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This was a Graduate Project of Brand Management at Souithern Illinois University Carbondale in the College of Mass Communication & Media Arts. The course instructor was Dr. Catherine Frith.

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Brand management project warby parker

  1. 1. Haley Siying Adithi Kazi Odundo
  2. 2. IntroductionBrand MissionWarby Parker believes that everyone has the right tosee. Millions of people around the world today don’thave access to proper vision care. To help addressthis problem, Warby Parker partners with renownednon-profits, such as, to deliverone pair of glasses to someone in need for every pairsold.
  3. 3. In doing so, we enable customers toshare the gift of vision with someonewho can’t see today and give themthe opportunity to read, to work andto live a fuller life.Warby Parker was createdwith the desire to helpcustomers give to agood cause,express theiruniquestyle, andsavesome cash.
  4. 4. CompanyHistory HistoryWarby Parker was launched in February, 2010 by fourfriends that all attended Wharton College inPhiladelphia, PA. Neil Blumenthal , Andrew Hunt, JeffreyRaider, and David Gilboa started Warby Parker as aonline store to bypass the retailers and cut the cost ofeyewear.While most prescription eyeglass companies operatemostly offline, Warby Parker does things differently, ofcourse.
  5. 5. DevelopmentThey sell most of their inventoryonline, and only have five physicallocations. The five stores are locatedin Brooklyn, NY, SanFrancisco, CA, OklahomaCity, OK, Portland, OR, and theheadquarter is located in NewYork, NY.The company was born out of ourcollective personal traits: a penchantfor outrageous outfits, an affinityfor vintage collectibles and a strongdesire to make the world a betterplace.
  6. 6. Brand PersonalityWhat’s in a name???Well for Warby Parker, there is A LOT in our name!!!The name Warby Parker came from a master wordsmith andpop culture icon, Mr. Jack Kerouac. Jack Kerouac was anAmerican novelist and poet.Two of his earliest characters bore the names Zagg Parkerand Warby Pepper (creative and unique, right?). Togetherthese two characters created the name Warby Parker.
  7. 7. This name says a lot about ourcompany, because we arecool, almost as cool as Mr. JackKerouac’s stories. But WarbyParker is more than just aname, because we are morethan just a really attractivecompany!!!We are a company that caresabout the lives, happiness, andcareers of people around theworld. That’s why we givethousands of glasses away freeevery year to people that really need to see!
  8. 8. Branding Logo AnalysisWarby Parker’s personality is The Warby Parker logo is simpleclear. We know our customer’s and clear. The logo is the nameand they know us. Warby Parker Warby Parker in darkis all about helping people and gray with a white background.seeing how together lives can This logo is chic and modern,be changed. We reach an lacking clutter. Our company alsoaudience that has a casual cool reinforces this logo with 5style and wants to change the showrooms that are clean andworld one pair of glasses at a clutter free, offering high qualitytime. products at low prices. We are a small company that wants the best for our valued customers.
  9. 9. ANALYSISBranding:Warby Parker’s brand is both trendy and classic. It has updated and refreshed classic vintage eyewearstyles - spending several months crafting each frame to develop a line with a personality that is bothcontemporary and refined. Each frame is handcrafted using only the finest custom acetates and takesover three weeks to produce from initial cut through polishing. Warby Parker utilizes best-in-classpolarized lenses to provide superior glare reduction and UV protection.Logo Analysis:Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to create boutique-quality,classically crafted eyewear at a revolutionary price point. Thus, Warby Parker’s logo feeds into theirclear brand personality and the inferred tagline of “We know our customer’s and they know us.” Itssimplicity denotes the meticulousness and collaborative efforts of the founders “Warby Parker” – analternative concept to the overpriced and bland eyewear available today.Advertising Materials:Warby Parker is able to provide higher-quality, better looking prescription eyewear for under $100 bycircumventing traditional channels and engaging their customers directly through their website.Moreover, they have an updated blog and Facebook page as a way of reaching target audience in themost cost-effective manner in order to advance their new concept of eyewear.
