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    Snow Monkey Alle Snow Monkey Alle Presentation Transcript

    • Snow Monkeys By Allie Mollo
    • Snow Monkey Family Mating season is from October-December. A female will reproduce one baby every year. Snow Monkeys can live as long as 30 years. On average, there are more females than males on a scale from one to three. 1
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    • Baby’s are 500g when they are born. When Snow Monkeys become adults their face and bottoms become bright red. 4
    • Snow Monkeys travel in troops. Males live in troops until they become adults. 5
    • Like people, some Snow Monkeys are born with disabilities. One Snow Monkey named Barbara had a problem with her arms and leg, but her mother taught her how to survive . how to be a snow monkey even tough she is 6
    • Barbara has learned how to be a real Snow Monkey with help from the rest of her troop. Now, Barbara is still slower, but she can do whatever she wants if she sets her mind to it. 7
    • FEELINGS All animals have feelings; which includes the Snow Monkey. The Snow Monkey show how they feel just like a people do such as when the are mad. 8
    • Each monkey travels together in troops. They take care of each other like we do! As you can see in the photo to your left, a child snow monkey is patting the mothers eye which shows they care about each other. 9
    • People need to remember that even though we live in different ways, we all live in the same world. 10
    • COMMUNICATION All animals have their own way to talk. Snow Monkeys communicate with each other by using body language. 11
    • Here is a mother and child. 12
    • INTELLIGENCE Snow Monkeys wash their food before they eat it. Snow Monkeys walk to the water to wash their food. 13
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    • The End 26