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1 Portfolio 2008 Briefing
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1 Portfolio 2008 Briefing


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  • Transcript

    • 1. Portfolio 2008
    • 2. Emblaze Group
      • VCON established in 1994
      • Emblaze Group - August 2005: Acquisition of VCON
      • Emblaze-VCON (AIM:ZIP) is traded on the London AIM
      • Headquartered in Ra'anana, Israel, Emblaze operates globally with worldwide offices and local representations
      • Largest IT company in Israel
      • Over 6000 employees
      • 7 business units
    • 3. Group Structure
    • 4. Emblaze VCON - The Company
      • Full family of integrated, rich-media conferencing solutions from end-points to infrastructure products
      • Regular innovation & first-to-market technologies since inception in 1994
      • Over 14 years experience in IP video communications (1st to develop secure IP based videoconferencing)
      • Global presence with sales, support and distribution partners in over 40 countries
      • 12 registered videoconferencing technology patents
    • 5. Emblaze VCON Solutions Room Conferencing PC Centric Based Appliance Personal Conferencing Software-Only Client Integration Solutions Software Development Kit (HDDK) Infrastructure Video PBX Multipoint Video Audio Bridge
    • 6. Emblaze VCON Technologies
      • H.235 – Triple DES encryption. Industry Standard
      • H.264 High Definition video. Lifelike image
      • Interactive Multicast©
      • H.239 Dual Stream for data sharing
      • Echo Cancellation, Adaptive Gain Control (AGC)
      • Network and bandwidth management
    • 7. High Definition Personal Videoconferencing Direct from the desktop and laptop in the office, home or on the road
    • 8. vPoint HD
      • High definition, software-only personal conferencing system
      • Video-enable every employee at a low cost
      • H.264 for the highest quality video available
      • 720p and 1080p Full HD incoming (Executive Model)
      • ISDN networking up to 4xBRI
      • H.239, HD DualStream™ for simultaneously sending and receiving video and data streams
      • H.235 encryption for secure conferencing
      • Remote software upgrades from network administrator guarantee uniformity across the organization (with MXM)
      • vMail™ provides video playback and video email support
      • Fully compatible with Windows Vista SP1
    • 9. vPoint HD cont.
      • Integrated Broadcast Chair and Broadcast Viewer
      • Supports PTZ camera
      • Configurable skins, company logo
      • Customizable ring tones
      • Pre-configuration for mass deployment
      • Minimize to system tray
      • Various License Mechanisms available
      • (Dongle, Software Key, License Server)
      • Four models: Basic, Professional, Executive
      • (1080p incoming) and TV Broadcaster
    • 10. Room Videoconferencing Feature-rich systems that deliver a superior visual communications experience
    • 11. xPoint
      • Emblaze-VCON’s state-of-the-art executive
      • room conferencing system
      • High performance video conferencing system utilizing the highest quality audio and video standards to date
      • TV-quality video (HD incoming) and crisp CD-quality audio
      • Embedded MCU supports up to 6 participants in one conference
      • Unique embedded session-recording and streaming capabilities
      • Various media transports (IP and ISDN)
      • Intuitive user interface
      • EVC PacketAssist™ for advanced Quality of Service (QoS) over IP
      • Web management
    • 12. xPoint cont.
      • Transmits up to 4CIF and receives up to 720p
      • Audio qualities – full duplex echo cancellation, automatic noise suppression, automatic gain control, wideband audio in low bit-rates (AAC-LD)
      • Supports both H.323 and H.320 transports
      • H.239 for simultaneously sending and receiving video and data streams
      • Enable sharing of an external laptop display using VGA output
      • H.235 for encrypted conferences
      • Supports dual display and 16:9 displays
      • Global directory listing to locate and initiate call to colleagues
      • Chair or participate in interactive broadcast conferences
    • 13. HD7000pro
      • High definition, 720p room videoconferencing
      • system (1080p ready)
      • Sharper, wider angle images with more
      • detailed pictures
      • H.264 video support up to 4 Mbps
      • CD-quality audio using 20 KHz ultra-wide band audio
      • 6-site multiparty videoconferencing via embedded MCU
      • DualStream™ technology for simultaneously sending and receiving video and data streams
      • Embedded session recording, storing and forwarding
    • 14. HD7000pro cont.
      • Presentations, spreadsheets, documents and video clips easily shared via VGA and USB inputs
      • Dual monitor support
      • H.235 for encrypted conferences
      • H.350 LDAP support
      • Native 16:9 display support
      • Web-based management
      • 1080 p ready
      • Ideal for integration into vertical markets
    • 15. HD4000pro
      • High-performance multimedia room system
      • Provides TV quality video using advanced
      • video standards
      • Transmits up to 4CIF and receives 720p
      • H.264 video support up to 4 Mbps and ISDN up to 512 Kbps (4xBRI)
      • CD-quality audio using 20 KHz ultra-wide band audio
      • Advanced data sharing capabilities with multiple user options
      • Compact form factor
      • Access to DVD and CD media within the system
    • 16. HD4000pro cont.