  10. 10. Focus Group Age: 18——35 Requirement: people wear glasses Total Number: 5
  11. 11. Questions for Group Discussion1、Where do you buy your glasses? Kelsy- Wal-Mart Laxmi- Vamayekar – Indian Company Katie- Americas Best Mary- Marion Eye Center Tom- Clarkson Eyewear2、How often do you buy your glasses? Kelsy- Depends on insurance Laxmi- once a year Katie- once a year Mary- Depends on insurance Tom- haven’t in 4 years
  12. 12. 3、Which is the most influentialfactor that affects your purchasedecision(e.g.: price, quality, style, Brandetc.)? Laxmi- Price has a largeinfluence, because quality is low. Katie- Price is most importantand then style within the pricerange.4、Are you hesitant to purchaseglasses online? All participants said that theydo not fully trust online eyewearcompanies.
  13. 13. 5、If you are offered free home try-ons, freeshipping and free returns, would you be willing to shoponline for glasses? All said maybe they would be more willing to trythem. One participant said they would not want to beresponsible for the try-on glasses.6、What are the Glass brands you can recollect? Levi Strauss but participant doesn’t have to have thatbrand No participants were brand specific
  14. 14. 7、Have you heard of the brand Warby Parker? None of the participants had heard of Warby Parker8、What do you think about the idea of Warby Parkerdelivering one pair of glasses to someone in need for everypair that they sell? All liked this idea and 2 or 3 participants said that theywould be more likely to purchase glasses because of this.
  15. 15. Other NotesNone of the participants were brand specific.Customers would like a follow-up on the child that receivesthe glasses.Warby Parker should offer glasses for children and also offercontacts for those that do not like glasses.Promote brand on college campuses to make brand moreknown and trusted for customers.Many expressed a general concern when purchasing glassesonline.Weight of glasses should be posted online.
  16. 16. ConcernsMaintenance- Where can I get the glassesfixed?
  17. 17. Marketing MixProduct Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to create boutique quality, classically crafted eyewear at a revolutionary price point. They meticulously crafted their first collection of 27 limited run styles for both men and women, plus one monocle, using only the finest custom acetates and materials. The Warby Parker aesthetic is vintage-inspired, with a fashion forward twist - and every pair is custom fit with anti-reflective, polycarbonate prescription lenses. The company also partners with renowned non-profits, such as, to deliver one pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair that they sell. In doing so, they enable customers to share the gift of vision with someone who can’t see today and give them the opportunity to read, to work and to live a fuller life.
  18. 18. PriceWarby Parker is a true blessing in corporate clothing as they offerhigh quality prescription glasses just for $95.How do they do it? By circumventing traditional channels andengaging with their customers directly through theirwebsite, Warby Parker provides higher-quality, better lookingprescription eyewear for under $100.Available exclusively through the Warby Parker website, theirglasses retail for $95 which include Polycarbonate prescriptionlenses with anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings. They alsooffer free shipping, free returns, and free virtual and home try-ons every single day.
  19. 19. PlaceWarby Parker is essentially anonline brand. All of theiroptical glasses and sunglassesare available to try on in ourNew York City office andshowroom. They also rentspace in a few stores in bigcities where people can try onglasses before ordering online.They have partnered with aselect number of like-mindedboutiques across the countryto serve as showrooms fortheir collection.
  21. 21. Headquarter NY
  22. 22. Others New York, NY Brooklyn, NY San Francisco, CA Boston, MA Oklahoma City, OK Portland, OR
  23. 23. Promotion Transparent business model, Corporate social responsibility, Focused product mix and well managed customer relations constitute the success mantra of Warby Parker. The company also efficiently markets its products through print advertising and online promotions. The Brand is featured in The New York times, Vogue, GQ & Daily Candy. They have an active Blog Archive called Zagg Pepper which helps consumers to stay up to date with their activities and also responds to questions or doubts that people may have about the brand.
