Parker Kittiwake Oil Test Solutions


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Parker Kittiwake Oil Test Solutions

  1. 1. Oil Test SolutionsSimple to Use & EconomicalFuel and Lube Oil Testing Made EasyNon-Hazardous for shipping water in oil testavailable where you see the EasySHIP logoEasySHIP
  2. 2. Make fast on-site maintenance decisions fast withKittiwake’s complete range of oil test kits. Aneconomical range, providing reliable oil condition results inminutes.Multi-Parameter Oil Test KitsSupplied ready for use, in heavy duty aluminium or durable ABScases, Kittiwake’s multi-parameter test kits contain all of thenecessary equipment and consumables for your oil conditionmonitoring needs.Fast, accurate results for multiple oil parameters in an easy to use, portable kit.Make informed on-site maintenance decisions.Act before the onset of critical failure.Robust and reliable for use in harsh or remote environmentsKittiwake’s oil test kit range provides a complete set of economically priced equipment, witha level of accuracy suited to routine analysis. Oil test kits provide you with a conditionmonitoring tool enabling you to make informed operational and maintenancedecisions about your critical plant and equipment. The ability to test on-site at the point ofuse enables engineers and facilities managers to conduct oil analysis quickly and easily.Detecting out-of-spec fuels and lubricants can identify potential problems, before theybecome critical. Choose from a range of equipment and parameters to use either individually,or combined as a single test kit.DescriptionDIGI Water/Viscosity KitversionDIGI Basic KitversionDIGI Industrial KitversionDIGI Field KitDIGI Combined KitversionDIGI Clean Oil KitDIGI Biodiesel Test KitPart NumberFG-K1-002-KWFG-K1-102-KWFG-K1-003-KWFG-K1-103-KWFG-K1-007-KWFG-K1-107-KWFG-K1-008-KWFG-K1-010-KWFG-K1-110-KWFG-K14971-KWFG-K16897-KWRange0.02-1%, 200-10000 ppm, 0-10%, 0-20%go/no go0.02-1%, 200-10000 ppm, 0-10%, 0-20%go/no goqualitativego/no go0.02-1%, 200-10000 ppm, 0-10%, 0-20% / 0-80 TBNqualitativeViscosity: go/no go0.02-1%, 200-10000 ppm, 0-10%, 0-20% /0-80 TBNqualitativego/no goTAN: 0-30.02-1%, 200-10000 ppm, 0-10%, 0-20% / 0-80 TBNgo/no goqualitativego/no go0.02-1%, 200-10000 ppm, 0-10%, 0-20%20 - 600 cSt @ 40 °C0-6 TAN0.02-1%, 100-3000ppm, 0-10%1 - 10 cSt @ 40 °C850-950 kg/m3Acid Content / 0-6 TANqualitativeTests IncludedDIGI Water in Oil CellECON ViscostickDIGI Water in Oil CellECON Salt TestECON Insolubles TestECON ViscostickDIGI Combined Water in Oil / TBN CellECON Insolubles TestECON ViscostickDIGI Combined Water in Oil / TBN CellECON Insolubles TestECON ViscostickECON TAN TestDIGI Combined Water in Oil / TBN CellECON Salt TestECON Insolubles TestECON ViscostickDIGI Water in Oil CellDIGI ViscotubeECON TAN TestDIGI Low Range Water in Oil CellLow Range Falling Ball ViscometerDensity HydrometerFree Fatty Acid Test / TAN TestVisual Test (Cleanliness) NB: Electronic laboratory grade analysis equipment is also available for Water in Oil, Total Base Number (TBN), Total AcidNumber (TAN) and Insolubles. See the Oil Analysis Solutions Brochure for further details.Protect your assets, improve productivity & increase uptime with regular on-site oil analysisNon-Hazardous for shipping water in oil testavailable where you see the EasySHIP logoEasySHIPEasySHIPEasySHIPEasySHIPEasySHIP
