Vertical Search


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Learn how and where to search vertically and how to confine your searches to get reliable and contextualized results more rapidly.

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Vertical Search

  1. 1. Search vertically
  2. 2. What for? Choose the area of the Web you want to search
  3. 3. Content-type search engines
  4. 4. Why? Broad-based search tools cannot index everything Information comes in a wide variety of formats
  5. 5. When? Complementary to broad-based search engines
  6. 6. Looking for videos? Google Video Yahoo! Video YouTube DailyMotion
  7. 7. Looking for images? Google Image Search Yahoo! Image Search Flickr for photos Tip: use Cooliris
  8. 8. Looking for news? Google News Yahoo! News Ask News Reuters
  9. 9. Looking for contacts? LinkedIn Spock Wink pipl
  10. 10. Looking for documents? SlideShare: presentations Docstoc: Office, PDF, Open Office, Text documents Use filetype: filter in broad-based search engines
  11. 11. Looking for shared bookmarks? Furl Ma.gnolia
  12. 12. Looking for blogs or posts? Google Blog Search Ask Blog Search Technorati Blogpulse
  13. 13. A new trend: micro-blogging Twitter Search Social Mention
  14. 14. all in one place…
  15. 15. Access internal sources using KP Contacts & experts Shared documents Internet bookmarks
  16. 16. Regional search engines
  17. 17. Why? Index confined to local Web sites
  18. 18. When? Searching for local information or sources
  19. 19. Where? A good place to start: Try the regional: filter in Yahoo! Advanced Search module of broad-based search engines
  20. 20. Subject search engines and databases
  21. 21. Why? Most value to people interested in a specific field Lots of them offer access to the Deep Web
  22. 22. When? Searching for more specific information
  23. 23. A few examples Scientific: ScienceDirect, Academic: Google Scholar Finance: Google or Yahoo! Finance Markets: Forrester
  24. 24. Where? A good place to start though not categorized Use keywords like ‘search’, ‘databases’, ‘search engine’... preceded by a topical keyword Browse directories like the Librarian’s Internet Index Online College Blog Interesting list of resources to access the Deep Web though some are not up-to-date
  25. 25. Google Coop Customizing your Search
  26. 26. What? Build your very own custom search engines Tell Google exactly where to look Get relevant results only
  27. 27. See examples at
  28. 28. Downsides of Coop Some Websites remain un-accessible to crawlers Your custom search engines are static
  29. 29. get dynamic
  30. 30. Try some inside Knowledge Plaza
  31. 31. Indeed, within Knowledge Plaza you can: Build a collaborative index of Websites Create on-the-fly search engines
  32. 32. To take part in this collaborative index Import bookmarks from your browser Use the Knowledge Plaza browser bookmarklet Make results always more exhaustive and qualitative
  33. 33. To search vertically in Knowledge Plaza Browse within the Plaza to locate a user or a workspace and use it as a search engine Jump to the Web module to get the full picture: select a few tags, a particular user and/or a whole workspace, and launch your query Results are more reliable because of human selection
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