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Go for intensive GMAT preparation with Knowledge icon

Go for intensive GMAT preparation with Knowledge icon



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    Gmat Gmat Document Transcript

    •             GMAT GMA             COM EHEN VE C PRE NSIV       COU C RSE                                                    Professiona alism is knowing ho to do it, when to ow   do it an doing i nd it.       KI is a true pr rofessiona Go for KI al!                              www.k knowledgeic con.com 1  
    • KI UNIQUE       GMAT                       GMAT at Knowledge Icon     is an augmented course comprising   detailed concept building on various     sections of this course type.                       • Unique personalized learning system for customized content delivery.   • Online track of performance in exercise or quizzes     • Specialised Counselling for selection of B-schools & universities     • Vast Pool of Tests, Simulation Exercises, Quizzes & Workshops     • 24×7 Web Access to course material & exercises     • A day is reserved for solving problems, every week.     • Expert sessions on designing of LOR & SOP                     www.knowledgeicon.com 2
    •             DAY -1 1. Orientation lecture 2. Introduction to THE KI UNIQUE and THE GMAT, all FAQ’s on GMAT, Diagnostic     Feedback  A 10 DAYS DAY-2 Verbal 1. Attempting reading comprehensions 2.Grammar Basic: Errors in Subject-Verb Agreement SCHEDULE FOR A Quant 1.Number System   2.Practice on Number system TYPICAL DAY-3 Verbal 1. Practicing Reading Comprehensions Quant 2. Wordlist 1.Square roots and Cube roots 3-MONTHS 2. Simplification    DAY-4 3.Practice on session Verbal 1.Parallelism GMAT 2. Modifiers     Quant   1. Indices and Surds 2. Practice on session PREPARATION DAY-5 Verbal 1.Strategies and tips to solving sentence completion. 2. Grammar Basic-Tense Errors PROGRAM Quant 1.Solving Linear Equations and Quadratic Equations 2. Practice on session   Notable features to the DAY-6 Verbal 1. Writing Issues Quant 1.Lines and angles and its properties 2.Practice on session   KI UNIQUE GMAT DAY-7  Verbal 1.Understanding of Critical Reasoning Quant 1. Quadrilateral PROGRAM 2.Three dimensional figures 3.Practice on session   1. Hybrid learning DAY-8 Verbal- 1. Understanding of Critical Reasoning contd. 2. Emphasis on Conceptual Clarity Quant- 1.Time and Distance 2.Practice on session 3. Ample practice tests and simulated     GMATs DAY-9 Verbal 1. Solving Sentence Correction Questions Quant 1.Concept of Data sufficiency 4. Interactive Offline Sessions 2.Practice on Data sufficiency   5. Discussion Forums DAY-10 Verbal 1. Understanding writing arguments 6. Phone and E-mail support Quant 1. Strategies and KI Tricks of data sufficiency 2.Practice on data sufficiency     www.knowledgeicon.com 3