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Kodak info insight platform: Kodak Alaris


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Kodak Info Insight Platform …

Kodak Info Insight Platform

Global Directions 2013

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Eastman Kodak Company – Controlled Confidential Distribution Only Kodak Info Insight Platform 2013/04/19 Insure The Future With Kodak Info Insight Platform Global Directions 2013
  • 2. What Most Organizations Seek Ability to Scale Business More Efficient Processes Improve Customer Loyalty Cost Savings Grow Revenue
  • 3. To Achieve This, Organizations Must D D D Manage Input Manage Business Processes & Cases Manage Customer Interactions Manage Knowledge Ability to Scale Business
  • 4. Faster Response More Input Diversity Communication Frequency SelfService Generation Social Transparency Cost& Competition Unstructured Content Process Integration Challenges That Organizations Face
  • 5. Digital Service Strategy Learn Content Automate Processes Generate New Opportunities Achieve Intelligence Mailroom Response Self Service Integration Platform Editions Web Scout Com Crawler Knowledge
  • 6. D D D Response Management Web Self Service Knowledge Management Public Corporate INFO INSIGHT WORKLOW & INTEGRATION PLATFORM Supervised Content Text Modules Communications Documents File Systems Decisions Experts Communities
  • 7. Example 1: Insurance Company • Composite Insurance company • 2 million members • Manual process for calculating rates and adjusting benefits
  • 8. Challenges And Goals • Prevent switching between media, which occurs when employees need to manually access third-party systems • Decrease average processing time per inquiry • Create one integrated software solution to automate all text-based customer inquiries • Expedited capturing, routing and processing of customer inquiries • Improved quality through test routines and service level reporting
  • 9. Key Customer Requirements • Classifying incoming emails based on content through keywords and intelligent analysis • Automated identification and extraction of relevant data from email messages • Automated validation and transfer of data to third-party software via Web services • Response template is automatically populated with output (PDF) and is then archived • Manual processing is limited to reviewing and sending
  • 10. Classify contents Identify relevant data Create proposal Review (Quality control) Response Archive Manual Automated Before Implementation 10 Minutes
  • 11. Classify text Extraction Web Service Generate proposal Review (Quality Control) Archive Response Manual Automated After Implementation 57 Seconds Reduction of Processing Time90%
  • 12. Example 2 – Online Car Insurance • Leading online auto insurance company – 8,600 employees – 10 million customers – €5.5 B($7 B)in premiums • Exclusively processes customer dialogs via email and through their Web portal – Volume of about 50 million per year • Existing correspondence management solution offers limited functionality and cannot cope with increased processing volumes
  • 13. Challenges And Goals • No cross-channel customer and case histories • Incoming email messages are largely processed manually – Frequent switching between media, as there is no interface to legacy systems • Incoming emails automatically need to be classified into approximately 100 different process categories • New solution must run stably and demonstrate high performance, especially in the face of high processing volumes
  • 14. Key Customer Requirements • Content classification of incoming emails through keywords and intelligent analysis • Automatic identification and extraction of relevant data from email messages • Automatic validation against HOST system • Automatic storage in third-party systems (image archive, processing software) • Automatic population of process-specific response templates • Implementation of centralized knowledge base that will also be utilized in self-service on the website
  • 15. Realized Results And Benefits • Considerable reduction of average processing time per case • About 80% of all emails are automatically assigned to correct process • Up to 40% of emails, including relevant data, are transferred to processing system without manual intervention • Close to 1 in 4 online inquiries on the website are brought to conclusion with suggestive responses
  • 16. Realized Results And Benefits 25% Web Inquiry Automation 80% Automatically Assigned 40% Automatically Transferred Considerable Time Reduction per Case
  • 17. Automated Claims Processing Responsive Customer Dialog Claims Agent with Info Insight Solution New Business Opportunities Fraud Detection
  • 18. Responsive Customer Dialog All Communication Channels Suggestive Answers Intelligent Skill Based Routing Reduced Average Handling Time Social Media Engagement Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • 19. New Business Opportunities Help Customers Complete Process Proactive Customer Interaction Repurpose Available Time Sell New Insurance Products Increase Customer Loyalty
  • 20. Automated Claims Processing Faster End-to-End Processing Automate Repetitive Tasks Paper, Email, Social Media, Etc. Self Learning Classification Seamless Integration with Systems
  • 21. Fraud Detection Very Flexible Integration Options Dynamic Knowledge Base Customer Communication History Unstructured Content Classification
  • 22. Example 3 – Consumer Electronics 100% 55% 45%
  • 23. Case Study: Consumer Electronics • World leader in consumer electronics • Product warranty and return management • Ongoing shift from retail to direct customer communications – Driven by changing end user expectations – Now 45% B2B and 55% B2C • Total number of cases increases by 30% per year
  • 24. Challenges And Goals • Improve customer service quality and reduce response time • Reduce operational cost for service contacts (also for customer contacts by phone) • Access to centralized Knowledge Management content • Integrated and accelerated completion of product return and warranty questions • Service level and service topic transparency (VoC - Voice of the Customer)
  • 25. Key Customer Requirements • Avoid use of contact forms on the Web – Instead, have customers freely formulate their inquiries • Use a limited numver of central mail boxes • Automatically classify, sort (B2B, B2C) and prioritize messages • Centralized customer history and service level management • Automatically provide suggestive answers to be used for Employee, Partner, and Consumer communications • Lower operational cost by at least 20%
  • 26. Realized Results And Benefits 9 Months ROI 34% Savings Highest ESS (80) Project Completed In 3 Months Business Process Modeled in New Platform
  • 27. Key Benefits Of Kodak Info Insight • A single platform handles Multi-channel input – Future proof solution for multipage TIFF, JPG, PDF, PDF/A, DOC, DOCX, PPT, email, SMS etc. – Virtually eliminates need to maintain multiple solutions – Lowers total cost of ownership (incl. licensing, training) • Unparalleled handling of unstructured content – Makes businesses and processes much more scalable – Significantly reduces cost and handling time • Full automatic input processing – Reduces cost of information capture – Speeds up business transactions – Increases customer satisfaction
  • 28. Key Benefits Of Kodak Info Insight • Artificial intelligence – Achieves higher accuracy than competitive solutions – Allows learning from the behavior of experienced customer staff during their evaluation of information • Self learning classification – Reduces implementation time – Improves accuracy by leveraging knowledge worker expertise • Platform independency and open integration – Future proof • support for e.g. MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL • Integration via web services (XML), ODBC, JDBC, message queues, native to third-party systems – Leverage existing IT skill sets and investments • Lowers total cost of ownership
  • 29. Key Benefits Of Kodak Info Insight • Reliable, secure solution that grows with your needs – Scalable, transaction-secure and highly accessible operation – Highly customizable to meet specific current and future business requirements • Cloud or On Premise deployment – Cloud to deploy solution with greater ease and speed • Reduces complexity of scaling infrastructure and lowers burden on end user IT • Transparent model with easy and real-time cost and billing information – On Premise to deploy with maximum control