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  • 1. Lampshades were created to specifically cover the bulb in a light, and assist with diffusingthe light. Emphasis today has been placedon the decorative and aesthetic appearances.
  • 2. Lampshades are well-known devices that were created to specificallycover the bulb in a light, and assist with diffusing the amount of light that is being emitted Desk, tabletop, and floor versions are the most commonplace today, and can bemade from many different fabrics and materials Other than practical use,much emphasis today has been placed on the decorative and aestheticappearances, and a few of the ones most regularly found in the home oroffice will be reviewed
  • 3. Known as an Empire models, these are most often used today on tablelamps The traditional look of the shade itself is round, with sloped sides,but more modern influences have begun to exaggerate these traditionalangles EmpireÂ’s are mostly made from silk, with very soft linings thatare sewn in by hand, and often have very heavy frames made out ofmetal
  • 4. Vintage lamp shades are making a comeback today, though this termincludes a wide variety Though vintage is usually defined as out ofproduction, or simply old, many can be found for a very reasonable priceThe value of these old vintage collectorÂ’s pieces is pretty much decidedby what someone that wants to own it will pay for it
  • 5. Tiffany style lighting devices and shades are probably the mostwell-known today, and come in many different colors, types, shapes andsizes Famous for the stained glass, these are stunning in both designand intricacy, especially being that each one is handmade Theseone-of-a-kind pieces are made by employing the Cooper Foil Method
  • 6. This process starts with a pattern drawn on cardboard, with glass colorand numbers next being added to each piece, before it is finally placedand traced over the glass Last but not least, lighting known to beMission style is a perfect fit for both minimalist and southwest motifs Thisstyle of lighting is included in the broader category known as the PrairieSchool of Design
  • 7. Â First made popular by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Frank LloydWright, this method of design is basically a collection of numerous styles,focusing on strong, simple deigns, and many bright colors A single pieceof lighting can have an enormous effect on changing and sprucing up thelook or theme of a room or office Although they do have an importantpurpose, lamps and shades today are more about decorating andappearance than actual lighting
  • 8. Lamp shades for table lamps are available in many shapes, colors, andsizes, and more unique ones are created each day Article Tags:, ,
  • 9.