Growth Hacking
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Growth Hacking



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1 - What is Growth Hacking ?
2 - Examples of Growth Hacks (Hotamil, Dropbox, Twitter, Airbnb)
3 - 0Day Growth Hacks & spam
4 - Other famous Growth Hacks (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Crazy Egg, Mint)
5 - Resources



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Growth Hacking Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Growth Hacking
  • 2. Growth Hacking is trendy
  • 3. VP Marketing has a budget to spend in order to build brand image Startup have different objectives : Increase Growth Minimize expenses It is the role of the Growth Hacker
  • 4. A Hacker Finds unconventional ways to access a system A Growth Hacker Finds unconventional ways to grow his user base
  • 5. Examples of Growth Hacks
  • 6. Hotmail put « PS : I Love You. Get Your Free Email at Hotmail » At the end of all the emails sent by their users to grow
  • 7. Dropbox created a video with lots of memes and posted it to Reddit which was not a very know and used channel at the time They also offered a free quota for each referral
  • 8. Twitter worked on their activation and retention They noticed that users following at least 20 people remained active They incorporated following suggestions into the registration process
  • 9. Airbnb hacked Craiglist and created a tool to create automatically posts on Craiglist to get traffic
  • 10. But... These examples are like 0Day exploits for Hackers Good Growth Hackers have to find their own 0Day Growth Hacks
  • 11. For example Hotmail’s Growth Hack has been used and re-used « Sent from my iPhone » « Sent from my Android device » « Sent from Gmail » … It is no longer effective
  • 12. The first person to send mass emails was a Growth Hacker The following were Spammers
  • 13. Other famous growth Hacks  How Pinterest grow so fast  4 Growth Hacks used by Instagram  How Facebook gew to 1 Billion users  How Crazy Egg acquired 100,000 users with 10k$  How Mint acquired 1 million users
  • 14. Interesting resources        Growth Hacking on Quora Growth Hacker is the new VP Marketing, by Andrew Chen Find a Growth Hacker for your Startup, by Sean Ellis Growth Hacking is B.S. Follow these Marketers instead, by Luke Thomas Growth Hacker Marketing, by Ryan Holiday (ebook) &camp=1642&creative=19458&creativeASIN=B00EWPMUKM&linkCode=a s2&tag=entrepreneuriat-21 Lean Marketing for Startups, by Sean Ellis (ebook) camp=1642&creative=19458&creativeASIN=B0099WU8PM&linkCode=as2 &tag=knorsblog-21 Growth Hacking cookbook (collaborative list of Growth Hacks)
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