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  • \n
  • As a student at here at Upper Merion, I see violence happen every single day, whether its bullying amongst the hallways, students being \nexcluded from group work, physical violence, or on the internet. If affects me in a sense that everyday I witness these things everyday here\nat school, and I want to make a difference to help stoping this violence. Although violence will always be apart of society, we have ways to\neliminate in here in our school. I don’t think many people understand the impact violence has on a student and the fact that one little comment you make \ncan trigger a persons mind, and potentially set them over the edge and escalade into something tragic.\n
  • School violence is any form of violence inside a school. This includes, physical abuse, such as \nhitting, punching, pushing, tripping, and slapping. Verbal, which includes name calling and teasing\nbullying, which includes purposively using offensive language or behavior towards another person\nand bringing weapons to school, such as a knife or a gun. Although all of these happen on a daily basis\nthe most common form of violence that occurs is bullying. \n
  • \n
  • Bullying occurs when someone intentionally hurts or scares another person. Bullying consists \nof unwelcome behavior such as name calling, teasing, exclusion, humiliated, and harmful\nphysical behavior. Bullying is a very complex topic and there are many different forms and \nfactors of bullying. \n
  • Cyber bullying is defined as"willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices."\nCyber bullying is intentional, deliberate behavior carried out repeatedly over time, and consists of malicious messages, posts, pictures, or\n videos of another person in order to intentionally hurt another person. Studies have found that 19% of youth between the ages of 10 and\n 17 had experienced cyber bullying either as a victim or offender. Cyber bullying is different from other types of bullying in then sense\n that you can do things anonymously. Now a days on the internet you have many different sites in which you can post blogs or comments\n about another person without that person even knowing. One example of that is Formspring. A website where you can anonymously ask\n questions or make posts about that person. This is an easy way to bully others because you don’t have to say it to their face, and they dont\n have to know who it is, yet you still get to hurt them. \n\n
  • Physical bullying consist of hitting, punching, pushing, hair pulling, slapping, pinching, \ntripping, and scratching. Usually the physical bullying comes after someone is verbally\nor cyber bullied. Although the other forms of bullying is just as serious, it seems that physical\nbullying is taken more seriously by schools such as ISS or detentions, or even getting arrested\n for physically harming someone, yet sometimes verbal abuse is worse, yet not taken as seriously\n
  • Verbal bullying includes name calling, teasing, and emotionally tormenting another. \nVerbal abuse has the most impact on a persons emotions in the long run. Although it’s\nnot taken as seriously by others, its the most damaging to a person and can cause behavioral\nissues within that person. \n
  • Although school shootings do not happen as often as bullying, they are common, and happening\n around the world daily. School shootings are defined as a student bringing a gun to school in the\n hopes of harming students or faculty around them. Students who seem to bring weapons to school\n often have a good reason in their minds why. Some say its bullying that triggered it, and other\n times it can be a physiological disorder or behavioral or it could just be from being pure evil. \n
  • In the united states its estimated that each day 200,000 students bring a gun to school. \nAlthough not all of them shoot, or make any attacks, they still bring the gun to school. \nAny little comment that you may think isn’t a big deal, can trigger a person and set them\n over the edge and potienatlly make the gun-man shoot. On the other hand, one nice \ncomment can change that persons mind and not make them make the foolish mistake \nof shooting others. Bullying a person can really make a huge impact in the descions \nand behavior of the bullying victim. \n
  • There has been thousands of shootings worldwide, but some of the most devastating ones\n have been here in the United States. One inperticular would be on April 16, 2007 in Blacksburg\n Virginia. This shooting happened at the Virginia Tech College campus. 33 people were killed \nthis day, including the shooter himself. \n
  • Cho Seung-Hui was the name of the shooter. He was 23-year senior at Virginia Tech and currently\nmajoring in English. Some say he was a quiet student and tend to keep to himself, yet others said\nthey saw warning signs from the beginning. Cho had had three previous hospitaliztions where his\nfamily heard him mumbling angry thoughts, but didn’t think too much of it.Cho sent harassing messages\n to two female students, a Virginia court ruled him a danger to himself and others, which caused some\npeople to blaim Virginia for not giving him a more serious consequence. Two months prior to the shooting\nCho had purchased two guns, and days before the shooting, he had purcahsed more bullets. \n\n
  • The shooting started at about 7:15 am in the West Abmler Johnson hall. A 911 call was made\n stating that there was a gunman in the building. Police immediatly fled to the scene and armed\n up forces. By that time, Cho had moved buildings after shooting multiple students in that\nbuilding. The school was sent e-mails throughtout the day and were told to stay put to whereever \nthey were and that the school was now on lock-down. When the police found Cho, they found\nhim dead. After murdering 32 students, and injuring many, he took his own life.\n
  • Here are all of the students and staff that were tragically killed this day\n
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Sgp Presentation Transcript

  • 1. SCHOOL VIOLEN Kelly McKee
  • 2. PERSONAL RELEVANCE•Iwant students, as well as myself more aware of School Violence in order to help prevent it• Everyone should feel safe and comfortable everyday in school, So i want everyone feel safe in Upper Merion
  • 3. SCHOOL• Anyform of violence that happens on school property• DIFFERENT FORMS OF VIOLENCE • Physical Abuse • Verbal Abuse
  • 4. BULLYING• BULLYING- Intentionally hurting another person • physical • mental • emotionally • sexually
  • 5. CYBER BULLYING•Online •Phones • Mypace • Texting • Facebook • Phonecalls • Twitter • Formspring
  • 6. PHYSICAL• Physical bullying is act of laying your hands on another person in th the e hopes to harm them.
  • 7. VERBAL• Name calling• teasing• Causing more emotional damage then any other form of bullying
  • 11. VIDEOS• Imbed videos into your slides as needed• Will break up some of your information and speaking
  • 12. APPLICATION COMPONENT• Describe, in detail, your application compnent• Multiple slides• Use pictures, videos, ect.• Approximately 8-15 minutes
  • 13. CLASS ACTIVITY• Something creative and fun• Approximately 5 minutes (or more)
  • 14. WORKS CITED• Without annotations
  • 15. CONCLUSION• What did you learn?