Retail Marketing Performance Management 2011


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Marketing Performance Management for Retail: drive revenues by increasing your marketing effectiveness with kneebone cross-marketing performance software

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  • Kneebone is a Toronto based software company serving the marketer. You can find out more about kneebone at
  • Our customers span CPG, Retail, Telecom, and Financial Services. This diverse group demonstrates the flexibility of the Kneebone solution. We have experience in retail – we understand your data – we understand your objectives – the kneebone solution fits.
  • Consumers are changing their behaviors and expectations. For example, if I am in the market for a new purchase, I may ask my friends on facebook or twitter? Conversely, if I have an opinion about a product or service and my voice can be heard through social communities – This creates a new influence on purchase decisions. If I have a complaint I may tweet about it and EXPECT my retailer is listening to me.Technology is seeing 3 major waves. Mobile/Social/Clould Mobile applications are driving consumer transactions and information delivery. Consumers now expect 24/7 access anywhere. Consumers walk into traditional retailers with a smart phone being able to access pricing and product information from many sources – This creates an in store competitive environment. Cloud computing is enabling the ability for extreme grow in customers and users for both transactions and mobile applications. A small business can launch an app today and support 10’s of thousands of customers tomorrow by leveraging cloud services.As we come out of a global recession and still having economic uncertainty there is a general sense of cost containment or reduction.In September US Retail saw a 1.1% month over month growth and 7.9% year over year growth with non-Store retailers seeing a 10% year over year growth. Traditional Bricks and Mortar are seeing slower growth.
  • New Opportunities bring new questions that require answersAs we see growth in the e-coupon space, mobile advertising, and social media marketers are trying new things.Some questions you may have are:How will this affect the marketing budget or spend allocation?What is the integrated effect with traditional marketing?How can I run more test and learn scenarios?
  • Kneebone enables marketers to make more informed decisions – faster.For example, are my indicatives driving sales? What is my marketing ROI? What external conditions such as competitive, weather, econonmic, are affecting my campaign?My budget is being reduced or increased, where do I stop or start spending to drive the highest sales?What drove that increase or decrease in performance?
  • Kneebone is for Marketing Professionals want to better understand the Cause, Effect, and Result of Marketing and believe there is an opportunity for increasing your KPIs through better Visualization, Analysis, and Planning of marketing performance. Typically, our customers are overwhelmed with data, access to data, and timeliness data.Kneebone is a Software-as-a-Service Cross-Marketing Performance Technology provides a unified view of all marketing activities ( advertising, social Media, direct, digital, communications, and PR) AND performance data (transactions, sales, web hits, units sold, and other key performance indicators) liberating the marketer from data challenges.That includes a preconfigured and Proprietary Marketing Data Model and Patented Performance Algorithm that liberates marketers to quickly Visualize, Analyze, perform test and learns, plan scenarios, across the marketing ecosystem.
  • There are 3 areas of value for implementing Kneebone Marketing Performance.The first area is finding non-performing marketing spend. What initiatives have little or zero impact on sales? The second area is driving sales or other key performance indicators. By having new information, at a more granular level, marketers can make informed decisions that increase marketing impact on sales.The third area is reducing costly FTE reporting cycles. In many organizations we see marketers struggling to compile data from various sources, dumping it into excel, and finally developing a report. Kneeboen automates these manual processes to reducing FTE cycles and enabling the organization to make faster business decisions.Download our marketing performance ROI calculator where you can input your business details and adjust any of our percentages stated to undertand what marketing performance can do for you. For example, input your revenues, your FTE costs, - if you don’t believe you will find 15% non-performing spend you can also adjust that up or down to what you feel is comfortable.
  • Retail Marketing Performance Management 2011

