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Presentation brochure for project Klinovec Meadows in Ore Mountains. Holiday resort Klinovec Meadows offers for sale terraced houses, apartments and studios.

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Klinovec Meadows - Vacation Homes for sale

  1. 1. KLINOVEC Meadows Snow dreams in Klinovec Meadows 4-5 Ski holidays for all the family 6-7 Outdoor life 8-9 Holiday properties for all seasons 10-11 Holiday properties large and small 12-15 Culture and wellness 16-17 A paradise for children! 18-19 Within easy reach 20-21 Cultural melting pot 22-23 Buying property in the Czech Republic 24-25 What is for sale and when 26
  2. 2. Snow dreams in Klinovec
  3. 3. Somewhere with space for everyone – children, the young, adults and seniors. It is your love of snow that decides what you want to do, how you want to play in the snow and who you want to laugh with. Slalom, free-riding, snowboarding, cross-country, snowblading, snowshoes, kite skiing, dog sleds, telemark, snow scootering, ski jumping, tobogganing, hot chocolate, Jägerte, sport, play and relaxation – the choice is yours. Meadows
  4. 4. Ski holidays for If you enjoy, cross-country skiing or snowshoes, this place is perfect. The mountainous landscape and the large expanses of forest serve as a train- ing ground for the Czech and German national cross-country teams – and the area is home to the world’s top-three cross-country skiers – Olympic and World champions from both countries. all the family It is also possible to drive dog sleds or snow scooters. Unlike the skiing areas in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe, it is possible to hire and drive snow scooters in the Czech Republic, and there is a wealth of opportunities for combining snow scooter safaris and skiing in the mountains. It also pays to buy your ski equipment locally, as the cost of new gear is about half of the prices in northern Europe. If you prefer to hire, there are outlets in 6 Klinovec and Oberwiesenthal.
  5. 5. Klinovec 1 Klinovec Meadows is situated in an idyllic spot nestled among three alpine skiing areas: Klinovec and Neklid in the Czech Republic and Fichtelberg at Oberwiesenthal in Germany. All three areas lie within a radius of just 1.5 km. Black, Red, Blue and Green – pistes of all types and levels can be found in the area, which also has a snowboarding park with halfpipes, rails etc. and snow-kiting. See more at www.klinovec.cz Normally, snow arrives in November and remains on the ground until April, with average temperatures of -4°C to -6°C. Fichtelberg 2 Neklid 3 2 1 3 1,5 km 7
  6. 6. Outdoor life Golf, hiking, swimming, angling, mountain biking, Nordic walking, hunting, windsurfing, canoeing, river rafting, riding, forest walks, picnics, bonfires, get-togethers and relaxation – the options are endless. 8
  7. 7. Active holidays all year round – that’s what you will find in west Bohemia. The World-class golf. The golf story started at “The Imperial Meadow” in Prague at the end of the area around Klinovec Meadows offers ready access to a wealth of outdoor 17th century and continues to Karlovy Vary, only 25 km from Klinovec Meadows. This is where activities. you will find some of the best golf courses in the Czech Republic, one of them being the Cihelny resort, designed by Sir Gary Player. Also the Champions Golf Course and Royal Golf Club Mar- The valleys and gorges are a paradise for anglers, while the woods and hills ianske Lazne is in this group. In all, there are 70 golf courses in the country, two of them 36-hole are rich in hunting for quarry of all sizes. If you choose one of the holiday prop- courses. erties in Klinovec Meadows, you will be entitled to purchase a permit to hunt in the area. The Ohre river flows through the area and there is good angling In 2008, work begins on the construction of an 9-hole course only 5 km from Klinovec Meadows, from its banks. There are also several trout streams, which are well worth visit- and as an owner of one of the holiday homes, you are entitled to membership of the new golf ing. At www.klinovec.nu you can find information about angling and hunt- club. The undulating countryside around Klinovec is well known for its walking and cycle routes. ing areas as well as telephone numbers so you can choose when and where There are more than 20 marked routes, which range in length from 2 to 40 km, with special MTB you want to pit your strength against the Czech fauna. trails in the forests. 9
  8. 8. Klinovec Meadows offers holiday properties which you can use both summer and winter The properties are designed to blend into the landscape. The facades are clad in wood, while the roofs are laid with grass. At the same time the properties are situated so they nestle into the hills and offer the best possible views of the surrounding countryside. The architecture is modern, light and open, with ample space for both children and adults. The Klinovec Meadows holiday resort is designed to accommodate everyone – the young, cou- ples, families and seniors. The properties therefore consist of a combination of terraced houses, flats and studios.
