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Align to reality: Trends and opportunitiesin the world of ECM, Capture, and BPM, DocVille


Align to reality: Trends and opportunitiesin the world of ECM, Capture, and BPM …

Align to reality: Trends and opportunitiesin the world of ECM, Capture, and BPM


Global Directions 2013

Published in Business
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  • 1. Align to Reality: Trends & Opportunities in the world of ECM, Capture & BPM Michael Ziegler, Managing Director, DocVille Washington, Global Directions Conference – September 24, 2013 Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 2. Enabling Conversations that Matter Internationally-focused networking community For Information Management (IM) executives Network Exchange Collaborate Expand The DocVille Concept Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 3. DocVille Community Meetings  Regular community meetings  Moderated and themed roundtable discussions  Insight into market trends, threats and opportunities  Foster better international business collaboration and market insights Look at: www.docville.net Online Groupe on: DocVille LinkedIn community Email me: michael.ziegler@docville.net Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 4. Gartner: Enterprise IT spending in 2013 will be 1.2% over 2012 Long term expected CAGR of 3.6 % through 2017, (to reach $4,4 bn in 2017)  Enterprise Software market CAGR of 10% expected through 2016  ECM, BPM & Document Capture software markets About 10% CAGR (between 8-12%) through 2016  IDC: business analytics market to grow at 9.8 % CAGR through 2016 (generating nearly $51 billion in revenue).  Forrester: smart process apps (SPA) to grow by 18% CAGR through 2015 (reaching $34 Billion) About IT-Spending & Market Growth Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 5. Vertical Market IT Spending (Gartner) Total WW market will rise 1.2% in 2013 Slowdown in government IT spending and a new downward adjustment in healthcare. Resilient IT spending leaders : transportation, insurance, banking and securities. ↓ public-sector industries (e.g. government and education) ↘ healthcare industry is also affected by the cuts (in Europe, where it is largely public) ↗ banking and securities industry has instead decelerated its rate of decline → insurance industry is now implementing cuts that it has tried to avoid during the year, ↘ communications, media and services industry is suffering from the general deceleration of investments in the cloud sector. Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 6. Our Challenge  Choose verticals you understand & provide skilled resources  Convince CIOs to fund and implement ECM, Capture , BPM solutions and services to become more competitive and survive  Bring out the right solutions that respond to upcoming market trends and demand Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 7. Changing Information Management Solutions During the next few years IM-solutions will include Mobile apps BPM & DCM (Dynamic Case management) Advanced analytics Tighter integration with enterprise production platforms Available in the cloud & on premise Different pricing models Expected areas of growth On-demand solutions Multi-Channel Engagement solutions Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 8. Content • Forums • Other • Invoices • Contracts • CVs • Claims • Receipts • SMS • Metadata +GPS • Video • Audio rec • Social interaction • Feeds • Forums • News Multiple channels • Capture • Recognise • Classify • Extract • Validate Analysis • IDR • Semantic Content Understanding • Sentiment Analysis • Advanced Analytics • Predictive Analytics Enterprise IT processing BPM ERP CRM ECM/SP LOB Apps Databases RM Recipients • Customer service • HR • Logistics • Finance • IT • Legal • Marketing Straight-through & touchless processing Quick – Feedback & Acknowledgement – Response & Confirmation Customers Suppliers Staff & Partners Positive experience Semi-structuredStructuredUnstructured Multichannel Engagement –Changing Platforms ! Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 9. Unstructured Big Data (incl.Transactions + Interactions + Observations) Petabytes Terabytes Gigabytes Megabytes Increasing Data Variety, Complexity & Unstructuredness ERP Payment record Purchase record Purchase detail Customer Touches LOB Segmentation Offer details Support Contacts Affiliate Networks Behavioral Targeting E-Business Web logs Dynamic Funnels Offer history A/B testing Search Marketing Dynamic Pricing User Generated Content HD Video, Audio, Images Spatial & GPS Coordinates User Click Stream Product/Service Logs Social Interactions & Feeds Business Data Feeds Mobile Web SMS/MMS Sentiment BIG DATA Speech to Text Sensors/RFID/Devices External Demographics Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 10. Classification & Analysis  Technologies deployed include: IDR, Natural Language Processing, neutral networks, pattern recognition, sentiment analysis, data mining…  Natural-Language Processing (NLP): To identify and Extract meta data, names, facts, relationships, sentiment, and other information In documents, blogs, forums, news, customer