Putting Content in Context: Getting Information into SharePoint for Content Management


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SharePoint is more than just a repository of shared documents...it is a robust platform for information management. Kofax and Gimmal provide best practices for leveraging SharePoint to manage incoming information and turning documents into actionable, meaninful content.

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Putting Content in Context: Getting Information into SharePoint for Content Management

  1. 1. Putting Content in Context:April 17 2013Getting Information into SharePoint for Content Management
  2. 2. Information Management for EveryonePresentersDave Martin | VP Product Marketing & Microsoft Alliance, GimmalDean Misenhimer | Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Kofax
  3. 3. Information Management for EveryoneAbout Gimmal & KofaxSharePoint 2013 Certified1st partner on App Store for SharePoint 2013Business Critical SharePoint PartnerContent ManagementPartner of the Year FinalistHeadquarters: Irvine,CAEmployees: 1,200+globallyPartners: 800+ globallyOur MissionTo dramaticallytransform andsimplify thebusinesscriticalFirst Mile™ of customerinteractionsMarket Leader Leader, Dynamic Case Management Wave Leader, MultichannelCapture Wave #1 Enterprise CaptureSource: ForresterResearch,HarveySpencerAssociates
  4. 4. Information Management for EveryoneThink Information ManagementWhen you are thinkingSharePoint …Think…“Big Picture”
  5. 5. Information Management for EveryoneWhat is Information Management?…a STRATEGYInformation Management is…CONTENTCONTENTProcessPeople Technology
  6. 6. Information Management for EveryoneBut we haven’t executed on this strategy…
  7. 7. Information Management for EveryoneHow Do We Execute On This Strategy?Information InfrastructureCentralizedManagementCapture, BPMSearch &eDiscoveryECM,Records,ComplianceArchival/StorageManagement@We design and deploy a SOLUTIONCompliantLitigation ReadyOptimized StorageEase of UseAdoptionSearch & AccessTrustedRelevantTimelyAutomated
  8. 8. Information Management for EveryoneWhat we need is somethingthat ties together thepeople, processes andtechnology in yourecosystem…
  9. 9. Information Management for Everyoneis a…platformto meet ourspecific requirements.Whether we’ve come to grips with itor not, SharePoint is a platform, andwe take platforms andextendand enhance them
  10. 10. Information Management for EveryoneSharePoint is a popular platform…Sources: “State of the ECM Industry 2011,” AIIM, July 2012; “Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2012,” Microsoft, November 12, 2011USERSCUSTOMERSACTIVELY using
  11. 11. Information Management for EveryoneSo what are we using SharePoint for?0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%Internal collaborationFile-share replacementWeb portal/intranetLive document/content managementProject ManagementDocument archiving/records managementExternal collaborationBusiness Process Management (BPM)Public web managementNo choice/Company-wide rolloutDont know / OtherWhat were your two main reasons for implementing SharePoint?N=315ACCESSAIIMResearch (July31, 2012)ManagementWhy is thishappening?Access to corporatecontent and the abilityto “share” that content
  12. 12. Information Management for EveryoneThe Information Management IdealCentralizedManagementAccess &GovernanceUnifiedPolicyConnecting tobusiness systemslegacy repositories& managingcontent “In-Place”Discovery &Long-termPreservationTraditional ECMSystemLegacy RecordsSystemFile Shares/SystemWhen a document iscaptured andenters thecompany it is managedimmediately.
  13. 13. Information Management for EveryoneHow is this mass of content getting in?Documents entertheorganization. They canbe a contract,form,fax,invoice,etc. They canbepaper and/or electronic.The document is thencaptured,either as anelectronic document orscannedfrompaper toelectronic andgivencontext.There are numerous contentdestinations: collaborationsolutions ERPsystems File Systems Email systems Longterm physical storage.Verification?
  14. 14. Information Management for EveryoneConsider the end-userUsers are comfortable incertain environments andare ofteninvolvedin Role-based Actions & ProcessAutomationOrganizations look toleverage content byconnectingit (and people)to business processes &workflowsCreatingInteractionbetweenApplications &Connecting DisparateSilos of InformationAnd doing all of thiswithout affectingthe userexperienceThis is the Business Critical First Mile
  15. 15. Information Management for Everyone
  16. 16. Information Management for EveryoneKofax Makes the First Mile™ of Business SmarterERP / CRM / LOBSharePoint& RecordsMgmt.ECM,Databases& OtherArchivesIT & Telecom InfrastructureSystems of Recordenterprise applicationsdesignedforinternal purposesKofax SmartProcess Applicationsprovide and essential linkbetweensystemsof engagementandsystemsof record.Results inan OptimizedCustomerExperience&GreatlyReducedOperatingCostsSystems of EngagementGenerate real time,informationintensivecommunicationsfrom customersFaxesDigital ScannersMFPs / MFDsPaperMobileDevicesEmailsXML / EDIData StreamsMS Office / PDFTIFF / JPEG FilesPortals