    1. 1. © 2011 Kneebone Inc. All rights reserved. Confidential. Do not copy.Cross-Marketing performance technology – BI Built for Marketers Technology for the ideas you haven’t thought of yet. Retail Webinar October 2011 © Kneebone Inc. Confidential. Do Not Copy.
    2. 2. © 2011 Kneebone Inc. All rights reserved. Confidential. Do not copy. Kneebone Inc. history• 7 years, Toronto based• Marketing, Technology and Performance Partnership – Wendy Robertson, CEO (Marketing Strategy) – John Wylie, PhD, CTO (Marketing Software) – Adrian Borys (Product Management)• US Patent granted in 2011• 2
    3. 3. © 2011 Kneebone Inc. All rights reserved. Confidential. Do not copy.Kneebone understands how Marketing is changing. What new business outcomes Where are we are possible. seeing cross- Is my marketing marketing performance driving channel Is my performance acquisition and retention working 3
    4. 4. © 2011 Kneebone Inc. All rights reserved. Confidential. Do not copy. Retail Marketing is exploding• Changing Consumer behaviors and expectations• Information seeking, editing, advocating consumer• Technology: Mobile/Social/Cloud• Overall pressure to reduce costs• Economic factors – Retail at September ‘11 – Month over month growth 1.1% – YOY growth 7.9% – Non-Store Retailers up 10% over last year – Source: 4
    5. 5. © 2011 Kneebone Inc. All rights reserved. Confidential. Do not copy.New Retail Marketing Opportunities• New performance to manage – Group buying and e-coupon – Mobile Advertising – Social Media Campaigns – Integrated Campaigns• New questions to answer – How will this affect my Marketing budget and spend allocation? – What is the integrated effect with traditional Marketing? 5
    6. 6. © 2011 Kneebone Inc. All rights reserved. Confidential. Do not copy. Developing critical insights• How are my initiatives impacting sales?• What market conditions are affecting sales?• How is my competition affecting sales?• How are my offers working?• What is my ROI?• Where should I look to adjust spending?• What is marketing’s next business case for revenue growth? 6
    7. 7. © 2011 Kneebone Inc. All rights reserved. Confidential. Do not copy. What is Kneebone?• Cross-Marketing Performance – Cause, Effect, Result – Integrated measures from top line spending through engagement to performance• Marketing Revenue Performance – How did my facebook campaign versus my media campaign impact sales?• Software-as-a-Service BI for Marketers – Data Integration – Visualization – Analysis – Planning• Software that has figured out Marketing data 7
    8. 8. © 2011 Kneebone Inc. All rights reserved. Confidential. Do not copy. Kneebone Marketing Performance Value Proposition1. Uncover 15% of non-performing marketing spend2. Increase your key performance by up to 15% by allocating spend to performing activities3. Reduce costly FTE reporting cycles by 80%Download the Kneebone ROI Calculator now at 8
    9. 9. © 2011 Kneebone Inc. All rights reserved. Confidential. Do not copy. Organizing your Data Budget and Cost Flyer Promotion Media Events and $ Sales Data Information Data Loyalty Programs Social Media Business Rules that define your business:1. Calendar2. Lines of Business3. Geographies4. Types of Marketing used5. Measures – Units Sold/Revenue/COG6. Super SKU rule applied to Sales and Flyer Promotion Data
    10. 10. © 2011 Kneebone Inc. All rights reserved. Confidential. Do not copy. Super SKU Business RuleTotal SKUsDepartment Category Geography Super SKU If Super SKU has more than average Manufacturer SKUs, and Flyer Mentioned then include Manufacturer
    11. 11. © 2011 Kneebone Inc. All rights reserved. Confidential. Do not copy. DEMOKneebone 3.0 Platform 11
    12. 12. © 2011 Kneebone Inc. All rights reserved. Confidential. Do not copy. Kneebone licensing modelOPTIONS Kneebone Kneebone Kneebone workgroup Professional EnterpriseSet up Fee (Up front) $30,000 $50,000 $75,000Platform Maintenance Data Sources 1-5 Data Sources 5-10 Data Sources 10-20 Data Sources Data Storage Up to 5G Up to 10G Up to 50GLicenses 5 Users 10 Users 20 UsersTotal Subscription $8,000/mth $15,000/mth $25,000/mth 12