conversations, social network discussions, e-mails and a range of enterprise sources Typical apps : document classification, automated response management, customer service center & support, e-discovery, brand-reputation management, market research, competitive intelligence, classification for taxonomy Natural language user interfaces to ease the interaction with the IT system (e.g. at the point of engagement) Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 11. Scan to Process- Opportunities Change management needed process by process Ongoing projects means good business (up to millions of $/£/€), but high start-up costs Reduction in the paper-based volume and an increase in other types of electronic content Huge gap in new media for data classification and extraction from social media, SMS, tweets, blogs… Integration into enterprise systems: an issue & an opportunity (e.g. AP processing moving to P2P-E- invoicing) Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 12. DMR, Cloud & NLP  TCO for mailroom applications still high but decreasing  Semantic analytics expected to decrease the complexity of implementation regarding classification and extraction  Increasing demand through Cloud, distributed & on- demand capture (watch out for BPO offerings)  Break through into SMB’s to be expected as TCO is decreasing  New pricing models affected by volume, use and velocity Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 13. Outsourcing  Innovative DPO players are trying to make their offering as vertical/horizontal as possible, where more automation should pave the way for higher margins  Difficult Transformation: Invoice Processing , Mail Room, Claims Processing, Mortgage Loan processing…  Building up the right skills & having the right technology in critical vertical and horizontal business processes  Sell high value business critical Annuity Services and Applications (day forward scanning, active file management, services in the cloud…)  Leverage Cloud-, Distributed-& On-Demand-Capture  A number of large international deals: building new partnerships with BPOs in other countries Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 14. Incorporating Analytics into BPM  Integrating real-time analytics to make business processes more "intelligent” and trigger the best possible next steps.  Performance analytics, e.g. processes can automatically re- prioritize work queues to ensure that the best customers are receiving the best service.  Social media analytics,e.g. processes involved in marketing and 1-1 selling can improve their recommendations and targeting.  Sentiment analysis and trend analysis can guide automated marketing processes toward hot products  Signals from sensor tagged equipment to automatically decide  which spare parts or services to order  which field engineer to schedule  Let computers make decisions that are structured and repeatable in predictable rules-based processses to conserve people's time and attention for the thinking and actions that computers can not do. Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 15. Dynamic Case Management (DCM) to manage the Unpredictable  Need to support more unstructured, unpredictable & flexible processes in a world of multichannel engagement  Based upon human judgment and interaction between experts, the customers and the organization  Allows knowledge workers to be flexible in defining the right "next step and best action" in the process  decide who should be involved in performing the next activities.  allows customers to participate effectively in every process they need or want to, anytime, anyplace. Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 16.  Number of apps users will grow at a CAGR 30%, to reach 5 billion users by the end of 2017  Worldwide app revenues to grow from USD$20.4 B in 2013 to reachUS$63;5B in 2017 (33% CAGR) (Portio Reasearch)  84% of organisations have a remote workforce (mobile and distributed)  Worldwide mobile worker population will be 1.3 billion by 2015 (IDC)  Companies under pressure to offer remote working provisions - become as self-sufficient and efficient as possible + be closer to the customer  Leading to a complete change of architecture. Traditional software providers need to rewrite their applications for these tablet-based environments + BYOD Security strategy Mobile Apps & Mobile Workforce Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 17. Mobile Use Cases Remote repository access to documents (DMS) Participation in process approvals and exception handling (worklow) Remote Image Capture : mobile capture with mobile doc scanners, smartphones & tablets Will boost capture-cloud services Initiating a business process with a picture scan Capturing Meta Data: when, where and by whom the capture was done Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 18. (Source: DICOM White Paper “Mobile Document Capture: Gaining a Competitive Edge”) Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 19. ECM, Capture & BPM Consolidation ECM, BPM & Capture deployment more and more as critical part of an infrastructure Owning the enduser is key to sell more technology from infrastructure and the vendor ecosystem Trend back to platforms , away from hotchpotch of best-of-breed mix of products from different vendors Impacted cloud computing, BPM, enterprise social networking, BI & analytics, mobility, MS SharePoint… Opt for a strategic partner that can provide a platform that can do more than one thing for the organization.Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 20.  Very large ecosystem  Millions of licenses out in the market  SharePoint to further penetrate the SMB space (hard for other infrastructure vendors)  Many 3rd-party software vendors are building extensions  System integrators are generating big business around deployments and customisations  Focus of SharePoint 2013  Social – has micro blogging, news feeds and other social features (thanks to Yammer)  Cloud – works with other Microsoft cloud products such as SkyDrive Pro  Price point  continues to decline – especially for Sharepoint Online  Microsoft will be able to blanket all markets at all price points Pervasiveness of MS SharePoint Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 21. Cloudy Concerns Security concerns: Cross border hosting remains cultural & emotional within Europe Stricter regulatory environment in Europe requires data architectures that assure European customers Snowden revelations will cost U.S. cloud providers a 20% reduction in revenues, or $35 billion in 2013 For U.S. providers of cloud and software-as-a-service offerings, will need to develop EU-based operations Performance, architecture & scalability issues Switching to the PAYG model can be painful from a cash flow perspective Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 22. Drivers for Cloud Adoption  Cloud-based document service platforms are driving a high adoption of cloud solutions Example: Google Docs, Office Drop, Evernote or Dropbox Usage rate to grow from millions to billions  More and more companies are deploying cloud solutions for their mobile workforce & SMBs  Solutions to be offered in hybrid models (on premise and in the cloud) to fulfill customer demands and for maximising the chance to win projects  ECM, BPM & Capture in the Cloud No software install, upgrade or IT staff needed Users are up and operational in seconds Truly easy-to-deploy and reducing TCO Attractive pricing models Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 23. Changing Software Licensing & Delivery Models Traditional model of charging a one-time license fee and an annual maintenance fee is under pressure Contraints within IT budgets Customers judge software by its ability to contribute value to the organisation Reducing the willingness to pay for large upfront license fees for software Increased focus on ROI for software solutions Ability to obtain software very cheaply (open source) or as service in the Cloud (SaaS) Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 24. Changing software Licensing & Delivery Models  Alternative pricing and delivery models are becoming more appealing to customers Up‐front-Periodic –SaaS-OpenSource- Hybrid ?? Cost/Click/User/Document or fixed license or mix?? Outcome-Based Billing (paid to agreed service results)  Concerns of solution providers Understanding of different pricing models, but no knowledge about consequences for their company fear of the impact on revenue and cash flow when changing to different licensing business models  Building a hybrid business modell where products are offered in both models for some period of time  Solution providers need to react, adopt and improve Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 25.  The Capture-ECM-BPM markets continue to grow  The increase of electronic documents, the mobility, the social media and the rapid growth of unstructured Big Data will create a high demand to capture , classify and process this unstructured BIG CONTENT  New IM Platforms & solutions are evolving that respond to the needs Multi-channel input & output & Content in multi-formats Point-of engagement, mobile & on-demand Big data analysis, processing & understanding Automating the large number of content driven processes Key Take-Away’s Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 26. Key Take-Away’s  Allowing BPOs to offer high value business critical annuity services and applications  Allowing VARs and SIs to offer and implement new vertical solutions with highest growth potential to be expected in transportation, insurance, banking and securities.  Advanced Analytics, NLC & BPM technologies help to build solutions that address these challenges and to reduce the complexity of it’s implementation Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 27.  The Consolidation & Commoditisation of the Information Management is a challenge and an opportunity.  MS Sharepoint offers lots of opportunities to VARs and SIs to add services and components in the MS Sharepoint Ecosystem  Alternative delivery and pricing models are becoming more appealing to customers mostly driven by mobility, cloud and hybrid modells.  Solution providers need to react, adopt and improve to sustain growth. Key Take-Away’s Copyright DocvVille 2013
  • 28. Thank you for your attention michael.ziegler@docville.net www.docville.net Copyright DocvVille 2013