  24. 24. They send out press releases and conduct outdoor eventsfor launches which help to promote the product andreach out to their target consumers. They also have anactive social media marketing team (Facebook, Linkedin &Twitter). Needless to say, this team is very creative asthey not only promote their product on social networkingsites but for every ten likes on their Facebook page theydonate a pair of glasses to a person in need throughvision spring.The company continues to grow as thousands ofinfluential brand ambassadors (their customers) do theirmarketing for them. The customer experiences andreviews is the main marketing tool which the companyutilizes to reach out to potential consumers
  25. 25. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses - low cost -does not accept insurance -convenience of online -distrust with online -socially responsible -many competitors -the necessity of the product - ineffective advertising - low brand awareness Opportunities Threats -large uninformed market -other online competitors-younger generation has more trust -competition from well known with online purchasing companies - younger people are becomingmore and more socially responsible
  26. 26. Strengths -low cost- Glasses from Warby Parker cost only $95, compared with other prescription glasses that can cost between $150-$300 or more. -convenience- Warby Parker offers the option to try-on and ultimately purchasing glasses online, without having to leave your home. -socially responsible- Warby Parker cares about people, and proves this by providing glasses to people in need. -eyeglasses are a necessity-Eyeglasses are a necessity for people all around the world, which is a really great benefit to a company that sells eyewear.
  27. 27. Weaknesses -distrust with online-Many people are still hesitant to purchase prescription glasses online. -does not accept insurance- Since the price of the glasses is low, Warby Parker does not accept insurance. However, some insurance providers will reimburse the customer after the purchase. So, Warby Parker will provide a receipt for your purchase. -many competitors-When buying eyeglasses online there is a lot of competition, and many different websites to purchase prescription eyeglasses. Ineffective advertising: the brand does not have a very effective advertising and marketing campaign low brand awareness: the visibility and reach of the brand is much lesser than its competitors
  28. 28. Opportunities -large uninformed market- There are a lot of people who have heard about the Warby Parker brand, but there is still a really large percent of the market that is uninformed. This is a great opportunity for Warby Parker to target this unknown market, and make its name known. -younger generation has more trust with online purchasing-Although, there is still a great distrust with online purchasing with each generation the trust in online purchasing is growing. This will give Warby Parker a larger market over time. younger people are becoming more and more socially responsible - Nowadays the generation of youngsters have become extremely conscious socially and have an urge to do some good to the society.
  29. 29. -new online competition- other competitioncould arise once the market discovers WarbyParker, so it is important to establish arecognizable brand identity. This also includesalready established brands that do notcurrently sell glasses, but could become athreat. For example, TOMS Shoes, whichcurrently offers sunglasses, but notprescription eyeglasses.-already known companies/saturation-Thereis a lot of already existing competition fromother eyeglass companies online and offline.
  30. 30. Segmentation of Target MarketPrimary SecondaryThe primary target market segment The secondary target market willwill be 18 to 25 year old males and be 30 to 35 year old females andfemales or college/university males or recent graduates seekingstudents who are in need of or occupying entry-level jobaffordable glasses. This target positions. The focus on a youngergroup are not only inclined to age group is strategically meant toonline shopping but readily express develop and sustain brand loyaltythe desire to give to a good with them.cause, express their uniquestyle, and save some cash at allcost.
  31. 31. Target Market DemographicsBased on the focus group findings, we believe that wehave a good knowledge of our target audience asfollows:The primary target audience is composed of malesand females or college/university students betweenthe ages of 18 and 25. They are still pursuing theireducation and are part of middle class of the St.Louis, Missouri area. These target audience are stilldependent on their families for financial support andincentives.The secondary target audience consists of males andfemales between the ages of 30 and 35. They areworking on receiving a higher education or have justrecently graduated and/or seeking/occupying entry-level job positions.
  32. 32. Target MarketPsychographicsOur primary target audience consists of 18 to 25 years oldmales and females looking for areason to be involved with a cause or still searching tofind a cause to support. They are very outgoing, active, trendy, and ambitious with an affinity for vintagecollectibles and a strong desire to make the world a better place.The secondary target audience consists of males and females between theages of 30 and 35. They may be starting up or already have small-sizedfamilies hence likely to have disposable income. They are also sociallyresponsible and care about the lives, happiness, and careers of familymembers and people around St. Louis metropolitan area and the world atlarge.
