User Engagement is Like Dating


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Good brand management is like any quality relationship - from s

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  • Let’s all take a chance to breathe! What’s this presentation about? Engagement. Relationships. Users.
  • Three ways to meet people. This one: Actively looking. This is like online dating – very strategic. Everyone knows who’s doing what and why. Like a good Google search, you want to brand yourself well so the strategy is effective.
  • Chance encounter: Had a hard time finding a photo for this one because it happens so rarely in real life. In digital world, though… This is like reading a friend’s blog and noticing their blog roll and clicking on one of those links. It DOES happen. Make sure you show up in someone’s blog roll by knowing other bloggers, having quality, working RSS feeds. Be a good syndicate.
  • The setup: Very common. A friend knows you both and thinks you’ll like each other. He is = responsible, calm, cool. You are = not. You’ll dig each other.
  • Physical attraction: This website is HOT. It’s fresh, clean, airy. Or it’s lively, colorful, BOLD. It’s a music geek hipster or an athletic cyclist.
  • Is this more than lust? What’s beneath those good looks, charm and great taste in restaurants and music? This is where good navigation and consistent messaging are key. Gotta get beyond a good first impression on the homepage or quality SEO if you really want to keep us around.
  • Ask me out! There’s only so much group-setting stuff we can do before I need a real call to action. A real date. And when you ask me out, make it clear what the plans are. Don’t be passive. Pick me up, or ask me to meet you somewhere. Are we going to dinner? A show? What, exactly? If this is a website, what do you want the consumer to do? Sign up for a newsletter? Fill out a form? Come back every day? Multiple times a day? Call me? What?
  • This is a two-way relationship. Not just me talking at you, nor me tugging at you to provide a whole lot of information about yourself without me sharing as well. We don’t ZAG on the first date, for example. I’ll tell you / give you stuff. You tell me / give me stuff. Both of us will grow from the relationship if we share preferences and personality. Voice. Social media. @replies. Surveys. Etc.
  • Others’ opinions: I like you, but what do my friends think of you? It would be cool if you and my friends were FB friends. Let’s all hang out once in a while so I can see what they think of you behind your back.
  • DTR: What are we doing here? Are we just hanging out during the Titans season? If so, that’s cool. Let me make it easy for you – sign up for this Titans newsletter and I’ll remind you we have it when the season rolls around again. Or do you just call me when your CMS needs checking on? Also cool – bookmark me. Or are we going all out here? Is this a real relationship? Are you gonna make me your homepage, baby?
  • Dating/in relationship. We like each other, enjoy time together, fulfilling each others needs.How: Continue regular, consistent two-way interaction, but high-quality: Customize based on actions and answers. Pick up on cues as I interact with you, including advertising. If I just bought a car, stop showing me car ads. I notice you always click on entertainment stories. Did you know we have a blog for that? Did you know we have a niche twitter account? I’ve also noticed you’ve been hanging with me for 10 years now without too much drama. Anniversary gift! Etc.
  • Bragging/PDA: Makes me look cool, I want others to see who I’m in a relationship with. How: Badges on site and badges I can put on my own site or 4sq-style post them to Facebook and Twitter. Publish featured online UGC in print. (Example with the sharing from the 100-year flood. I’ll send you a pic and then we’ll publish it and then you’ll print it out and put it on your fridge.)More sharing to social media.
  • I want to meet your mom. I know you say there are issues there, but if we’re in it to win it, I need to know the WHOLE you. I wanna dig around in your issues and make them my own. Open up your API and let me remix your data with my data – something a little bit you and a little bit me. Something totally awesome and special.
  • Keeping the fire alive. I don’t want to be bored, I like to have things to look forward to and have new experiences. My own interests change over time and I would like our relationship to evolve. Tell me about your new products, keep personalization elements current, a la Facebook quizzes about where you should live. Monetization opportunity for sponsorships. Reader surveys disguised as fun quizzes. We’re talking blogger meetup, not a key party.
  • Crap happens. Let’s talk about it when it does. Don’t dwell. Don’t give up. Keep rollin’.
  • The end!
  • User Engagement is Like Dating

    1. 1. ENGAGEMENT<br />Let’s talk about this relationship.<br />
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    16. 16. Lust is easy.  <br />Love is hard.  <br />Like is most important.  <br />~Carl Reiner<br />
    17. 17. ~ Fin <br />Questions?<br />