  17. 17. Information Management for EveryoneConnecting the First Mile™ of Business The First Mile™ is about transforming and simplifying customerinteraction and providing an essential connection to the customer Kofax achieves this by combining our market leading technologies toprovide “smart process applications.” Capture Case management/BPM Analytics Mobile capabilities Smart process applications enable you torealize benefits in a timely and cost effective manner They minimize the need to modify existing enterpriseapplications, business processes, and repositories
  18. 18. Information Management for EveryoneSharePoint is a platform…For Information Management
  19. 19. Information Management for EveryoneHow it Works…CUSTOMER SERVICECorrespondenceNew accountsAddress changesService requestsInquiriesSALESNew ordersContractsProposalsForecastsCORPORATECorrespondenceLitigationContractsRegulatory DocumentsHRApplication formsResumes/CVsBenefits formsHealthcare formsFINANCIALSInvoicesCash receiptsTax documentsProofs of deliveryExpense accountsAND…Insurance claimsLoan applicationsAccident reportsPatient recordsPoliciesProofs of residenceInformation Arrives in Many FormsXMLEmailMailFaxWebMMSSMS FoIPThrough Many Different Channels
  20. 20. Information Management for EveryonePoint of Origination™: Extending Systems & ProcessesSystems &ProcessesProductionscannersKofax FrontOffice ServerMFPsFAXElectronicDesktop scanners &web portalsSmartphones &tabletsPointofOriginationKofaxCaptureKofaxWeb CaptureKofax MobileCapture
  21. 21. Information Management for EveryoneTouchless Processing – A Simple Example
  22. 22. Information Management for EveryoneCapture In-Process for Better Customer EngagementSingle End-to-End Business ProcessCustomer• “Act and Interact” in real time• Respond to issues encountered in the business process• Provide end-to-end visibility for employees & customers• Accelerate the overall process• Ensure positive customer engagement & satisfactionCapture Sub-Process Capture Sub-ProcessPartnerCustomerEngagement Engagement
  23. 23. Information Management for EveryoneDEMONSTRATIONWe’ve gone mobile…
  24. 24. Information Management for EveryoneSequenceof Events1. Send an email containinga hyperlinkto the mobile captureapp2. Automaticallylaunch the app3. Capture the documentusing thecamera on the device4. Run KofaxVRS on the device toenhance, perfect and optimize theimage5. Submit the image for processinglikeany other captureddocumentwww.mobilecapture.com
  25. 25. Information Management for EveryoneSome things to think about…
  26. 26. Information Management for EveryoneThe real “Cost Center”Human ResourcesLegal Dept.Records/ComplianceFinanceECMRM SystemERP/CRM SystemStorage/ArchiveOver the years we’vebeen deployingdepartmentallyDeploying indepartmental siloshas meant multipleduplicate systemsIdeally we’re lookingto reduceredundancy andprovide centralizedmanagement
  27. 27. Information Management for EveryoneInformation Management for EveryoneWhat is the most important thing to know whendeploying or migrating to SharePoint?KNOW YOUR CONTENT!!!DeleteActive Inactive
  28. 28. Information Management for EveryoneImagine if you could…
  29. 29. Information Management for EveryonePeopleLeverage streamlined systems where end-users can exists in the UIof their choiceCentralize administration to make the most of human resources andreduce training costsAutomate functions to reduce the burden on users and the risk ofhuman error
  30. 30. Information Management for EveryoneConnect systems and drive efficiencies – reducing the time & costspent through process optimizationLeverage multiple data sources and gain more value from new andold contentProvide unified policy management for improved compliance andcontrol of contentProcess
  31. 31. Information Management for EveryoneConsolidate numerous content systems for reduced infrastructurecosts and centralized managementProvide integrated business systems to better leverage data andfurther mitigate organization riskTechnology
  32. 32. Information Management for EveryoneERP-Link SuiteA CommonPlatformforSAPand SharePointInformationGovernance SuiteContent Consistencyand Lifecycle controlCompliance SuiteDoD 5015.2 CertifiedRecords ManagementforSharePointUnified RecordsManagementForElectronic andPhysical RecordsGimmal solutionsProvidingInformation Managementfor EveryoneBringingPeople, Process & TechnologyTogether
  33. 33. Information Management for EveryonePowerful Enterprise Integration with Microsoft• Capture and deliver all information types intoMicrosoft SharePointand Office 365• Manage and automate case managementand end to end business processes in SharePoint• Extend capabilitiesof Dynamics CRM to support BPMand Dynamic Case Management(DCM) solutions• Deliver BPM and DCM as a SaaS offering, leveragingWindows Azure• Use Lync communication for process and casemanagement• Leverage Microsoft developer toolsMaking the First Mile™of Business Smarter
  34. 34. Information Management for EveryoneQuestions
  35. 35. Information Management for EveryoneContactDave Martin dave.martin@gimmal.comDean Misenhimer dean.misenhimer@kofax.com@gimmalgroup | @dean_kofaxGimmal.com Kofax.com