  33. 33. Competitive AnalysisWarby Parker has to fight competitors on multiple fronts.With most of Warby Parkers business stemming from theinternet, most of the brands major competition comesfrom physical store fronts such as Doctors Valu Visual andWal-Mart Vision Center. These stores offer affordableprices with hands on service, eye exams at the store, andconvenient locations inside shopping centers and retailstoresWarby Parker also has several other competitors like theZenni Optical and Coastal Contacts, which are online eyewear retailers. Like Warby Parker, these online stores alsooffer glasses at competitive prices and an online virtual“try on”. They also offer wide a variety of brands, as theydo not make their own glasses.However, neither of these online stores offers a free “tryat home” service. Also none of these competitors listedabove offer a socially responsible outcome with theirsales
  34. 34. Competitive Matrix
  35. 35. Consumer AnalysisGeneral Customer QuestionsPrimary research is a key step inunderstanding a market and itscustomers. Our group used twodifferent techniques to collect andmeasure the data. First, we conducteda focus group to get in-depthinformation on consumer’squestions, thoughts and concernswhen purchasing eyewear. We alsosurveyed 56 people who weareyeglasses, mostly people between theages of 18-40. This gave us opinionsfrom people of many different agegroups to help determine the targetmarket for our product.
  36. 36. Consumer Purchasing Questions We began our survey by asking aboutgeneral eyewear purchase decisions: wheredo you purchase eyeglasses, how often doyou purchase eyeglasses, from where doyou purchase eyeglasses, etc. These questions told us the generalpurchase habits of eyeglass customers, ourcompetitors and also the demand for ourproduct. Thirty-four percent of respondentsspend $100-200 dollars on prescriptioneyeglasses. This tells us that our eyeglassesare a good price for consumers, because wecharge less than what half of therespondents are already paying foreyeglasses. This is can be a potentialbenefit that can be advertised in the future.
  37. 37. General Customer Behavior When asked if the consumers had aback-up pair of glasses 29respondents (52%) said they do havea back-up pair of glasses. This isimportant information due to thelarge number of customers whopurchase eyeglasses using theirinsurance. This means that Warby Do you own a back-up pair of glasses?Parker may not only reach those who No- 27 48%do not have insurance, but also those Yes-29 52%people with insurance who would likea back-up pair of glasses. This givesWarby Parker a larger market.
  38. 38. Eyeglass Features When asked about the importance of different features of eyeglasses the responses were very helpful. On a 5 point scale 1 not important and 5 veryPlease rate the below factors based on important the respondents were askedtheir importance when purchasing to rate the following factors:prescription eyeglasses. - Style style, price, comfort, brand, weight and durability. The results showed that price and style were very important to most consumers. Brand was ranked not important by roughly 71% of the respondents. This is very good news for Warby Parker, a brand that is not a well known name currently in the eyeglass Please rate the below factors based on their importance when purchasing market. prescription eyeglasses. - Price
  39. 39. Online BehaviorThe survey showed that there is still a highpercentage of people in the market who donot make purchases online. Out of the 56people surveyed 26 people or 46% had nevermade a purchase online. This was interestinginformation that revealed a weakness, as Have you ever shopped online?well as an opportunity for Warby Parker. Oursurvey also revealed that 57% of theconsumers surveyed were not very willing topurchase eyeglasses online. This is also anopportunity for Warby Parker to become thetrusted company, among other onlineeyewear companies. Not very Very willing to willing to purchase purchase
  40. 40. ObjectivesCommunication Objectives We aim to increase the awareness about the brand Warby Parker amongst consumers within a span of one year. A study would be conducted on our competitors’ advertising patterns, and the needs of the consumers would be analyzed. Based on these parameters, an effective advertising and marketing campaign would be developed. We also aim to motivate action amongst the consumers to purchase the product by shaping their attitudes and by creating awareness about the social responsibility aspect of the brand.
  41. 41. Media ObjectivesWe aim to target our advertising campaign towards our primary andsecondary audience.PRIMARY : 18 to 25 year old males and females or college/universitystudentsSECONDARY : 30 to 35 year old females and males or recent graduatesWe also aim to increase our brand awareness at St. Louis and otherneighboring cities. We aim to use media and events that would be ofinterest for the younger generation as they are our primary audience. Wewould be using a mixture of traditional and non-traditional media toincrease the reach of our brand.