      • H.235 for encrypted conferences
      • H.350 LDAP support
      • Native 16:9 display support
      • Embedded web management
      • Open system in which applications can be installed and shared
      • Presentations and VCR/DVD videos sharing during calls or offline
      • Complete solution containing all the hardware and preconfigured software required by organizations for rapid deployment
    • 17. Development Kit
    • 18. High Definition Development Kit
      • Software development kit for easy creation of standards-based, customized 720p high definition (1080p incoming) video and audio communications applications over IP or ISDN
      • H.264 video up to 4 Mbps and ISDN up to 512 Kbps (4xBRI)
      • Ability to enhance existing applications by using pre-built controls
      • Advanced codec and communication capabilities not available from off-the-shelf products
      • Mature and tested Video/Audio/Network toolkit
      • No prior knowledge of video communications required
      • Developer support available
      • Advanced features include: multipoint videoconferencing, session recording and streaming capabilities, traffic and network management and integration with Emblaze-VCON's industry-leading infrastructure solutions, VCBPro and MXM
    • 19. HDDK cont.
      • Complete set of 32-bit OCX custom controls
      • Support for advanced video and audio codecs
      • Interoperable with various video and audio endpoints
      • Development of MXM-managed, software-only applications
      • Common OCX RAD environments (.NET, Delphi, Web, etc..)
      Courtesy of IVCi Courtesy of FastWeb
    • 20. Infrastructure High-performance network infrastructure solutions for optimizing videoconferencing
    • 21. MXM - Media eXchange Manager™
      • Award-winning management suite for videoconferencing
      • Flexible and versatile management platform
      • Endpoint and resource management and configuration over whole networks from a single console
      • Compatible with most online directory services (LDAP)
      • Controls usage of gateway and MCU services for all users
      • Schedule and moderate sessions with web-based Conference Moderator, plus advanced chair control and data sharing
      • Support for Emblaze-VCON endpoints, other vendor H.323, and SIP endpoints
      • Telephony services such as Call Forwarding, Pickup, Transfer, Ad-hoc conferencing
    • 22. MXM - Media eXchange Manager™ cont.
      • Translate IP addresses, H.323 aliases, E.164 numbers, email addresses and URLs
      • Bandwidth allocation to individual users and groups of users
      • Secure conferencing through integration with Emblaze-VCON's AES and SecureConnect
      • Support up to 750,000 users distributed over 150 networked zones
      • Mass upgrading of Emblaze-VCON endpoint software
      • No other management platform provides all the features and functionality included in the MXM and no other system is as simple and easy to configure, install and utilize.
    • 23. VCBpro
      • High definition Multipoint Conferencing Unit (MCU) with embedded MXM
      • Integrates multipoint conferencing, advanced video management capabilities, cascading, video recording, streaming and scheduling
      • Single, cost-effective solution that optimizes enterprise videoconferencing networks
      • Continuous Presence conference layouts for up to 25 participants
      • Presenter Mode for remote education and other vertical markets
      • Latest audio, video and data algorithms
      • Full transcoding for both video and audio
      • Minimal latency
      • Operates efficiently in harsh network environments
      • Highly scalable with unique and configurable auto-cascading capability across multiple VCBs for larger conferences
    • 24. VCBpro cont.
      • Video transcoding for H.261, H.263 and H.264 in 720p, 4CIF and CIF resolutions in Voice Switching and Continuous Presence
      • AAC-LD audio support with transcoding
      • Recording and streaming capabilities
      • Up to 36 participants at any number of conferences with max. bandwidth of 4Mbps
      • Password Protected Conferences
      • Multilingual Voice Notifications
      • MS Outlook integration for fast and easy scheduling
      • VCBPro Cluster Mode to ensure continuous operation
      • Allows mixed H.323 and SIP endpoints in a single multipoint
      • Supports Emblaze-VCON’s Broadcast Viewer
      • Special Backup & Recovery engine
    • 25. IGC - Audio Conferencing Platform
      • Affordable audio conferencing for SMB/SME (Fast ROI/connect to PBX)
      • Advanced features simulate a ‘same room ’ conferencing en vironment e.g. whisper, message-passing, personal consultation etc.
      • Individual control to enhance personal conferencing experience
      • Built-in SIP support to connect to SIP-based endpoints or PBX
      • Add data conferencing to any audio conference using WebEx® or Emblaze-VCON WebShare for fuller collaboration experience
    • 26. IGC - Audio Conferencing Platform cont.
      • Ad hoc conference initiation from any phone, networked computer or wireless PDA
      • Individual web access to all registered users for ad-hoc and pre-scheduled calls
      • Auto dial-out for fast convergence of conference participants
      • Pre-notification preference (email/phone/SMS)
      • Compatible with most communication devices and network topologies
      • Thin client control application requires no installation
      • Enhanced Booking and Recording facility
      • Software audio mixing architecture gives optimal audio for each participant on the call
      • Support multiple interfaces (T1/E1, SIP)
    • 27. Thank You
        • V i d e o M a d e E a s y