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Amp Up Your Visual Studio Productivity
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Amp Up Your Visual Studio Productivity


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Slide deck for the Amp Up Your Visual Studio Productivity Webinar covering new features in JustCode, JustMock, JustTrace, and JustDecompile for the Q1 2013 release.

Slide deck for the Amp Up Your Visual Studio Productivity Webinar covering new features in JustCode, JustMock, JustTrace, and JustDecompile for the Q1 2013 release.

Published in: Technology

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  • Welcome to the Amp Up Your Visual Studio Productivity webinar, covering JustCode, JustTrace, JustMock, and JustDecompile. Today’s session is being recorded and will be made available at
  • This webinar is part of the Telerik Q1 2013 Release series happening this week. Recordings from these webinars will be available as well. You still have time to register for tomorrow’s webinars on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 controls.
  • Ten attendees from each webinar will be selected to win a Telerik Ninja t-shirt and a 50 dollar gift card to! We will announce the winners on Twitter and Facebook, and if you won, we will send an email to the address you used to register. If you win, please take a pic of your cool, geeky item and share it with us on Twitter or Facebook!
  • The agenda for the next hour is straightforward. First, I’ll start with introductions before giving an overview of the new features in each of the Just products. Most of this webinar will be spent on demos; I feel it’s better to show you the features in action. Finally, we have several members of the development teams available to answer questions. At the end, I will provide you with a few resources and answer some of the questions live. After the webinar, I am compiling these questions in a comprehensive blog post.
  • Hi, my name is Chris Eargle, and I will be your guru guide during today’s session. I am a C# MVP, and I have my Microsoft Certified Professional Developer certification in both Web and Windows applications.If you have questions, please contact me at If you want to tell me how awesome the new features are, please mention me on Twitter using @kodefuguru. If you want to learn more, please check out my personal blog at or my Telerik blog at
  • Phil Japikse is speaking at DevDays in the Netherlands and could not join us. However, he was instrumental in constructing this webinar. Please give him a shout out on Twitter using @skimedic and read his blogs for great information on Agile software development. His personal blog is, and his Telerik blog is at
  • Let’s get started with JustCode.
  • JustCode has a lot of new features, but a few of them directly benefit web and winjs developers. LESS is becoming quite popular as an alternative to CSS, and we’ve added support for it in JustCode. If you used LESS in the past, you probably remember that Visual Studio treated it like a text file. With JustCode, your LESS files are colorized and have outlining. But, we didn’t just make it look pretty; we give it the full JustCode treatment with Code Analysis, Styling, Formatting, Refactoring, and Navigation. When you’re ready to compile it to CSS, we provide options for both standard and minified CSS.Some of you may already have LESS support with Microsoft’s Web Essentials. JustCode is completely compatible with Web Essentials, so you can still use the Web Essentials to open LESS files while receiving the benefits JustCode provides on top of it.
  • Since we provide LESS Code Templates, it only makes sense that we provide CSS Code Templates, and why stop there? Rather than copy/pasting HTML, we provide HTML Templates as well.Don’t confuse the last two features on this screen with code templates. Kendo and jQuery templates consist of HTML inside of a script tag of an HTML file. It works by using unsupported mime-types to prevent the browser from parsing it. Well, we support these scripting templates so you can use JustCode’s HTML features with them.
  • We renamed Errors and Warnings to Code Problems. You can configured these to let the analysis engine know whether an item should be reported as an error, a warning, of if it should be disabled. Of course, you still have the option to tell JustCode to ignore these on an individual basis.When I receive an update alert for JustCode, I get excited. There’s always something cool in each build, and I can’t wait to play with it. However, you may be happy with your version and simply want to get your work done. You can configure the automatic updates in the General Options menu. Don’t worry, if you turned off automatic updates, you can still update through the Telerik Control Panel or through JustCode’s Help menu.
  • Another item under Help is the Customer Experience Improvement Program. This is an optional program to help us improve JustCode. We don’t collect personal information, only data to help us determine how JustCode is used. If you’re participating, you can have JustCode automatically submit issues it encounters.There has been a preview panels for some code style options for some time, but finding it has been a little tricky since its activated by clicking the label. We now notify you when previews are available.We’ve added another preview as well. Hover over a constant with your mouse cursor, and its value is shown in a tooltip.Finally, we’ve enhanced the layout of the Visual Aid, and we’ve improved the performance of the test runner.
  • Let’s move onto JustTrace.
  • JustCode is known for being unobtrusive, which means it doesn’t get in the way of the experience you expect within Visual Studio. We’ve taken the same approach with JustTrace, integrating it with Visual Studio so it feels like it was there all along. We’ve improved the Visual Studio experience in other ways as well, for example, JustTrace is now an extension that runs out-of-process so it does not impact Visual Studio’s performance. We also improved the customer feedback program. If you wish to participate, you can enable anonymous feedback in the standalone JustTrace under Options.JustTrace also provides more data than before.
  • The improved data collection enables us to show you an instance level comparison of your memory snapshots, allowing you to get a deeper understanding your application’s behavior. We also show field names and static field names in the class diagram, so you get deeper detail on a held reference preventing garbage collection.We’ve improved Windows Store App profiling, and we’ve also improved JustTrace’s automatic updates.
  • Let’s take a look at JustMock.
  • We introduced automocking in the last release, but we’ve improved it for profiled automocking as well. You do not need to create interfaces to take advantage of this awesome feature.Profilers can interact in unexpected ways, and it’s not fun when your favorites tools collide. To prevent this from happening, we’ve made JustMock work well with other profiling tools such as ndepend.
  • The last product I’m going to talk about is JustDecompile.
  • We’ve improved the plugin manager so you can install plugins without leaving JustDecompile. It’s very similar to NuGet or Visual Studio Extensions.But the biggest news is that we’ve made vast improvements to the decompilation engine. Our testing shows that it is currently the fastest, most accurate, .NET decompiler. Don’t worry, we’re sticking to our promise that it will always be free. I suppose we can now say, fast, free, forever!
  • It’s demo time, and I’m going to start with JustDecompile. The second demo will start with a web project, from scratch, and use the new features from JustCode, JustMock, and JustTrace.
  • Don’t forget that you get both and much more with DevCraft Complete for a deeply discounted price. You can also upgrade to DevCraft Ultimate to add all of the features included with Complete plus additional support and maintenance options. 
  • For more information, please visit our blog at If you’re interested in any of the Just products, simply go to, slash, then the name of the just product.
  • It’s time for Q&A. I’m going to leave the url for our developer productivity tools on the screen, along with contact information for both Phil and myself.
  • Michael
  • Transcript