  42. 42. Traditional•Print Ads (Posters & Billboards,News paper, Magazine) (also outlining the corporate social responsibility of thebrand)•University Campus PostersNon traditional•Metro Outdoor Advertising•Barricade Advertising•Stairway Advertising•Escalator Advertising•Eyeglass Decal Advertising(Mirrior & LCD screens)•Mall Elevator Advertising• Concerts & Online Events
  43. 43. Creative Strategy
  44. 44. For the Big Idea of this campaign, we wanted to communicate to our Target Consumersabout the corporate social responsibility aspect of the Brand - Warby Parker.The main purpose of this idea is to build Brand awareness and motivate actionamongstthe consumers to purchase the product. We aim to do this by shaping their attitudestowards becoming more socially responsible.The new Tag line ‘Giving a new perspective!’ is to communicate that Warby ParkerGlasses give a new perspective to see the world. In a way it also communicates thatfor every pair of WP glasses bought by a consumer, a person in need is given the gift ofvision.The campaign consists of Ads that bring out the social responsibility aspect of theBrand. They are also made to look stylish and youthful to cater to the Primary TargetAudience, who are basically youngsters and students.
  45. 45. New LOGOThe Warby Parker logo is simple and easyto read. The logo is the name of theBrand in Black with a white background.The logo has one of the exquisite designsof WP eyeglasses depicting the letter ‘B’in the word ‘WARBY’. The Logo has apersonality of its own which matches theBrand’s personality of being simple yetstylish.
  46. 46. TraditionalSt. Louis Magazine Advertising $10,400
  47. 47. TraditionalPrint Advertising
  48. 48. TraditionalBillboard Advertising $3,500
  49. 49. TraditionalPrint Advertising
  50. 50. Ambient/GuerillaMetro Outdoor Advertising $4,700
  51. 51. Barricade Advertising $4,500
  52. 52. Stairway Advertising $4,000
  53. 53. Escalator Advertising $4,000
  54. 54. Campus Posters $250
  55. 55. Eyeglass decal advertising $4720
  56. 56. Eyeglass frames with LCD screens $3710
  57. 57. Advertising in Mall $4,000Elevators
  58. 58. Advertising in MallElevators
  59. 59. Events Concert at the Arch $10,000A great way to create a big buzz around our brand is to sponsor a free concert. And what better way toget people to attend than to hold the concert under one of the world’s most famous landmarks, the St.Louis Arch. WP will sponsor a totally free concert featuring young, up and coming groups The Dean’sList, and 2AM Club at the public hard top area under the St. Louis arch. This will allow us to bringawareness to our brand and we can have the band wear our glasses during the performance. Both ofthe Bands will cost $3,000 for the performance. Normal cost for renting space in a park is from $50-$100 , but with the Arch belonging to a national park, the price will be higher. The stage, lighting, andsound equipment can be rented in a bundle fro $600, bring our total to apx. $10,000.
  60. 60. St. Louis Arch Eyeglasses Projection $10,000Also, with an additional $10,000 we will advertiseon the St. Louis Gateway Arch with a Warby Parkereyeglass projection during the concert.
  61. 61. Flash Mobs at College campuses in and near St. LouisThe flash mobs will take place at University campuses $2,920in and near St. Louis, MO.10 people would be hired to go to one campus eachto select students to participate in the flash mob.They will be hired by the hour to teach dance torandomly selected students on campus. Thesestudents will perform the dance during one majorevent on campus and these will all take place in themonth of May. The month of May usually has goodweather and there are many events in this month oncollege campuses.The students in the flash mob will be told to wearattire similar to the style of the Warby Parker brand. Ifthe students wear glasses they will be given one pairof glasses with their prescription for free to wear inthe mob. If they do not wear prescription glasses thenthe students will be given sunglasses made by WarbyParker to wear in the mob. All students will beallowed to keep the glasses after the perform in theflash mob.
  62. 62. Online Event — “Wear Your Style!” $10,500We would like to hold an online event for everyone who is interested in ourbrand to design their own pair of eye glasses. In this way, we will not onlypromote our brand, but also gain new designs from our customers and knowbetter of their preferences.There will be three parts in this event. First, we will set up a webpage whereeveryone can upload their own design images. In the second part, everyonecan vote for the designs. The top three highest voted designs will beproduced and given to their designers. After that, the three winners will geta round trip tickets to a foreign country to give out glasses to the people inneed by their own. We would also hold a press meet to report the wholeevent.
