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  1. 1. Linux is an open source operating system that supports the PHP programming language. Thesecurity record of this OS is quite good and when it comes to securing customers, Linux offers astable operating solution. Unlimited domains with tremendous features can be carried by Linux hi-speed web servers and cPanel is the most common control panel used on this platform.Linux hosting solutions are being offered by many web hosting companies. Many of these hosting companies even offer Linux reseller hosting packages, which allows their customers to resell their hosting services.hybrid cloud
  2. 2. An Overview of Linux Reseller Hosting Linux reseller hosting planshappen to be very effective plans This type of plan can be used forhosting countless domains on the Linux servers This type of webhosting cannot only be easily managed, but is very affordable tooNumerous worldwide hosting service providers accept and use thistype of hosting
  3. 3. Along with Windows and other popular hosting platforms and plans,the reseller type of Linux hosting is also regarded among thetopnotch hosting plans Resellers, in particular, get to benefitsignificantly from a Linux reseller hosting plan As far as speed isconcerned, Linux hosting offers excellent upload speeds for thewebsites being hosted, and this is one of the finest features of thishosting A reseller Linux hosting plan will also be an affordableoption for those who want to get started with their own business andLinux systems are rich in additional features
  4. 4. Another great thing about Linux systems is that My SQL and PHPscripts are ideally compatible with these systems The dedicatedfacilities that are provided by Linux servers have made them quitepopular The fact that Linux reselling is a secure option is anothergood thing for the users Additionally, free software options such asApache, APF and Sendmail are also offered with this type of hosting
  5. 5. Reseller Linux hosting is now being regarded as a reliable choiceby many individuals and businesses because of the highdependability of Linux servers One of the reasons a variety ofbusinesses find Linux servers so appealing is because of their goodquality There are a variety of reseller Linux hosting plans availableout hybrid cloud there and the bandwidth, disk space and other extrafeatures of these plans vary with each plan
  6. 6. Benefits of Choosing Linux Reseller Hosting Latest hardware likecomputer processors and routers that use state-of-the-art technologyare offered with this type of hosting With this type of hosting, itbecomes possible to solve technical problems quite easily Simpleprocedures like online activation and support can also be introducedwhen using Linux Quality services are provided to clients by Linuxhosting providers and staff Conclusion Reseller Linux hosting plansoverall are quite cost effective, which means that only a smallamount of money has to be invested into them and yet, resellers getto earn a decent profit by reselling This is why Linux ResellerHosting is so ideal and profitable
  7. 7. hybrid cloud