Elephant Karishma
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    Elephant Karishma Elephant Karishma Presentation Transcript

    • Elephants By Karishma Malhotra
    • Family Connection Like we go to a hospital, and a nurse helps us and takes care of us, all the mother elephants take care of the mother during birth. A baby elephant takes 2 years to be born. 1
    • A mother elephant uses her trunk to slap the baby when it is being naughty or to cuddle or calm their babies. A mother elephant is very protective of its' babies and stays close to her calf until it is about 5 years old. 2
    • IQ / Intelligence Elephants have a very good memory; they can remember where the best food sources are. When a herd meets another herd, it remembers if it is a friend or enemy. Elephants often get dust on themselves, to get it o! they rub their skin against a tree trunk. An elephant in Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, was able to do addition. This proves that Elephants are almost as smart as humans. 3
    • Feelings Elephant herds rarely fight. If an elephant dies, other elephants cry and moan for their dear and loved ones. 4
    • Think about it, if you lost someone you loved, wouldn't you cry and moan for them? Just like humans, Elephants have feelings. 5
    • Some Elephants are very artistic. They paint real paintings that are sold for over $1,000. Elephants paint many di!erent things, such as Elephants, plants, and nature. 6
    • Communication Elephants have very good hearing, they could even hear us from a 100 miles away. They make many di!erent sounds for many di!erent reasons. 7
    • Unuasal and Amazing Facts An adult African Elephant can be 14 feet tall and weigh as much as 6 tons, that is as much as 80 people. Most elephants are excellent swimmers. Elephants can swim for 2 miles per hour and can swim without resting. 8
    • How are people hurting elephants? It is very unfair that we have to take the lives of animals just so that we can have things such as jewelry, and medicine. We don't need such things and we have no right to take their lives. Please help to stop the killing of these innocent creatures! 9
    • The End 10
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