  63. 63. Media Plan BudgetTraditional: Event:St. Louis Magazine Advertising $10,400 Concert under the Arch $10,000Billboard Advertising $3,500 Arch eyeglasses projection $10,000 Flash Mobs at campuses $2,920 Online Event- Wear Your Style! $10,500Ambient/Guerilla:Metro Outdoor Advertising $4,700Barricade Advertising $4,500Stairway Advertising $4,000Escalator Advertising $4,000Campus Posters $250Eyeglass Decal Advertising $4,720Eyeglass frames with LCD screens $3,710Mall Elevator Advertising $4,000
  64. 64. Media Schedule
  65. 65. Budget Allocation (One Year Projection) Primary Target Audience CostFlash Mobs at College campuses in and near STL $2,920Campus Posters $250Concert under the Arch $10,000St. Louis Arch eyeglasses projection $10,000Online event $10,500Total $33,670 Secondary Target AudienceSt. Louis Magazine $10,400Total $10,400 Both (Primary & Secondary)Billboard $3,500Metrolink Window Ads $4,700Barricade Advertising $4,500Stairway Advertising $4,000Escalator Advertising $4,000Eyeglass decal ads in Mall $4,720Eyelass frames with LCD screens $3,710Elevator Ads $4,000Total $33,130
  66. 66. Budget Allocation (One Year Projection) Cost Campus Posters Flash Mobs at College 0% campuses in and near STL 2% Concert under the Arch 6% St. Louis Arch eyeglasses projection Total 6% 21% Elevator Ads 3% Online event 7% Eyelassframes withLCD screens 2% Eyeglassdecal ads in Total Mall 22% 3% Escalator Advertising Total St. Louis Magazine 3% 7% 7% StairwayAdvertising 3% Barricade Metrolink Advertising Window Ads 3% 3% Secondary Target Audience 0% Billboard 2% Both (Primary & 0% Secondary) 0%
  67. 67. Budget GraphsBudget Distribution to each type of Advertising 15% 27% Traditional Ambient/Guerilla Events 58%
  68. 68. Budget direction Target 15% Secondary 85%
  69. 69. $30,000.00 January$25,000.00 February March$20,000.00 April May$15,000.00 June July August$10,000.00 September October $5,000.00 November December $0.00 Budget Distribution for each month
  70. 70. Budget rate of each month403530252015 percentage1050
  71. 71. EvaluationOur advertisement plan reaches awide range of media and outlets, butwe feel that our brand will stand outthe most if we concentrate most ofthe budget on ambient and guerillaadvertising. $29,880.00 of ourbudget is devoted to guerilla andambient advertisements. Thisincludes many interactive projectssuch as the barricade advertisement,Interesting ads in malls, metro busesand the mirror/LCD advertisements.
  72. 72. We also have a fair amount of investmentin traditional advertising. For traditionaladvertising we decided to target St. Louisexcusive media such as St. LouisMagazine and $ 13,900.00of our budget will go to traditionaladvertisement. We are also spending $33,420.00 on events and feel they should be very popular events that will get a lot of publicity. Our four events include a free concert under the Arch (with WP glass projections on the Arch), an online design event, and Flash Mobs.
  73. 73. Contingency PlanWith a grand budget of $77,200.00 we are over our$50,000.00 target budget, so we are not expecting any leftover money.However, if we do find ourselves with any leftoverfunds, we would utilize it towards improving our events andadvertisements.This may pay for things such as extra food and refreshmentsfor our bands performing at our concerts or flash mobs.
  74. 74. Impressions Warby Parker Impressions Online EventFlash Mobs at College Campuses in/near STL St. Louis Arch Projection Concert under the Arch Elevator Ads Eyeglass frames with LCD screens Eyeglass Decal Ads in Mall Campus Posters Escalator Ads Stairway Ads Barricade Ads Metrolink Window Ads Billboard St. Louis Magazine 0 500000 1000000 1500000 2000000 2500000
  75. 75. ImpressionsSt. Louis Magazine 480000Billboard 1200000Metrolink Window Ads 1200000Barricade Ads 60000Stairway Ads 1100000Escalator Ads 1100000Campus Posters 5000Eyeglass Decal Ads in Mall 2000000Eyeglass frames with LCD screens 400000Elevator Ads 480000Concert under the Arch 200000St. Louis Arch Projection 200000Flash Mobs at College Campusesin/near STL 50000Online Event 60000
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  79. 79. Thank you!