Diane kohlin train project research

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  • 1. Diane Kohlin 12/13/10Train Project Research In the picture to the left it shows an old fashioned steam engine train which is the same engine that we will use for the head of our train in the PLTW 2010 period 7 class. I have decided to make an old fashion passenger car. In this design the car has an extra little room on the top of the car. I like it because it gives the car a different shape then the standard train car of today. In this design the roof is extended over the car a little. I like it because it gives it that old fashioned look.
  • 2. In this design I like the stairs and porch. They make it different from the trains of today.In this design I like the way thedoor sides. It looks easy to moveand makes it look realistic. In this design the car is open to the air not closed up like other train cars. I like it because it is old fashioned and different from other cars.
  • 3. In this design I like the rounded roof it makes it look nicer and unique. In this design the car has doors which makes me like it because it makes it look realistic and is officent.In this design there is astrip on the roof. I likeit because it adds wellto the look of the car.
  • 4. In this design there is acircular fan on the roof. I likeit because it makes the rooflook out of the ordinary andmakes me think that the carwould be nice and cool in thehot summer months. The bumps on the top of this car makes it have a unique shape and kind of makes it look like a caterpillar. The form of this car having a storage space, door and passenger area makes it look efficient and makes me like it.
  • 5. The extra set of wheels onthis car is what I like aboutthis car. They make it I like the way this window is pulled out. It gives the car shape. It makes it unique. I like the way the windows are formed on this train. It makes me think that if I was inside it would have lots of natural light.