  9. 9. Holiday properties for all seasons Tegning til boks med de tre valg 5 4 3 2 R6 The terraced properties are placed in small groups of 1 five terraced houses, each with a ground floor and 5 M5 first floor. The flats and studios are housed together in 4 3 three-storey mini towers, which each have either flats 2 R5 M4 1 or studios. The resort is being developed in stages on 5 4 the 200,000-sqm hillcrest at the foot of the Klinovec ski- 3 M3 2 R4 1 ing area with views of the German skiing area Oberwi- esenthal. M2 5 The two peaks: The Czech Klinovec is 1,244 m high and 4 R3 M1 3 2 the German Fichtelberg is 1,214 m. The resort itself is lo- 1 cated at 950 m above sea level, boasting spectacular 5 R2 4 3 views of both summits. 2 11 1 R1 5 4 3 2 1
  10. 10. Holiday There is more to having a good holiday than skiing, golf and wellness. Holiday recollections also embrace the light, sounds and smells of a place – the cosy end to the day with the sound of the wind outside and the smell of hot choco- late after many hours on the slopes. This is what we remember – and we have tried to create space for such memories. All the properties are designed so the light helps to enhance the holiday atmos- phere. The rooms are decorated in pale shades, and the natural landscape outside is reflected in the wood flooring. We have tried to give the properties a Scandinavian feel, both in terms of their layout and furnishing. All the properties are fully furnished and the kitchens are equipped with all the necessary white goods – even the kitchen drawers are stocked with cutlery. 12 All you need to bring is yourselves, clothes and holiday spirits.
  11. 11. Klinovec Meadows is designed on the basis of three different property types. properties The terraced houses measure 80,0 sqm + patios The houses feature a large entrance hall with space for skis, sticks and boots – or in the summer golfing gear and fishing rods. The ground floor also has a large kitchen/liv- The terraced house Ground floor 41,4 m2 ing room and a sitting room with a direct access to patio and views of the surrounding mountainscape. On the first The terraced house floor there is a toilet, bathroom and two large bedrooms, 1. floor 38,6 m2 one of which opens out onto the patio. 13
  12. 12. The flats measure 52,6 sqm, 60,4 sqm, 66,3 sqm or 76,7 sqm The ground-floor flats each have two patios, while there is a penthouse flat and roof terrace on the third floor. The 52,6-sqm flats each have an entrance hall, bathroom, kitchen and living/sitting room and one bedroom. The 60,4-sqm flats each have an entrance hall, bathroom, kitchen and living/sitting room and two bedrooms. The 66,3-sqm penthouse flat have an entrance hall, bathroom, kitchen and living/sitting room and one bedroom. The 76,7-sqm penthouse flat have an entrance hall, bathroom, kitchen and living/sitting room and two bedrooms. 101 201 301 Flat Flat Flat 1. floor Penthouse ground-floor 60,4 m2 76,7 m2 60,4 m2 202 302 102 Flat Flat Flat 1. floor Penthouse ground-floor 52,6 m2 66,3 m2 52,6 m2 14
  13. 13. The studios measure 24,7 sqm, 25,4 sqm, 26,4 sqm, 35,3 sqm, 37,9 sqm or 45,7 sqm The ground-floor studios open onto patios, while those on the third floor feature a galleried sleeping area. The 24,7-sqm and the 25,4-sqm studios each have an entrance hall, bathroom as well as a bedroom/living room with kitchen corner. The 26,4-sqm studios each have an entrance hall, bathroom as well as living room with kitchen corner and sleeping zone. The 35,3-sqm studios each have an entrance hall, bathroom as well as a large bedroom/living room with kitchen corner. The 37,9-sqm studios each have an entrance hall, bathroom, bedroom/living room with kitchen corner and open onto two patios as well as steps to a gallery. The 45,7-sqm studios each have an entrance hall, bathroom, large bedroom/living room with kitchen corner and open onto two patios as well as steps to a gallery. 101 Studio 201 Studio 301 Studio Gr.floor 25,4 m2 1. floor 25,4 m2 2.floor 25,4 m2 102 Studio 202 Studio 302 Studio Gr.floor 35,3 m2 1. floor 35,3 m2 2.floor + gallery 45,7 m2 103 Studio 203 Studio 303 Studio Gr.floor 24,7 m2 1. floor 24,7 m2 2.floor 24,7 m2 104 Studio 204 Studio 304 Studio Gr.floor 26,4 m2 1. floor 26,5 m2 2.floor + gallery 37,9 m2 15
  14. 14. Culture and wellness Klinovec Meadows is situated in the western part of the Czech Republic, which is well known for its many spa towns, spas and wellness centres. The most famous of the spa towns is Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad). According to legend, the hot springs were discovered by Charles IV who, while hunting in 1358, wounded a deer. The deer collapsed into a spring and was miraculously cured and ran off into the for- est. The town’s hot springs were thereafter declared curative. Karlovy Vary was at its zenith in the 18th and 19th centuries, when the city was also a hot favour- ite among Europe’s cultural elite. Goethe, Schiller, Karl Marx, Schumann, Chopin, Beethoven and Liszt are just some of the cultural personalities that were inspired by the area. Klinovec Meadows’s neighbouring town – the German town of Oberwiesenthal – is one of Germany’s best-known spa towns with extensive wellness facilities. The 16 town is situated just a ten-minute walk from the resort.
