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  1. 1. Very high frequency is the broadcasting frequency thatranges between 30 MHz to 300 MHz with a wavelengthof 1 to 10m. The frequency below this level is generally referred to as high frequency and a level above this frequency than this is known as ultra high frequency radio waves.antenna
  2. 2. Currently speaking VHF is now considered to be as a low-end ofradio frequency, which is commonly used for FM radio, televisionand landline mobile stations It is also used for long range datacommunication through the medium of radio modems, amateurradio, marine communications, air traffic control communications andair navigation systems Various advantages attached to the usageof VHF has facilitated the airplane pilots, police force, televisionchannels broadcasting stations and FM radio stations in numerousways Several other benefits related to very high frequency antennarange have so far made many TV channel broadcasting stations and
  3. 3. operators, as well as the local government to replace HighFrequency waves from VHF Some of the benefits of very highfrequency to be considered are given below: • Hindrances: Oneof the best things about VHF is that it never gets affected by any typeof other radio waves
  4. 4. This property of VHF makes it highly beneficial for vehicular usageAs per the recent research it has been found that the police forceshave opted for VHF over HF because of this reason only •Superior Quality of Sound: Another significant vantage of VHF overother frequency bands is that it provides much better sound quality incomparison to others This is the reason why the service providersopt for this frequency band • Antenna: Generally speaking, theantenna installation companies install VHF since it allows two-waycommunication and reception without any problems
  5. 5. VHF television antennas when combined with your high-techtelevision system will capture the strongest signal from thebroadcasting station, thereby enabling you to enjoy best picturequality along with digital sound effects It holds the capacity to pickup a number of over-to-the-air digital channels free of cost You caneven take the assistance of TV antenna installers in getting yourUHF converted into VHF This way your antenna set up will be ablecapture digital channels • Marine usage: With the advancementin the technology, nowadays VHF radios or handheld are being usedfor marine communications
  6. 6. At times, they used in boats and ships since they provide better andeffective communication Its utility we can say that is quietundeniable Very High Frequency antenna system has reallybrought a huge difference in the market You can enjoyhigh-resolution picture quality on your television set
  7. 7. Thus, you can get in touch with the nearby TV aerial installationcompany to get your VHF antenna installed today These companieswill not only help you getting the VHF antenna installed, but will alsohelp you into the conversion of UHF to VHF system It's betterto invest your money on a better quality antenna system to glean itsbenefits in the near future
  8. 8. antenna