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Parker Kittiwake Moisture Sensor Brochure
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Parker Kittiwake Moisture Sensor Brochure






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Parker Kittiwake Moisture Sensor Brochure Parker Kittiwake Moisture Sensor Brochure Document Transcript

  • Moisture SensorEnsure your oil is always below thesaturation pointMeasure Relative Humidity of anoilEasily integrated into existingcondition monitoring programmes
  • The Moisture sensor goes beyond normal water screening tests to tell you exactlyhow dry your oil is. It is known that the more severe the moisture ingressionproblem, the greater the potential risk. Ensure that your oil is always below thesaturation point before free and emulsified water starts to form, so immediateaction can be taken on the first indication of change.It is well known that free and emulsified water can cause problems. Water can increase the oxidationrate of your lubricant by more than ten times. This is why your oil analysis service includes awater-screening test. Bearings could lose 75% of their potential service life due to water before the oileven begins to look cloudy. Even in its dissolved state, water is at work attacking base stock, additivepackage and the machine. Additionally, water can carry organisms with the potential to disable yourcritical hydraulic systems.Providing % Relative Humidity (RH) and temperature values that you can monitor in real-time, TheKittiwake Moisture sensor can be mounted within any lubrication system on any type of machine. The Kittiwake Moisture Sensorneed not be fully immersed in the fluid to be effective and are also of use in the headspace of a piece of machinery. Using acombination of proven thin film capacitance sensors, combined with smart algorithms to provide both a temperature and % RHvalue, the sensor measures the oils percentage Relative Humidity resulting from the dissolved water within a lubricant.Whether it’s to check on the health of the machine, or an alert of changing moisture ingression rates, the Kittiwake Moisture Sensorprovides instant information, complementing your existing laboratory oil analysis programme and helping the user make informedmaintenance planning decisions.Kittiwake Developments3-6 Thorgate Road LittlehamptonWest Sussex BN17 7LUUnited KingdomTel: +44 1903 731 470Email: sales@kittiwake.comWeb: www.kittiwake.comMA-K19081-KW Iss 1Technical Specification± 2%Accuracy Temperature: ± 1oCAlarm Defaults: Saturation: on at 65% (open), off at 60% (closed)Calibration: ISO / IEC 17025, NIST & NPL traceableAnalogue Outputs: 4 - 20 mA for % saturation, 4 - 20 mA for temperature ofoil, open collector for alarmConnection Method: By multicore screened cableDigital Outputs: CAN, RS232Fluid Compatibility: Petroleum and synthetic oilsMaterial: 304 stainless steelMax Oil Pressure: 10 bar (145 psi)Oil Temperature Range: -40 to 100oC (-40 - 212oF)Power Supply: 12 - 30 Vdc < 1wSealing on Enclosure: IP67Accuracy Saturation:Weight: 0.3 kgOrdering InformationDescriptionFG-K16947-KWStandard reach -Analogue outputProduct CodeAll sensors come complete with software for data downloading and trending. ContactKittiwake for information about the wide range of installation accessories and alternativeoptions that are available to suit your specific application.FG-K16950-KWLong reach -Analogue outputFG-K16946-KWFG-K16949-KWDigital - standard reachStandard outputDigital - long reachDigital outputFG-K16948-KW Evaluation pack standardreach, dual outputs, includescase, power supply and displayFG-K16951-KW Evaluation pack long reach, dualoutputs, includes case, powersupply and displayStainless steel housing - rugged and long lifeperformanceSmart sensor with internal processing poweroffers wide range of interface optionsHigh integrity sealing, using standardautomotive techniquesWidely used 1/2” BSP thread - quickand easy installation to a wide range ofmachineryHigh pressure resistant glass to metalhermetetic sealTypical ApplicationsSteel MillsWind Turbines MiningThe information contained in this datasheet is subject to change without notice.