  15. 15. History and culture The history of the area means that, within a radius of 25 km, there is an incred- ible number of cultural attractions with everything from theatre, museums, op- era, music, castles, medieval towns and palaces to cafés, shopping and market squares. It is also worth remembering to check out the Czech Republic’s world-famous production of Bohemian crystal glass. And if you feel like hunting down antiques, there are countless opportunities. Klinovec Meadows is situated in the midst of Bavarian, Saxon and Bohemian cultural towns and attractions. in Klinovec
  16. 16. A paradise Squeals of delight Children just pick up things faster. Whether it is skiing, cycling, swimming, rid- ing or something quite other, we have all had to learn how to do it. Our chil- dren are much faster at doing so, and are always seeking new challenges. It´s a tremendous joy to see them learn new things, acquire new skills and grow and develop. We were all children, and we can still remember what it’s like. Klinovec Meadows is almost a paradise for children. Its location alone close to the ski- ing area, the ski school and the excellent tobogganing provide a wealth of winter challenges.
  17. 17. for children! When spring arrives and the snow melts, it’s time to leap into the saddle. The castles in the Czech Republic serve as a rich backdrop to Europe in the Mid- dle Ages, and your children’s imagination will fill in the gaps. From Oberwi- esenthal, there is a steam train to Annaberg. Squeals of delight, laughter and splashing about in the water park’s 128 m water slide or in the two smaller 28 or 68 m slides is one of the highpoints of the summer for visiting children. Volleyball, skatepark, minigolf, riding, a zoo and aircraft museum can also be found nearby. But the main attraction has to be the stunning countryside on the doorstep. 19
  18. 18. Within easy reach Depart Berlin 07:00, and bowl up in time for lunch at your holiday property at 10:00. You can also depart by car from Brussel or Amster- dam 15:00 and arrive at Klinovec Meadows in the evening. 20
  19. 19. Copenhagen The resort is situated in the heart of Europe. Rostock Hamburg Amsterdam Klinovec Meadows lies on the German-Czech border. Surrounded by ski slopes, London unspoilt countryside, culture and fun. Hannover Berlin The drive is by far faster and more comfortable than when driving north to Potsdam Sweden or Norway. Why? – because the German and Czech motorway network is better developed and stretches all the way to south of Dresden, in fact all Brüssel the way to Prague. Köln Weimar Dresden There are supermarkets and petrol stations in the nearby Czech towns, and Wroclaw prices are considerably lower than in northern Europe. If you want to seriously Annaberg shop, both Karlovy Vary and Annaberg are well worth a visit, but remember that Prague’s picturesque city centre is only 125 km away. Frankfurt Paris Restaurants, cafés and eating venues are all within easy walking distance of Prague the holiday resort. Nürnberg There are three hospitals no more than a 20-minute drive away – Kadan and 100 km Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic and Annaberg in Germany. There is a pharmacy only 500 m from Klinovec Meadows, and in Oberwiesenthal there Stuttgart is a doctor’s surgery. 200 km München Wien Annaberg 300 km Oberwiesenthal Bern Budapest 400 km Prague
  20. 20. Cultural melt g pot The country has a population, which numbers 10.3 million. The Czechs live in about 5,800 towns and villages, although only twenty one of the towns have populations exceeding 50,000 inhabitants. The capital, Prague, has a popula- tion of 1.3 million. Since 2004, the Czech Republic has been a member of the EU, and on 1 January 2008 joined the Schengen Agreement. On UNESCO’s list of cultural and natural heritage sites, the Czech Republic boasts the most sites in relation to its size. In fact, there are no fewer than twelve herit- age sites. There have been several periods when the country was the cultural centre of Europe, especially in the 18th and 19th centuries. Mozart, Beethoven, Goethe, Einstein and Hans Christian Andersen were all frequent visitors to the country. The films “O ne Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, “Amadeus” etc. were all directed by the Czech film maker Milos Forman.
