Allow us to do things we never thought we could do  Save time  Entertainment  Save lives  Create new things
  10. 10. The possibilities of our technology is almost endless, soon all these great convenience isn’t only going to be on our electronics but in our everyday household items such as our bed and sofa. This video here shows some convenient things in a house.      Better education Different jobs Easier life Benefits everyone Continually advancing and improving (
  11. 11. Technology has had and will continue to have a huge impact on our society. It has changed everything we do today the way we dress, way we get around, way we communicate, starts trends, what we do for a living pretty much everything we do has or will be impacted by technology. This video here is a short slide show of how it impacts our society. (
  12. 12. Social construction of technology (SCOT) – “argues that technology doesn’t determine human action, but that rather, human action shapes technology” This can relate to technology and our society because it’s saying that this technology wouldn’t be used unless us humans know how it effects us in a social context. In other words we wouldn’t use the technology unless we knew how much it would effect us socially such as using social media like Facebook.
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