Accelerating micro strategy for real time bi


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Accelerating micro strategy for real time bi

  1. 1. AcceleratingMicroStrategy for Real-Time BI Web Seminar 14 February 2013
  2. 2. Web Seminar• Thank you for joining today’s session!• The web seminar will start momentarily.• Feel free to use the Q & A feature(We will email you a link to the slides) Kognitio was a Gold Sponsor at MicroStrategy  World 2013 in Las Vegas – see details online.  More info on today’s topic:  •‐accelerator Other events coming‐up soon:
  3. 3. Today’s Web Seminar: Kognitio CloudFormat & Agenda • Brief Overview – Kognitio and the Kognitio In‐Memory Analytical Platform • Kognitio & MicroStrategy – the working partnership • Demonstration  ‐ MicroStrategy reports & dashboards run on Kognitio • Q&A  ‐ open discussion Presenters Host Michael Hiskey Vice President, Marketing &  Business Development Keynote Presenters Dr. Trevor Dobbin Dr. Sharon Kirkham Senior Systems   Kognitio Analytics Center of  Consultant Excellence
  4. 4. KognitioKognitio is focused on providing the premier high‐performance analytical  platform to power business insight  around the world • Kognitio invented the in‐memory analytical  platform, first taking it to market in 1989 • Privately held • Labs in the UK ‐ HQ in New York, NY 
  5. 5. Kognitio: Analytical Accelerator for MicroStrategy Engage Big Data and enable Hadoop without changing your database Analytical Platform acceleration: Comprehensive • Real-time, full data volume, new sources, cross-correlation Flexible • Enable self-service for every departmental need with MicroStrategy Universal • Standardize connections without custom coding
  6. 6. Traditional technology Application & Client Layer All BI Tools All OLAP Clients Excel Reporting Persistence Layer Hadoop Enterprise Data Legacy Clusters Warehouses Systems
  7. 7. Kognitio is the “Golden Layer” technology Application & Client Layer All BI Tools All OLAP Clients Excel Analytical Reporting Platform Near-line Storage Layer (optional) Persistence Layer Hadoop Enterprise Data Legacy Clusters Warehouses Systems Kognitio Storage
  8. 8. Demonstration MicroStrategy Sales and Kognitio version Distribution Analysis Module Total 970 MILLION transactions in fact tables Small Kognitio cluster in the Cloud 2 fact tables 26 dimension tables 77 reports Microsoft Access version Total 970 thousand transactions in fact tables 6 documents/dashboards Common server with MicroStrategy
  9. 9. Demonstration
  10. 10. Demonstration
  11. 11. Kognitio & MicroStrategy
  12. 12. End-user demands drive increased complexityMicroStrategy’s wide range of functionality enabled by Kognitio I want to be able to specify specific groups for analysis Custom groups with prompted filters And / Or Report based on Report A platform that performs
  13. 13. End-user demands drive increased complexityKognitio designed to run demanding mixed workloads in memory I need a dashboard containing x,y,z. Oh and a,b,c too Dashboards requiring more queries and passes over data A platform that performs
  14. 14. End-users demand drive increased complexityKognitio scales for big data in memory I want this insight over all our clients Reporting over A platform that big data performs
  15. 15. End users demand more flexible accessto more data This dashboard These reports are gives great top useful but I want to level insight but I be able pick and want to get into the choose content. details. More flexibility Complex document development More complex query submission A platform that performs
  16. 16. Intelligent CubesKognitio enables faster builds and more flexibility to move beyond Time Constraints Space Constraints Kognitio enables Faster cube build Flexible reporting off non-aggregated data Shorter batch windows Ability to drill More frequent beyond cubes cube refreshing
  17. 17. Enabling MicroStrategy Intelligent Cubes
  18. 18. Intelligent Cube Demo Hierarchy Geography Time Demographics Region Year Demog Group District Month Demog Desc Location Date Data contains Cube build is over all data 1.6 billion Demog Descindividual credit card Transactions Producing Trans Count, transactions Spend Spend and Credit amounts Credit by region, month over ~ 10 years and demographic Month
  19. 19. MicroStrategy performance with Kognitio 1.8 4 1.6 3.5 Query Speed relative to median Kognitio speed Report speed relative to median Kognitio speed 1.4 3 1.2 2.5 1 Max 2 Median 0.8 Min 1.5 0.6 1 0.4 0.5 0.2 0 0 SQL Server Kognitio Teradata Kognitio Bigger is better!
  20. 20. Kognitio is the “Golden Layer” technology Application & Client Layer All BI Tools All OLAP Clients Excel Analytical Platform Near-line Storage Layer (optional) Reporting Persistence Layer Kognitio Storage Hadoop Enterprise Data Legacy Clusters Warehouses Systems
  21. 21. Kognitio and MicroStrategy: Leveraging a successful relationshipKognitio is certified and supported for MicroStrategy BI• Rapid PoC environments available• Specialized benchmarking and optimizations• Production clients with fantastic resultsMicroStrategy Partners enabled to perform rapidimplementations with near-term results:• New dashboards - Direct to mobile• Cloud and on-premises – Appliances or simple, x86 software• Find out more: – visit today!
  22. 22. Get started now for FREE Try it now:
  23. 23. Thank You!Get Started: visit today! connect contact Michael Hiskey Vice President, Marketing & Business Development Dr. Sharon Kirkham Kognitio Analytics Center of Excellence Dr. Trevor Dobbin Senior Systems Consultant