  21. 21. Beer and crystal The Czech town of Pilsen where the name ‘pilsner’ originated, and Czech beers are outstanding. A drive around the country reveals countless hop farms with large tracts of farmland covered with huge frames, up which the hops grow sev- eral metres skywards during the summer – and the smell of beer is unmistakable. The oldest Czech beer recipes are hand-written and date back to 1088. Today, there are 80 breweries in the Czech Republic. There is also considerable wine growing in the Czech Republic, but it is the Czech wineglasses which have received most attention. For centuries, Bohemian crys- tal has been a sought-after product all over the world. The local glass-making tradition goes all the way back to 3rd century. Back then it was glass beads – then came the glasses. The breakthrough came when a jeweller discovered that it was possible to grind glass using the same process as for precious stones. In Karlovy Vary, you will find the 150-year-old Moser glassworks, one of the most famous in the country. For more information about the Czech Republic, visit www.klinovec.nu 23
  22. 22. Buying property in the Czech Republic At Klinovec Meadows, all the necessary The Czech Republic is an interesting country for a purchase of holiday property. The low price levels, the low cost of living and the low exchange rate all mean that you get a lot more holiday facilities are close by, and the resort’s for your money than when buying holiday property in, for example, Scandinavia and other parts of northern Europe. Ordering a Wiener Schnitzel at a restaurant with dessert and drinks will cost no service personnel look after your prop- more than EUR 7-9. And an all-day ticket to the nearby water park costs a mere EUR 1.35. Skiing equipment costs half what you pay in northern Europe, and if you are happy with last year’s models, erty when it is not occupied. you will not have to pay more than about a third. Moreover, a holiday property in the Czech Republic does not have to be situated miles from any- where. The country is densely populated, and you can find everything within easy reach. It is easy to buy property in the Czech Republic. You might have heard that you can only purchase property in the Czech Republic if you first set up a company. This was certainly the case in the ‘old days’. However, the Czech Republic joined the EU in 2004, since when it has become straight- forward for foreign private citizens to acquire property. You just need to produce a residence permit, and this can easily be obtained from the Czech police as soon as you tell them that you are buying a holiday property. There are a few minor charges in connection with property purchases. These have been included in the purchase prices for properties at Klinovec Meadows, which spares buyers 24 having to contact several different public authorities.
  23. 23. We have made it easy to buy a holiday residence We have chosen to cooperate with the We know that buying a holiday residence is a big decision for most people. But choosing the right estate company can make the experience more exciting than difficult. With RE/MAX, you will be international estate agent chain, RE/MAX. talking to an estate agent who knows the culture both in your country and in the Czech Republic. The estate agent will help you make a safe deal. No matter where you live in Europe, RE/MAX has 6,450 offices in 63 countries, with more than 118,800 estate agents. Such an international there will always be a RE/MAX estate network is especially strong when it comes to dealing with different markets and local cultures. RE/MAX agent in your country. offers a number of additional services, such as financing arrangements, moving and storing your furni- ture, as well as a number of other services in connection with the purchase and sale of the residence. RE/MAX has had offices in Europe since 1995. All employees in the network work in accordance with RE/MAX code of ethics, which obligates them to provide good customer service and to give both customers and partners security in the sale. In Europe, RE/MAX can be found in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Den- mark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and Wales. 25
  24. 24. What is for sale and when Klinovec Meadows is divided into several phases. The first is for sale now and will be ready for oc- cupation in autumn 2010. At www.klinovec.nu you will find an overview of the resort where you can see which properties are already sold, which are reserved and which are available. You can also see the prices, layout and options for the individual holiday properties. The first phase comprises 30 terraced houses and five mini towers with either six flats or twelve studios in each. You can also contact us on +420 739 500 512 – this is our office in the Czech Republic (where both English and German are spoken). Here we can organise your visit to Klinovec Meadows and show you the various options. If you would rather speak to our estate agent in your own country, you can find the telephone number and email address at www.klinovec.nu. 26
  25. 25. Who is behind the holiday residences? Danish design, Czech nature and local knowledge are the the Klinovec skiing area to enjoy the nature, and to plan a main ingredients of Klinovec Meadows. skiing event. The idea to create Klinovec Meadows as a modern holiday The three executives immediately saw opportunities in the place dates back to a meeting in Fall 2006 between Chris- area. First, they sought to make the skiing event a tradition. It tian Corell and Vladimir Kropacek from Brainstones, a Danish all ended with the development of the holiday residences in developer company, and Ondrej Vojtech from the Czech Klinovec Meadows. development company, J.P.M. Elektrum. The three met in Brainstones is a Danish developer company which Keilberg Meadows is a joint venture company J.P.M. Elektrum is a Czech development com- develops housing and holiday residences in a which was established in Fall 2006 with the pur- pany specializing in development of residential large number of countries. pose of developing and running the Klinovec and recreational projects in the territory of the Meadows holiday area. Czech Republic.
  26. 26. KLINOVEC Meadows www.klinovec.nu