Mass Communication to Mass Customization


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Mass Communication to Mass Customization—The Future of Commercial Print.
An exploration of the forces impacting the commercial print market and the paths a print service provider can follow to stay competitive.

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Mass Communication to Mass Customization

  1. 1. Mass Communication to Mass Customization – The Future of Commercial Print Vince Ferraro Vice President, Consumer Marketing
  2. 2. If you flew here on one of these airlines……then you will know what Chapter 11 is and isnot
  3. 3. What we announced• Kodak filing for Chapter 11 reorganization to: – Bolster liquidity in U.S. and abroad – Monetize non-strategic intellectual property – Fairly resolve our legacy costs, and – Enable company to focus on most valuable business lines• Business continues in ordinary course• Non-U.S. subsidiaries not included in filing; continue to operate as normal• Continued supply of goods and services to customers• Company has a commitment of $950 million in DIP ( Debtor in Possession) financing
  4. 4. What we intend to do• Take the steps to emerge as a more competitive, sustainable enterprise – like many other companies• Continue operating as usual – supplies and services to you will not be affected by the filing• Through the process Kodak intends to: – Bolster liquidity with approximately $950 million in DIP financing – Fully enforce Kodak’s IP rights against industry players that have infringed our proven and valuable digital imaging patents, or spur the monetization of the Company’s valuable intellectual property. – Ensure remaining legacy costs are fairly apportioned and scaled for a company of the size we are today – Actively manage value of Kodak’s enterprise for its stakeholders, enabling us to reorganize around our consumer and commercial business lines
  5. 5. Mass customization
  6. 6. Customized communications show proven results 50% 33% + 20-30% Increase in Consumers who Boost in response rates response rates go online to when personalized with multi-channel respond to URLs are integrated campaigns 1 direct mail 2 into direct mail 2 1Source: InfoTrends 2Source: DMA
  7. 7. Reach and engage
  8. 8. Create, extend and multiply the dialogue
  9. 9. Trends in direct mail US businesses spent $45.2 B on direct mail in 2010 (Winterberry Group, Outlook: 2011) 13.5 B catalogs were mailed in 2009 (DMA2010)Catalog recipients spend 28% more (ComScore/USPS Catalog Study) Households receiving catalogs shop online more often (ComScore Cast Study)18-34 year-olds preferprint when searching forinformation(ICOM, 2010)
  10. 10. Innovation Growth
  11. 11. Innovation Growth Mass customization through digital print
  12. 12. Revolutionizing direct mailData + new digital print technologies = new revenue opportunities Hybrid printing offset + digital
  13. 13. Mass customization opportunities Customized collateral, web-based templates
  14. 14. Mass customization opportunities Books-on-demand, customized content
  15. 15. Mass customization opportunities Remote newspaper printing
  16. 16. Mass customization opportunities Personalized photo products
  17. 17.