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  1. 1. Glow sticks are amazing party accessories which bring life to the party. They lift up the spirits of the party, bringing in more fun and entertainment. These hand-outs stand up to their name, adding glow to various kinds of celebrations, festivals and events.Asian glow
  2. 2. Glow items are surely a hit among all groups of people partying Thewide range of designs, shapes, sizes and colors, available in glowsticks, make them easily customizable for any party Some of thebiggest celebrations have glow sticks as compulsory additions Asianglow Let us know about any events, where glow sticks are favoriteaccessories Glow-in-the-dark birthday parties: Glow sticks arevalued additions to night parties
  3. 3. They make glow-in-the-dark parties colorful with their glow They notonly act as fun accessories, but they can also be used as decorativeitems in glow-in-the-dark birthday parties Glow accessories like glowballoons, horns, headbands, flashing space guns, glasses,necklaces, bracelets, cheer sticks, blinking hand clappers, etc canbe used Games with glow sticks are also great fun and can beconducted in kids' birthday parties
  4. 4. Glow sticks glowing in different colors in the dark give an entirelynew and energetic feel to the party Wedding and reception parties:Wedding and reception parties are grand events White glow sticksare mostly used for weddings The bride and the groom can alsohave some pink colored glow wear, such as glow necklaces orbracelets, to look different Glow items of different shapes can beused as center pieces
  5. 5. At night receptions, glow barware can be a huge attraction Usingglow candles, glow flowers and glow sticks inside pools can enhancethe decoration of wedding parties Fourth of July: Glow sticks arepart of celebrations on the 4th of July Blue, white and red glowsticks are mostly used on this day Children, instead of usingsparklers, can use blinking glow sticks
  6. 6. Fireworks, which may prove unsafe, can be replaced by differentcolored, shaped, sized, flashing glow items, which make the eventeven brighter Halloween parties: Halloween parties without glowsticks are very dull Among the various color glow sticks, orangecolored glow sticks are used traditionally at Halloween partiesVarious glow novelties such as glow t-shirts, specific body lights,glow skull glasses, flashing hats, glow pins on dresses, devil horns,glow skeletal dress, etc can just double your fun
  7. 7. Fundraising: Fundraising events are conducted for a good causeHence, the fund raising products used in these events should bepopular yet cheap And what can be more popular and highlyattractive than glow sticks In some fundraising rallies, glow sticksare also used as luminaries Yellow colored glow sticks are mostlyused in school fundraising parties
  8. 8. Glow sticks themed parties are becoming very popular these daysEspecially in night time parties, glow sticks are great sources ofcolored light So the next time you are planning to arrange a party,make sure that you have glow sticks on hand
  9. 9. Asian glow