    • 1. @telerik Today’s session will be recorded and available 24/7 on http://tv.telerik.comAmp Up Your Visual StudioProductivity
    • 2. ScheduleQ3 2012 2012 11:00am EDTMarch 4th– Monday (30min) Enhance Your WinForms LOB Applications with PDF Viewer, PivotGrid, and Reporting 11:30am EDT Impress Your End-Users with New Visualizations in Telerik Reporting. Manage Large DataMarch 4th– Monday (30min) Models with OpenAccess. 11:00am EDT Get the Most Out of AJAX Web Development with PivotGrid, Grid Model Binding Support, andMarch 5th– Tuesday (60min) Integration with SharePoint 2013 12:00pm EDTMarch 5th– Tuesday (30min) Skip the JavaScript! Build awesome HTML5 apps with Kendo UI’s MVC server wrappersMarch 6th– 11:00am EDT Dramatically Improve Your Next XAML Enterprise Application with PivotGrid, Spreadsheet, andWednesday (60min) Telerik Reporting 11:00am EDT Amp Up Your Visual Studio Productivity with the New Features in JustCode, JustMock,March 7th– Thursday (60min) JustTrace, and JustDecompile 11:00am EDT Bring Power, Convenience, and Meaningful Display of Data to Windows 8 UI using the All-NewMarch 8th– Friday (60min) Grid, AutoCompleteBox, and New Features in Chart 12:00pm EDT Develop Engaging Consumer and Enterprise Apps with the Most Recent Additions toMarch 8th– Friday (30min) Windows Phone 8 Controls
    • 3. Webinar Week SweepstakesQ3 2012 2012Just for fun…10 attendees from each webinar will be randomly selected to win*:  A Telerik Ninja T-shirt  A $50 Gift Certificate to ThinkGeek.comWinners we hope you’ll share pics of what you get from ThinkGeek! We’ll announce winners on Twitter and Facebook and you’ll be notified via the email with whichyou registered. Good luck! *See Terms & Conditions for details:
    • 4. RoadMap for Today Introductions & Housekeeping What’s new in JustCode What’s new in JustTrace What’s new in JustMock What’s new in JustDecompile Resources / Q&A
    • 5. IntroductionQ3 2012 2012Chris EargleMicrosoft MVP, MCPDDeveloper Evangelist,TelerikEmail: chris.eargle@telerik.comTwitter: @kodefuguruBlog: http://kodefuguru.comBlog:
    • 6. IntroductionQ3 2012 2012Phil JapikseMicrosoft MVP, MCSD,MCDBA, CSM, CSPDeveloper Evangelist,TelerikEmail: phil@telerik.comTwitter: @skimedicBlog: http://www.skimedic.comBlog:
    • 7. JustCode
    • 8. JustCode LESS Support – Colorization and Outlining – Analysis, Style, Formatting, Refactoring, Navigation – Code Templates – Compile to CSS or minified CSS – Compatible with Web Essentials
    • 9. JustCode CSS Code Templates HTML Code Templates Kendo Templates jQuery Templates
    • 10. JustCode Improvements Code Problems – Replaces Warnings & Errors – You Decide If It’s a Problem Automatic Updates – Turn on or off in Options – Can include or exclude Internal Builds
    • 11. JustCode Customer Experience Improvement Program – Automatic Exception Reporting Code Style option preview Constant Preview Visual Aid Improvements Test Runner Improvements
    • 12. JustTrace
    • 13. JustTrace Unobtrusive Integration with VS Better VS Experience Customer feedback program improvements More data than before
    • 14. JustTrace Instance-level Memory Snapshot Comparison Static Field Names in Class Diagram Improved Profiling of Windows Store Apps Improved Auto-Update Service
    • 15. JustMock
    • 16. JustMock Profiled Automocking Improved Compatibility with other profilers
    • 17. JustDecompile
    • 18. JustDecompile Plugin Manager Humongous decompilation improvements Most Accurate Fastest .NET Decompiler
    • 19. Demos JustDecompile – Fastest, Most Accurate .NET Decompiler Just* Loves the Web! – JustCode, JustMock, and JustTrace
    • 20. The DevCraft CompleteCollection• Packed with 11 great products, including: • JustCode • JustMock • JustTrace • All RadControls • Telerik Reporting• DevCraft Complete costs less than buying individually
    • 21. Resources Productivity Tools Blog – JustCode JustTrace JustMock JustDecompile
    • 22. Q&A Download the Telerik Productivity Tools at @skimedic
    • 23. Wrap Up