journey: Africa to America
Hi,                        I’m                       Kodjo                       AttivorImage: Kodjo Attivor
Born here
Benin: “Latin Quater” of Africa
I am                                      multilingual
First piano lesson: Togo (W.Africa)            
Musical experience in Africa Text
Studied in Paris
A sideman in Europe
Moved to America
First U.S.Record Deal    
My work in the music industry
Church Pianist       
Recording artist
And a Music Producer 
Continuing my                                                                        music education
Studied                                                                                  Performing Art                   ...
Jazz Improvisation Here
Music Production here on: Music Production B.S
Graduation             My entertainment company
Contact:                           kodjattivor@fullsail.edu
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Attivor kodjo visual_resume


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  • Announcement of my musical journey from Africa to America\n\n
  • greetings\n
  • I was born in a Benin, a french speaking country\n\n
  • I was born in a Benin, a french speaking country\n\n
  • I speak 5 languages fluently\n
  • My first piano lesson in Togo (West Africa)\n
  • My musical experience in Africa\n
  • My musical studies in Paris (France) \n
  • My musical experience in Europe \n
  • I moved to America\n
  • My first record deal\n
  • Positions held in the music industry in America \n
  • Worked as a pianist for churches \n
  • Worked as a recording artist\n
  • Worked as a music producer\n
  • I’ve decided to continue my education in the U.S. “ I can fly”\n
  • Studied Perfoming Art at Drake University In Des Moines Iowa\n
  • Studied Jazz Improviation and arrangement at Berklee College of Music\n
  • Eagerness lead me to Full Sail University \n
  • I’m now working hard on my B.S. in the Music Production Program at Full Sail University\n
  • Slide 17: I will devolop my Entertainment Company After graduation\n
  • My contact \n
  • Attivor kodjo visual_resume

    1. 1. journey: Africa to America
    2. 2. Hi, I’m Kodjo AttivorImage: Kodjo Attivor
    3. 3. Born here
    4. 4. Benin: “Latin Quater” of Africa
    5. 5. I am multilingual
    6. 6. First piano lesson: Togo (W.Africa)
    7. 7. Musical experience in Africa Text
    8. 8. Studied in Paris
    9. 9. A sideman in Europe
    10. 10. Moved to America
    11. 11. First U.S.Record Deal
    12. 12. My work in the music industry
    13. 13. Church Pianist
    14. 14. Recording artist
    15. 15. And a Music Producer
    16. 16. Continuing my music education
    17. 17. Studied Performing Art here
    18. 18. Jazz Improvisation Here
    19. 19. Music Production here
    20. 20. on: Music Production B.S
    21. 21. Graduation My entertainment company
    22. 22. Contact: kodjattivor@fullsail.edu
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