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What's New in Visual Studio Productivity Tools Q3 2012
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What's New in Visual Studio Productivity Tools Q3 2012


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See the video with demos here: …

See the video with demos here:

This release of Telerik’s Visual Studio Productivity Tools makes it even more efficient to do your day-to-day work. Here are some of the highlights of our Q3 2012 release that you do not want to miss.
JustCode now takes your Visual Studio settings into the cloud. JustTrace provides more information and context with the Timeline control. JustMock makes mocking easier with automocking.
View the slides, watch the video, and learn all the new features we have added to make software development easier, more powerful, and more efficient!

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  • Setting your keyboard shortcuts after the first install is straight forward. From the Getting Started Wizard, on page four, select one of four profiles. Then, uncheck and JustCode commands you do not want to apply. Apply the profile, and you are done.
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  • When you start a profiling session, you will see a ribbon providingoptions that were located in the Profiled Application Control Toolbar and Snapshot Options Toolbar in previous editions of JustTrace. The Ribbon Button States and the Buttons themselves are updated as you change your selection. This gives you quick access to important options for finding and reading information from the snapshots.
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  • JustTrace collects class layout information to show you the names of members holding references to live object. You can then identify a memory leak faster and easier.
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  • Transcript

    • 1. @telerikQ3 2012 This session was recorded and available 24/7 at’s New inVisual Studio ProductivityTools
    • 2. Q3 2012 Agenda JustCode JustMock JustTrace JustDecompile
    • 3. Q3 2012JustCode
    • 4. Q3 2012 Visual Studio Setting in the CloudSettings Cloud• Save or Download • Ultimate Transportability• Manual and Automatic • Create or Restore Backup• Segregated by VS Version • Retain Settings Even If PC Is• Extension Settings Dead
    • 5. Q32012 Keyboard Shortcut Profiles In Wizard and Options Includes Four Profiles Choose If Conflict Occurs
    • 6. Q3 2012 Extensions Update New Project Type Generates VSIX Can be deployed to Visual Studio Gallery Open Source JC Extensions Project –
    • 7. Q3 2012 JustCode Themes Support
    • 8. Q3 2012 Navigation Improvements Camel Case  Filters – New! – Go To Type/Member Searching – Everywhere  Containers/Class Path Searching – Hierarchies – New! – Go To Member New! – Go To File
    • 9. Q3 2012 Camel Case Searching - Review
    • 10. Q3 2012 Path Searching
    • 11. Q3 2012 Filters
    • 12. Q3 2012 Containers/Class Hierarchies
    • 13. Q3 2012JustMock
    • 14. Q32012 Automocking with JustMock Eliminates the need to create dependencies that don’t affect your tests Result is less tests that are less brittle and easier to maintain
    • 15. Q3 2012JustTrace
    • 16. New User Interface andQ32012 Experience Simplified Workflow Intuitive Layout
    • 17. Q32012 Start Page Easy Access Organized Tabs Guided Tasks
    • 18. Q32012 Ribbon Quick Access to Important Options
    • 19. Q32012 Timeline Real-Time Data Compare Snapshots
    • 20. Q3 2012 Class Layout Information Shows names of members holding references in Root Paths
    • 21. Q32012 And More… Plugin supports Visual Studio 2012 themes New Application Support – IIS Express-hosted applications – .NET 4.5 – Windows 8
    • 22. Q32012 Even More… JustTrace footprint is improved Faster profiling Fast snapshot data loading
    • 23. Q3 2012JustDecompile
    • 24. Q32012 API Documentation Create your own plugin Submit plugin to share with community –
    • 25. Q32012 WinRT Support Load WinRT Metadata
    • 26. Q32012 C# 5 Support async/await Caller Information e.g. [CallMemberN ame]
    • 27. Q32012 Appx & WinMD Support Easily open Appx and WinMD files
    • 28. Q3 2012 Resources Productivity Tools Blog – Discount Code – 10% off! – EVE-WEBQ3Y22JustCode JustTrace JustDecompile
    • 29. Q3 2012 Resources Download the Telerik Productivity Tools at Email tools.aspx Twitter @kodefuguru @skimedic