  3. 3. Kittiwake Test CellsAt the heart of Kittiwake on-site oil test solution range,is the DIGI Test Cell, providing simple, accurate results forWater in Oil and Total Base Number (TBN).With an easy to read digital display providing instructions andresults, a five year (10,000 tests) battery life and built in memory forrecording previous test results, the Kittiwake DIGI Cell has becomea favoured test method worldwide for on-site and on-board testing.Alternatively, the Kittiwake ECON Test Cells offer simple, analogueresults. Test cells are available individually for either Water in Oil orTotal Base Number (TBN). Alternatively, a DIGI Combined Test Cell isavailable that performs both test parameters in a single cell.Both types of test cells have recently been upgraded to offerincreased functionality and usability. All reagents and testmethods remain the same.0.02-1%, 200-10000 ppm, 0-10%,0-20%0.02-1%, 100-3000ppm, 0-10%2 minutesPrevious test, plus five oilsFive years (10,000 tests)FG-K1-001-KW: DIGI Water in Oil KitFG-K1-101-KW: DIGI Water in Oil KitFG-K17032-KW: DIGI Water in Oil Kit (Low Range)Ordering InfomationRange:Range (LR):Test Time:Memory:Battery Life:0-1.2%Typically 0.1 %2 minutesFG-K13958-KW: ECON Water in Oil Test KitRange:Accuracy:Test Time:Maintain and protect yourequipment, whilst eliminatingdamage caused by water in your oil.The DIGI Water in Oil Test Kit providesstate of the art, digital analysis andgives fast, accurate results for easymonitoring of trends. Alternatively, theECON Water in Oil Test Kit contains asimple, analogue test cell together withall necessary reagents and equipmentfor an easy to use, economical test.ECON Waterin Oil Test Kit0-80 TBNTypically +/- 10% of new oil TBN2 minutesPrevious test, plus five oilsFive years (10,000 tests)FG-K1-004-KW: DIGI TBN Test KitOrdering InfomationRange:Accuracy:Test Time:Memory:Battery Life:5 - 55 TBNTypically +/- 10% of new oil TBN2 minutes<5 TBN + 1 TBNFG-K13959-KW - ECON TBN Test KitRange:Accuracy:Test Time:Measure your oil’s alkalinereserve and ability to neutralise acidsfrom combustion.The DIGI TBN Test Kit provides state of theart, digital analysis and gives fast, accurateresults for in-depth monitoring of trends.The ECON TBN Test Kit gives a rapidindication of TBN depletion in lubricants.DIGI TBNTest KitLight weight glassreinforcedplastic bodyElectronic display gives stepby step test instructionsSimple to use keypadfor ease of use.Latest transducertechnology for improvedaccuracy and ease ofcleaning cleaningNonsliptwist gripsWater in OilPrevent corrosion, cavitation or failure of your machinery by detecting water in oil, before any damage occurs.Minimise instability of additive packages and damaging microbe growth by monitoring your oil.Fully portable for use on-board or in the field, test cells are extremely robust, durable and easy to use.Total Base Number (TBN)Avoid fouling within the engine and corrosion of engine components by monitoring the Total Base Number (TBN) of yourlubricating oilsSimple, economical monitoring of lubricantsEasySHIP
  4. 4. Go / no goLubricating oil, fuel, water1 hour (unattended)25FG-K1-005-KW:ECON Salt Water Contamination Test KitOrdering InfomationRange:Application:Test Time:No. of Tests:Eliminate rapid corrosion in lube oil,fuel or hydraulic systems by checkingfor the presence of salt.ECON Salt TestFG-K24743-KW: ECON TAN Drop Test KitOrdering InfomationRange:Application:Test Time:Accuracy:No. of Tests:Testing for TAN is essentialto maintain and protect yourequipment, preventing damage inadvance.ECON TANTest KitECON Waterin Oil Test KitTotal Acid Number (TAN)Measure both the weak organic and strong inorganic acids present within an oil, with theKittiwake TAN Test. A rise in TAN is indicative of oil oxidation due to time or operatingtemperature.Test kit is supplied with up to fifty tests, enabling you monitor TAN level trends.Simple to use drop test - the result is shown by a colour change, providing you with easyto interpret results, suitable for use by non-technical personnel.ECON Waterin Oil Test KitSalt Water ContaminationProvides rapid indication of the presence of salt, even if all the water has beenevaporatedFast and easy to use0-6 TANTurbine, gear and hydraulic oils2 Minutes+/- 0.3 TAN25ViscosityOrdering