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Thank you letters
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Thank you letters


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  • 1. Dear Mr. Cattero, 6/1/11 First thing is first a gigantic, big old THANK YOU. Thank you for being your amazing self.When Morgan talked me into doing set crew with her, I was a bit worried at how it would be.But boy did it blow my mind. I never thought that set crew would change my life, but it did. Istill cannot believe that our little group has become so close. So close that we have set crewbasketball games and when one of us says come we all come running. And last of all when oneof us moves away, we are all heartbroken, but want to make her to feel better about it so wethrow her a party. Why are we this way? Because of you and your encourage throughout theplays. Because you will listen to our craziness, our jokes, and be semi-concerned when we(mostly Karlee and I) get hurt. We really appreciate all you do for set and us. We can’t wait tostart the set for “The Drowsy Chaperone”!!!!! Thank You, Diane KohlinDear Mr. Karasch, 6/1/11 I would like to say Thank you! If it was not for Tech, I would not be as in love with theDrama club as I am now. Joining tech brought me out of my small, little turtle shell and made methe loud, crazy, probably annoying Diane that I am now. I am so happy that I am this way. Youencourage me to be my best whether you know it or not. If it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’thave gone to State. Which would have been terrible because it was the best trip I’ve ever beenon. We still tell joke from it. Thank you for that! I can’t wait to do tech next year. Especially themusical (if I don’t get a part, which I probably won’t), but either way I will be very happy.Thank you for an amazing year this year and I can’t wait to see you second period next year. Thank you and see you next year, Diane Kohlin