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Expansion In Latin America
Expansion In Latin America
Expansion In Latin America
Expansion In Latin America
Expansion In Latin America
Expansion In Latin America
Expansion In Latin America
Expansion In Latin America
Expansion In Latin America
Expansion In Latin America
Expansion In Latin America
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Expansion In Latin America


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  • 1. Expansion in Latin America and the Pacific 10 th Grade Social Studies
  • 2. Learning Targets:
    • I understand how international trade affects a nations economy.
    • I can explain how trade affects my individual decisions and options.
    • I can analyze U.S. Reasons for imperialism in Latin America and the Pacific.
    • I can analyze the significance of the Panama Canal.
    • I can explain the international relationship between Japan and the U.S.
  • 3. Places to know…
    • Cuba
    • Guantanamo Bay
    • Puerto Rico
    • Panama
    • Panama Canal
    • Hawaii
    • Japan
    • China
    • Philippines
  • 4. Governing Cuba and Puerto Rico
    • Cuba and Puerto Rico wanted freedom
    • Teller Amendment?
    • McKinley set up military governments to rule the islands
    • Roosevelt created a new foreign policy that favored using military power to protect national interests
      • Big-Stick Diplomacy
  • 5. Platt Amendment
    • U.S. would remove troops if Cuba agreed to make this part of their constitution
    • Limited Cuban freedom to make treaties with other countries
    • Authorized the U.S. to intervene in Cuban affairs
    • Required Cuba to sell or lease land to the U.S. for naval and fueling stations
    • Protectorate: American promised to protect Cuba from other nations but reserved the right to intervene in Cuba’s affairs.
  • 6. Meanwhile in Puerto Rico…
    • U.S. ruled the island as a territory (like the Philippines)
    • Were these people entitled to all the rights of U.S. citizens?!
    • Foraker Act-Governor and upper house of legislature to be appointed by U.S.
    • Jones Act-made Puerto Ricans American citizens
  • 7. Open Door Policy
    • Begun to impose free trade in China
      • Asked the world powers to keep China open to all nations seeking investment opportunities there
        • China
    • Roosevelt negotiated a peace settlement to end the Russo-Japanese War
      • Balanced power in Asia
    • Roosevelt sent the “Great White Fleet” around the world to display American power to Asia
  • 8. Hawaii
    • U.S. Government overthrew the monarchy in Hawaii
      • Annexed Hawaii as a territory
      • Trade proximity, fertile soil, raw materials
      • Prospect for a strong naval base
      • Spread Christianity
  • 9. Panama Canal
    • In 1903 Roosevelt makes a deal with the Panamanians to build the canal
      • Panama Canal
    • Roosevelt justified the involvement of the U.S. In Latin America by announcing the Roosevelt Corollary
      • Stated that the U.S. Had the right to use international police power in Latin America
      • Justify American actions in Latin America
  • 10. Short Answer
    • The United States fulfilled one if its imperialist ambitions in the early 20 th century by acquiring land to build the Panama Canal. State two reasons (political and/or economic) why U.S. Imperialists wanted to build the canal.
  • 11. Panama Canal PANAMA CANAL (Episode H5) Music traditional ( Erie Canal ). Lyrics by John P. McCann. Yakko: Got a tramp steamer My ship's called Hal Crew : 40 miles on the Panama Canal Yakko: Got a cargo of sodas They are low-cal Crew : 40 miles on the Panama Canal Yakko: Sailing 'cross The Caribbean Sea To the Pacific in a jiffy Through Panama But not on land I'd look silly with my ship in the sand Crew : Yo, Hal! Try the Canal Yo, Hal! The Canal is your pal You can sail a cargo ship From sea to shining sea Through the Panama Canal For a nominal fee Yakko: You enter a lock It's a ship corral Crew : 40 miles on the Panama Canal Yakko: You pay your money Then get a decal Crew : 40 miles on the Panama Canal Yakko: You cross the locks They number three Full of water for you and me 100 feet wide 41 feet deep Water enough to drench a sheep Crew : High lock Up goes the ship Low lock The ship takes a dip First they raise the water level Then lower it again 'Cross the Panama Canal It's really zen Yakko: We passed the locks With good morale Crew : 40 miles on the Panama Canal Yakko: The crew yells out Crew : "Thank you, Hal!" 40 miles on the Panama Canal Yakko: You're welcome, men Wasn't that fun? 40 miles Our voyage is done From Colón Now past Balboa Adiós, Panama So long; aloha