Infomation20-600 cSt @ 40°Cusing three sizes of ballLubricating oils, hydraulic oil,warm fuel oilUnlimited1 - 10 MinutesFG-K14828-KW: DIGI ViscotubeRange:Application:No. of Tests:Test Time:Viscosity is widely regarded an oils mostimportant characteristic. It is the viscositythat shows the oil’s resistance to flowand the strength of the oil film betweensurfaces.The Kittiwake DIGI Viscometer (or Viscotube)uses the falling ball technique to measurethe viscosity of an oil. The DIGI Viscotube isprovided with viscosity calculation software anda Digital Thermometer for accurate results.The ECON Viscostick gives a simple go / no-goresult. Typically it will detect 5-10% distillatefuel dilution of an SAE 30 to 40 engine oil aswell as increases in viscosity due to oilcontamination.DIGI ViscotubeECON ViscostickGo / no goLubricating oils, viscous hydraulicsUnlimited1 MinuteFG-K3-020-KW: ECON ViscostickRange:Application:No. of Tests:Test Time:Make informed maintenance decisions and prevent costly machinery downtime.Measuring oil viscosity provides early detection of contamination, fuel ingressand shear thinning.Suitable for hydraulic oils, diesel engine oils, enclosed gears and fuel oils.Simple, cost effective equipment requiring no consumables.Viscosity
  5. 5. Monitoring your hydraulic andgearbox oils is a necessary part of anypreventative maintenance programme.One of the most valuable indicators ofmachinery condition is oil cleanliness.The presence of particulate contamination inhydraulic or gearbox oils can be catastrophic.Monitoring fluid cleanliness levels assists inidentifying abnormal conditions andpreventing potential machinery damage.HydraulicParticles Test KitKittiwake test kits for individual parameters contain reagents,consumables and full instructions for multiple tests.Replacement reagents can be ordered at short notice.Kits contain all necessary equipment for instant test results in the field.Reagents are packed in accordance with IATA/IMDG/IRD Air/Marine/Road Transportationcodes and can be delivered to major ports world-wide.0-2.5%Typically +/-0.1% 2 Minutes 3000 Tests50Diesel Engine Lubricants, Gas EngineLubricants, Compressor Oil10mlOrdering InfomationFG-K17105-KW: DIGI Insolubles MeterRange:Accuracy:Test Time:Battery Life:No of Tests:Application:Sample (ml):Monitor combustion relateddebris and oxidation products.Insolubles MeterECON Waterin Oil Test KitInsolublesHigh insolubles will cause lacquer formationon hot surfaces, sticking of piston rings andwear of cylinder liner and bearing surfaces.The detergent property of the oil will alsodecrease, speeding furtherdeterioration.Detect insolubles from diesel enginecombustion products such as fuel ash,carbon, partially oxidised fuel, oiloxidation products and spent lubricantadditive.Reagents, Spares and ConsumablesParticle ContaminationIdentify abnormal conditions as part of your preventative maintenance programme.Clear and easy examination of particle contamination.No interference from water droplets or pearlescent fluids.Comes complete with a full instruction manual, containing contamination charts for easy analysis of results.Test kit is supplied in a fully portable, robust case for quick and easy testing in the field.QualitativeHydraulic oil, gearbox lubricants1005 minutesOrdering InfomationFG-K14368-KW: Hydraulic Particles Test KitRange:Application:No. of Tests:Test Time:Simple and quick to use, the Insolubles tests available give you actionable results, helpingprevent engine damage.QualitativeDiesel engine lubricants1001 day (unattended)FG-K1-006-KW: ECON Insolubles Test KitRange:Application:No. of Tests:Test Time:Hydralic Particles (Patch Test)
  6. 6. MA-K27467-KW Issue 10Kittiwake Developments Ltd3 - 6 Thorgate Road LittlehamptonWest Sussex BN17 7LUUnited KingdomTel: + 44 (0)1903 731470Email: sales@kittiwake.comWeb: