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Kangen Water is here, and people in varying degrees of skepticism and from all walks of life are taking the challenge: Change Your Water; Change Your Life.
Presenting a paradigm exploding solution to the dual problems of lack of optimal health and lack of optimal wealth, Drink To Your Health, Inc, offers you an inside look at one of the fastest growing business opportunities in the dynamic Anti-aging and Wellness industry, targeting not only baby boomers but every single person on the planet who drinks water. Or who should drink water. We leave no one out! We distribute a vital, life changing, cutting edge medical device for home use, needed by the entire world. It\'s not only scientifically sound, 40 year old technology, it is a newcomer in the marketplace. Making you feel better, younger, more energetic, while reversing free radical damage in the body, helping minimize pain and inflammation, and balance the body so it can heal, it is also clean, it\'s green, and its the right thing to do. And you can earn a great income while helping others feel better every day. . . . which helps you feel better, too.

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  • The antioxidant property comes from H+ not OH- AND H+ is discharged with Kangen water (alkaline)
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  • Hey, Thanks for coming today! My name is ____, and I’m a Kangaholic. Really, I’ve been addicted to what’s in this bottle for ____days now. Can’t go a day without it! By the end of this hour, you are going to be so excited you won’t leave home without it, too.While you are here with us tonight, will you please drink 3 or 4 glasses of Kangen water? Can you do that for me? Go like this (Nod your head up and down). Does everybody have water? There is plenty of water right over there, so please go refill your glass, or raise it and we’ll bring the pitcher by. Bathrooms are _____; we buy stock in toilet paper around here, so don’t be shy if you need to check them out-- we want you to experience first hand the cleansing effects of Kangen water so drink to your health! (take a drink from your own glass.)
  • #2 Now, I’m pretty sure you’ve come here today, in varying degrees of skepticism, to see if there is anything to the buzz about Kangen water.Is it hype? Is it snake oil? Is it for real? Is it scientific?We’re going to answer those questions for you here in the next 30 minutes or so. We’re going to give you results of research, tell you what the experts say, and do some scientific demonstrations that are pretty amazing. Let me tell you; I was skeptical, too, until I did my research and tried an actual experiment with my own body.I’m going to ask you to put your skepticism on hold for a bit, and open your mind to a new paradigm: What if you could make one simple change, just change your water, and that one, simple, practical, affordable change would change your body, change your health, and change your life? Would it be worth it to you, to try that experiment? No risk, no side effects, except that at the end of it you’ll be in better shape than you were when you started.I want you to know that I tried this experiment ___months ago, and I found out that, as hard it is to wrap your mind around this, it’s true! Before Kangen Water came into my life…(tell your story). We are passing around some questionnaires right now, and glasses of Kangen water for you to drink, so you can conduct YOUR OWN EXPERIMENT. Your hypothesis?: Change your water and it will make changes in your health Well, first you are going to notice that Kangen Water slips in really, really fast—and within a minute of drinking it, it’s going to your brain, to hydrate your brain, making you more alert. Do you stand in the bathtub to blow dry your hair? No? Why? Because water conducts electricity! Your brain is 90% water and this water will help the electrical function of your neurons! After two glasses, stand up, and bounce up and down on your toes, jiggle around, and you’ll see that it isn’t sloshing! No bloating! No heaviness. Kangen Water is absorbed 6x faster than “still” water or dead water that has sat in pipes and bottles. This is living water, like what you’d get if you could pull it from a pure, rushing mountain stream. Next thing I’d like you to do is to rank your symptoms of acidity and your health problems on this questionaire. As you are filling it out, I’d like you to think about this question:CLICK: What is TRUE HEALTH? Take a minute and write down, if you had perfect health, what that would look like, feel like, and how you would act? What time would you get up in the morning? How would your day go? What would your energy level be like? your body fat %? , your cholesterol, blood sugar, etc? How would your mental state be? What would your relationships look and feel like? and what would your bank account look like?I’m going to give you the same challenge I took and I want you to write down where you are TODAY with your health, because I predict that as your body responds positively to Kangen water, you may not even REMEMBER some of the things that used to bug you. So I want you to have a record! Conduct your own experiment. Try the water. Record your observations. Track your progress; see what it does for you. People ask me all the time: Will this water heal my gout? My acid reflux disease? Will it bring my high blood pressure down? My insulin levels?
  •  If we were standing on Japanese soil I could tell you very definitely the positive answer to those questions… but since we are in America, and this water is not FDA approved as a drug , I can only tell you that this: Kangen water will balance your body so it can heal itself. And every body has a different priority in its healing. Karen Erickson called me after a week and said “I’ve lost 10 pounds this week, all I did was change my water!!!” Your body may decide it’s more important to send energy to work on a cleaning your arteries up, and the fat can wait, since it’s storing toxins and fatty acids away from your heart to keep your heart safe. I don’t know what the water is going to do for you, so after you conduct this little experiment, will you do me a favor? Will you call me, or send me an email, and tell ME what it did for you? I’d love to add your testimonial to my growing collection of almost miracles ~ 
  • Enagic is the company that is bringing Kangen Water to America, and this is Enagic’s mission statement: to bring true health and compassion to all. You know, I have people call me on the phone just to say THANK YOU for sharing; I’m loving this water, let me tell you what it’s doing for me… MR. Oshiro, the president of Enagic, is convinced that TRUE health has 3 components: click Click click.You can’t have true physical health without the other two. Financial & relationship problems can throw your body into such stress and cortisol production that it can give you insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, heart problems, make you fat, and more.We are going to offer you a way to achieve true health. Maybe some of you have an optimally physically healthy body, but your finances are stressing you out and bringing you down and keeping you up at night. Some of you may be financially well off and prosperous but don’t have the energy to accomplish your dreams, help other people, and create the amazing experiences you can afford. Some of you may be prospering physically and financially but your life really could be more full and joyful if you had better relationships and deeper friendships with positive, growing, conscious people in your life. We’re going to show you a way to get all three.
  • Look around you. How would you describe what’s going on for your fellow countrymen? Our country is experiencing both an epidemic of health problems, and (CLICK) huge financial problems. Interestingly enough, what would you guess the date is on the Time Magazine cover on the right? Do you see the price? 60 cents! How long has it been since you could buy Time for just 60 cents? 30 years. Recessions come and recessions go, and this one will go. . . But now, while it is here, a lot of people are looking for an answer to economic challenges, which in truth, present a whole new, incredible opportunity. and tonight you are going to find out about an absolutely awesome solution to these two problems: lack of health, and lack of wealth for the average American.Time Magazine devoted an entire issue at the close of 2009 to the “sorry state of American Health”. Let’s see what they had to say. They brought out some statistics you may not be aware of. . . .
  • These statistics are documented by the World Health Organization, part of the United Nations.Click: Answer: USClick: Answer: USClick: Answer: over half (51% ) of US . We rank #39 among nations, just below Puerto Rico and just above Somalia!QUESTION: GUESS WHICH COUNTRY SPENDS LESS THAN WE DO yet lead the WORLD In The health of their citizens?
  • How many have parents with health concerns? Right now; Think of your own parents, plus your in-laws. Or how about four children; or even four close friends. Got them in your mind? CLICK & read; Click & read Click & read. Since 67% of Americans are obese today, two out of four will be obese, not just overweight, but clinically obese, enough to shorten their lifespan. 2 out of 4 of them will get cancer in their lifetime. One will die; one will recover, at great cost, both physically and financially. 2 will have heart disease.1 out of 3 will become a diabetic. 1 out of 4 will have osteoporosis.
  • Read. Yep, Japan! Click, click, click. you I actually have a friend who’s son was a missionary for his Church in Japan a couple of years ago. He got a bad respiratory infection and went to a Japanese Hospital. Guess what the doctor prescribed? Not antibiotics…. water. I know This is HARD TO BELIEVE. But in Japan, you could go to a doctor for your diabetes, and he could actually prescribe….WATER. You could have a newborn with jaundice, or be in a hospital for hepatitis; in many, of them, they would treat the liver condition or your diabetes. . . with Kangen WATER.
  • So“What is Kangen Water”? Well, in Japan, they call it Medical water. They call it Miracle water. And it’s used in over 100 hospitals in Japan, and it comes from approved medical devices that have been researched and documented to create water that actually has healing, beneficial effects on several diseases by the Japanese equivalent of our FDA.
  • In America, the typical Medical Doctor, has spent 4 years in undergraduate studies, 4 more years in medical school, one year in internship, and an average of three years of residency. Guess how much time he spends learning about nutrition in those 12 years? 3 WEEKS. The paradigm in US medical schools is to treat disease. Wait until someone is ill, diseased, or broken and then use these (Click) to fix it. CLICK. However, in Japan, they have a different paradigm: (CLICK to animate Yin & Yan) Prevention. Keep the body in balance so the body can stay healthy, and heal itself. Yin and Yang, In and Out, Nourish and Detoxify, Balance and heal. Their holistic approach has led to some remarkable discoveries and mind sets that elevated the Japanese people’s health to the BEST in the world today.
  • I want to introduce you to a doctor who does both, western and eastern medicine, Dr. Hiromi Shinya, one of the top 10 surgeons in the world. He believes that all Degenerative disease originates in the colon from eating a poor, acid diet. He has 300,000 patients and has had not one single recurring case of cancer! He spends 6 months of each year in Japan and 6 months in New York City. He’s treated celebrities in both countries. He helped invent the procedure that they use today to check you for colon cancer, the colonoscopy; he’s even got a technique named after him that removes polyps from the colon without incisions. . In 1961 his wife and two kids were very sick, so sick that his wife actually died. His two kids had lupus. He invented a way to look inside the body, called a colonoscopy, looked inside his kids colons, found out they were acidic. He changed the ph in his kids colons, the kids lived, and they are alive today. In doing over 300,000 colonoscopies, he’s convinced that the state of your health is reflected in the state of your colon. He won’t treat you if you won’t do his protocol, which means you drink Kangen water.
  • Dr. Shinya takes a colonscopy of each patient he treats when they first come to see him, and then he asks them to quit eating dairy products because they are so mucus forming, and to drink only Kangen water for the next 90 days. Here is the actual photograph of one of his patients on their first visit; and the same person’s colon, 90 days later!
  • Look at the rough, scarred surface of this colon of a 45 year old female with breast cancer. You can’t even discern any blood vessels to help pick up the nutrients from the food that passes through to take those nutrients to the other cells in the body. Click Now check out this same colon 90 days later! See all the healthy blood vessels?
  • No, this isn’t a public sewer system. The black matter is mucoid plaque in the colon of one of Dr. Shinya’s new patients. He’s already had the awful tasting colon cleanser. And the enema and the two day prep.. The older you get the thicker that stuff gets and you either get irritable bowel syndrome or problems with intermittent diahrrhea and constipation. Check out the amazing healing after 90 days on Kangen water…you see, Dr. Shinya won’t even treat you in his clinic if you aren’t willing to drink Kangen water!What do you think a picture of your colon would look like right now? Do you have a daily internal cleansing or detoxifying regime?
  • Now, why could water do such amazing work in the colons of these 300,000 patients? Let me show you! It is a well known fact that the US Dept of Agriculture’s old “Food Pyramid” was heavily influenced by the agricultural industry’s hardest hitting lobbyists. This food pyramid, from the University of Michigan’s Department of Integrative Medicine, comes from the doctors, researchers, and scientists in academia with no profit motive. This college is all about integrative medicine: integrating the best of traditional allopathic treatment with the best of holistic, preventative measures to achieve health. Notice what is at the base, or provides the foundation, of the HEALING FOODS PYRAMID. . What should go into your body if you want to heal and have optimal health?Right…WATER! Why does water have such a significant place? Because your body is mostly made up of water! No life processes are possible without water," says Majid Ali, M.D., author of Integrative Nutritional Medicine. "All cells contain microchannels of water that make possible the traffic of materials and information among cells. In brain cells, water is essential for nerve impulses to be generated and transmitted. In heart muscles, it makes it possible for them to contract -- and so let the heart beat. In the bowel, water allows digestive and absorptive functions. In liver cells, it catalyzes all detoxification processes. In the kidneys, it carries toxins into the urine. In the cartilage, it protects the ends of bones in a joint -- and so prevents arthritis.
  • These are the three scientifically measurable properties that make Kangen water such a powerful agent for change in your body and in your life, that make the “Yin and yang” to super- hydrate, and super- detoxify your system.
  • As the water molecules get altered “Back to origin”, those hydrogens get dumped into the acid water, you actually get to select the pH of the water that you are going to drink.This is a simple PH chart. The colors match the colors in pH test drops, which you will see as we test some actual beverages. The body is designed to function in an optimally alkaline state. So if 7 is neutral, you want to be slightly to the right of 7. See where you blood measures?If your blood pH drops even to neutral, which is 7, instead of staying in it’s tiny window of 7.35 to 7.39, your blood becomes 4 TIMES MORE ACIDIC, AND YOU WILL GO INTO A COMA, AND COULD DIE. This is why they monitor your blood so carefully during a surgery, and why the paramedics, when they get to the accident victim, check three things: the airway, the heart rate, and the blood pH. If the ph has failed too low due to all the stress hormones, they may give someone an IV of sodium bicarbonate to raise the pH and save their life. Do the water demo with pH drops here. Here are some ideas on what to say while you pour water and test. So the body is always engineering a delicate balancing act. Some one cuts you off in traffic, or you have an argument with your teenager? Your body pushes out a bunch of stress hormones that dump acid into your bloodstream. (pour some diluted 7up into your “kangenized” Dasani)You eat a meal heavy on the sugar? Your blood sugar levels rise, your blood thickens, and your body has to deal with a bunch of acid. (pour some Sprite into “kangenized” Aqufina). But we can fix it by drinking some more Kangen!
  • The US Department of Agriculture did a study a few years ago and found that 80% of the food you can buy in the grocery store is acid forming food. Notice that until 40 years ago when most farmers started pasteurizing their milk so it would have a longer shelf life people drank raw milk, and it is an alkaline food…but once it’s heated, it becomes acidic. Then food companies messed with our food. Take wheat. For 9000 years man ate SPELT, the mother grain of our modern day hybridized wheat..Spelt is an alkaline food and today’s wheat is acidic. So two of our major food groups people used to base a lot of their diet on used to be alkaline, and are now acidic. What’s missing off this chart? Green vegetables, most vegetables, which are high in alkaline minerals. But even if you eat a raw vegan diet, just the fact that your body has to burn that food and metabolize it to make energy, causes acid waste. And your body has to get rid of that acid waste.
  • When you work out or do a project around the house that requires you to use muscles you don’t use very often, how long are you sore? A day? Two? 3? Athletes have told me “I am ALWAYS SORE. I never fully recover before it is time to do it again.” After getting on Kangen water, Joe Johnson, who trains professional motocross riders, told us “Without the water, my quads and hams are burning after a 20 mile bike ride. With the water on board, I can ride for 60, 70, even 80 miles!” Go running outside, and breathe in some exhaust and pollution? Your body has to buffer out that acidity, both from the lactic acid you just created by exercising, and from the chemicals you breathed in the air pollution. Unless you run at the beach, where the air is full of negative ions-- like our water. In the cities, air is full of positive ions and you need negative ions to fix that. (if time permits, have a guest blow bubbles into alkaline water to turn it acid So what does your body do? What most people don’t realize is that the pH scale is exponential, like the Richter scale. The farther away you get from neutral, the greater the change. 6.0 pH is ten times more acidic than neutral 7. 5.0 is 100 times more acidic than neutral. 4.0 is a thousand times more acid; 3.0 is 10,000And soda, at 2.0 to 2.5, is 100,000 times more acidic than your blood stream! So when you drink it, alarm bells go off all over inside, your body pushes out a bunch of adrenaline in response to the acid attack, and that is why you get some energy. But it is energy that crashes….leaving you going after another acid hit. This is why acid forming foods and drinks are so addictive.The USDA says that 80 % of the foods found in American grocery stores is acid forming food. We are being inundated with it. For years, man ate not wheat, but spelt---the mother grain from which our modern day wheat was hybridized. Spelt burns to an alkaline ash in the body whereas wheat is an acid forming food.Another one of our staples, dairy products, were eaten raw and were alkaline in that state for thousands of years until pasteurization became the norm. Now dairy is also an acidic food instead of an alkaline food because it is heated, which changes the way it is used in the body.And sugar is a huge contributor to acidity in the body. Ever notice how a big dose of sugar will make your joints hurt? Sugar consumption has gone from 3 to 5 pounds per person per year, in 1900--- to over 153 pounds PER PERSON in 1999 (USDA Figures) Much of this sugar is being dumped in via beverages. Look at this chart, which shows how the pH scale is actually like the Richter scale…the farther away you get from neutral, the bigger the numbers go. For instance, 7 is neutral, and 6 is one measure away—but its actually 10 times more acidic than 7!Each unit increases by a power of ten…so the soda pop you drink is more than 100,000 times more acidic than the human blood stream! Imagine pouring battery acid into your body. . . You would never do that, would you? In Japan, they call soda “cancer in a can”.
  • When your body gets an acid “hit”, it HAS to buffer out the acid. Because if your blood pH drops even just to a 7.0, it is now 4 times more acidic, and you will go into a coma and could die. Your body steals alkaline minerals from your own personal storage, in order to buffer out the acidity.It steals calcium from your bones…It steals magnesium from your muscles…What are the most frequently stolen alkaline minerals? Calcium ( CA++ on the periodic table) which is stored in your bonesMagnesium (MG+) which is stored in muscle and other tissuesInteresting….we have a virtual epidemic of osteoporosis in this country, and doctors are seeing even little kids with it, from all the soda they drink. People who have fibromyalgia will sometimes be given a shot in their painful muscle of magnesium, and it takes the pain away… we are depleting our mineral stores in our bodies through our highly acidic diets and stressful lifestyles!
  • And then we experience…..(read clear down to arthritis)When the body steals magnesium, it steals it from the muscles and tissues, which often result in the kind of pain people with fibromyalgia experience. Some doctors will give a fibro patient a shot of magnesium right in the muscle to relax it.
  • Acid Reflux sounds harmless! And popular…Nexium and Prilosec are the most used drugs in America today. But it leads to Barrett’s espophaus, which leads to the fastest growing cancer in Ameria: esophageal cancer. And perhaps the most dramatic sign of an acidic body is the disease over 50% of Americans get nowadays: Cancer.
  • Dr. Otto Warburg discovered the root cause of cancer in 1923 and he received the Nobel Prize for doing so in 1931. Dr. Warburg was director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (now Max Planck Institute) for cell physiology at Berlin. He investigated the metabolism of tumors and the respiration of cells, particularly cancer cells. Dr. Warbug said: “Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline. Water splits into H+ and OH-ions, if there is an excess of H+, it is acidic; if there is an excess of OH-ions, then it is alkaline.” In his work The Metabolism of Tumours he demonstrated that all forms of cancer are characterized by two basic conditions: acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Lack of oxygen and acidosis are two sides of the same coin: where you have one, you have the other."All normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen -a rule without exception.” "Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous." –.Dr. Warburg has made it clear that the prime cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency (brought about by Toxemia).  Dr Warburg discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic (do not breathe oxygen) and cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen.
  • Here are quotations from just a few experts. This is science fact, not fiction!
  • The second property of Kangen water is that it is an INCREDIBLY STRONG ANTIOXIDANT! What happens when you cut an apple and leave it out in the air? It oxidizes, right? But if you are making a fruit salad, and you don’t want your apple or banana to turn brown, what do you do? You squeeze a little lemon juice on it. or sprinkle it with Fruit Fresh, which is another way of getting vitamin C or ascorbic acid. The anti-oxidants, or extra electrons, in the vitamin C, donate themselves to the cells on the surface of that apple that just got robbed of their electrons by the oxygen in the air. Healthy cells get robbed of electrons by what scientists call “ free radicals”, and no, these aren’t terrorists but they cause a lot of damage! They cause degeneration to a healthy cell. That speeds the process of aging.When a healthy cell is damaged by a free radical stealing it’s electron, it can only replicate then as another unhealthy cell. That goes on long enough and you have cells running amuck….eventually, cancer…
  • This is an O.R.P. Meter. ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. It measures if the stuff you put the probe in has extra oxygen, or extra hydrogen. This instrument measures a plus milli-voltage if a substance is creating free radical damage by stealing electrons or a negative milli-voltage if a substance has extra electrons to donate to negate them. One negative millivolt will negate one free radical. Brian Neff of Provo has a friend who works at Sea world, where their ORP meter costs several thousand dollars; this one here is only 150 bucks, bought from a store that sells aquarium supplies to the public. If the water gets too full of acid waste in a fish tank, then there is too much hydrogen and not enough oxygen and the fish don’t do well. Bryan’s buddy told him one day the ORP in the shark tank got really messed up. Bryan asked, “Well, What did you do?” His friend said: “We had a barbeque!”
  • That same process goes on in your body all day long. Do you eat? You create acid waste and free radicals as your food metabolizes. Are you an athlete? You create a ton more lactic acid, and free radicals than someone who just walks half an hour. Do you smoke? Do you live next to the ocean or a waterfall? NO? Because if you live in a city, you breathe in air that is loaded with free radicals from pollution. That means you need 80,000 electrons donated from SOMEWHERE… to mop up that damage, so damaged cells do not replicate themselves as more damaged cells.
  • At 0, nothing is happening. When the numbers get into the positive side, the substance is causing oxidation, aging, degeneration in the body. (Optional: You just saw a picture of an ORP meter; here is one, and we are going to test the drinks here that are out from our PH test a few minutes ago. Let’s see what happens) (if you test, you can say the ideas below as you test). Here is a chart that gives you some common substances. Look where the tap water is because of the 98 legally allowable chemicals in tap water those chemicals in your water steal electrons from healthy cells. Did you know that water going through pipes becomes acidic so they hit it with LYE to make it meet the pH level mandated by the govt. of 6.8 to 7.2? . . .and people think they are helping their bodies out when they drink tap water! The chlorine alone, just one of the chemicals, is a known carcinogen. Drinking tap water with chlorine in it raises your incidence of cancer in everything tap water touches, from your mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines, and even rectal cancer. It also contributes to heart disease in every animal they have tested it on. Check out the good side. Vitamin C is about a -50; which is a good anti-oxidant. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice measures around -200 to – 250. That is one reason the American Cancer Institute recommends everyone eat 10 servings a day of fruits and vegetables….it’s to get your anti-oxidants, because remember, a cell that gets it’s electrons stolen will then reproduce as a damaged cell, and that new cell will reproduce as a more damaged cell, and so forth, until you get degenerative disease and eventually cancer. Check out green tea, at a -100? The Japanese drink tons of green tea. Remember when grandma’s used to give your dads and moms cod liver oil when they were little kids? They were smart; it’s a -200. But could you drink enough cod liver oil or green tea, or orange juice, or noni juice, or mangostein juice, or blueberry juice, to replace 80,000 stolen electrons in a day? I don’t think so…Kangen water ranges from -350 up to -800’s, depending on how many minerals are naturally occurring in your water! That is 7 to 16 times stronger than vitamin C!
  • What do those numbers really mean in your body?How do they affect the way you feel, heal, work, and play, and regenerate? Take a look. How many free radical hits do you get in a normal day? 80,000! Do your body a favor by flooding your body all day long with anti-oxidants easily by drinking Kangen water and watch how the aging process slows down and the degeneration—just like what you would see in that apple we cut—Slows and stops. Folks, This is the closest scientific recreation of the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.( If I have a leaf of Kale I’ve infused with 11.5 water & kept in my fridge for a month or 6 weeks, this is where I get it out and pass it around for a small group.)
  • Now you have learned about the 3 scientific properties of Kangen Water; when and how did they discover this? Read the slide and Click for each new city and place to bring up the new phrases.The active hydrogen are negative ions in the water, and that is what you just saw measured with the ORP meter.
  • Kangen means, basically, “Return to ORIGIN”. Isn’t that amazing? You can take dead, chemical-laden, ordinary tap water and put it through a scientific, medical grade device that sits on your kitchen counter and create water that replicates the same scientific properties found in the worlds’ healing springs and the water that has been on this earth in a frozen state, since time began…the water in glaciers.And by giving your body, (which is basically a bunch of water held in by your skin) this water that is perfectly designed water FOR YOUR BODY by it’s Creator, it can bring balance and—return YOU to YOUR original state of TRUE health.
  • READ. You drink the alkaline water, or OH-, and the hydrogen that remains has an unmated electron….and it simply donates it to any cell in your body that has had it’s own electron stolen by a free radical. Your body says, “Thank you very much”, and now that cell is stable….and when the water molecule donates the hydrogen, you are left with one big O . Stabilized oxygen. That’s why people get more energy when they drink Kangen. The machine doesn’t put more oxygen into your water, but it does alter the percentage of oxygen to hydrogen. Result” more oxygen for you to use to nourish every cell in your body! (except any cancer cells, which, you remember, don’t use oxygen, they use acid!)
  • We can’t leave you without making sure you know something about the visionary company whose mission is to help everyone on the earth be able to afford to drink the kind of water their bodies were designed to drink so they can be in TRUE HEALTH. Go quickly over the points.
  • Enagic has been awarded significant awards! 1) The Environmental Grand Prix from Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling’s International Earth Environment University 2) Enagic is a member of the Better Business Bureau 3) Enagic has THE patent in the United States on Kangen water 4) Their plant meets the rigorous standards to be an ISO certified factory that makes medical equipment. Their competitors are making HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES like electric ice shavers and electric blankets, not medical equipment! There is a huge difference in the quality of a piece of medical equipment used in the hospitals and electric blankets. For instance, Did you know that unless an ionizer comes from an ISO certified factory and is a certifiable medical device, they don’t have to use 100% pure platinum in their plates? They can use alloys of platinum, even as low as 60% platinum, call it “Food grade” platinum and still tell you on their website that they have (USE FINGERS TO EMPHASIZE QUOTE action) PLATINUM PLATES. . .” Their quality is NOWHERE NEAR the same. I’ll show you a photograph in a minute you you can see for yourself the difference!
  • And the most prestigious award of all, this award from the Japanese Association for Prevention of Adult and Geriatric Disease.This is a non-profit group of over 6,500 doctors and scientists who researched all the ways to treat water in 2002. This included distilling water, using reverse osmosis, using magnets to pull of some hydrogens as in Nikken water, pi water, as well as ionization, and gave ONLY ONE AWARD—to Enagic—for creating water treatment devices that would actually PREVENT ADULT DISEASES!
  • You can see that there are different models ranging in price and longevity from the travel unit, here on the left for $1280, clear up to $6,000 for the Super—the model on the lower right that is used in gyms, restraunts, elder care centers, because it makes GALLONS of 2.7 pH strong acid water. Hospitals using this water have eradicated MERSA through replacing their toxic cleaning chemicals with it.---it basically electrocutes virus and bacteria in 30 seconds. The New York Times newspaper highlighted some hotels who have purchased commercial units that ionize water for upwards of $10,000 to make cleaning water for just pennies. . .so you can see that our flagship model here (next slide)
  • The Leveluk SD501, though it is a medical device that sells for $3,980.00 , is a bargain when you understand ONE, the cost of being sick—folks, this is the same price as just one two or there injections of chemotherapy if you get cancer-And TWO, that you can own this machine yourself for your family’s health for less than a dollar a day. And You are spending more than that already on bottled water, sodas, juices, and household cleaning products it will replace! Listen, top hotels in America are throwing out all their chemical cleaners and replacing them with ionized water!
  • Listen to this LA Times article of Feb 2009: read slide; pour 11.5 water over a glass of Cherry Tomatoes and clean 7,0 water over the other glass.Then show oil emulsifying. “It’s 10 times more effective than bleach in killing bacteria,” said Yen-Con Hung, a professor of food science at the University of Georgia-Griffin, who has been researching electrolyzed water for more than a decade. “And it’s safe.” It’s the secret weapon in Sanyo Electric Corp.’s “soap-less” washing machine. The Sheraton Delfina, the Hyatt Regency Chicago, and the Trump International Beach Resort near Miami have all purchased machines (from Electrolyzer Corp of Woburn, Mass) whose machines range from 10K on up,) but you don’t have to buy a new washing machine or a ten thousand dollar ionizer to help the planet. We have many owners of the SD501 using a quart or two of 11.5 strong Kangen to do a load of clothes in their own top loading washing machines every day, for pennies a load!
  • Listen to this LA Times article of Feb 2009: read slide; pour 11.5 water over a glass of Cherry Tomatoes and clean 7,0 water over the other glass.Then show oil emulsifying. “It’s 10 times more effective than bleach in killing bacteria,” said Yen-Con Hung, a professor of food science at the University of Georgia-Griffin, who has been researching electrolyzed water for more than a decade. “And it’s safe.” It’s the secret weapon in Sanyo Electric Corp.’s “soap-less” washing machine. The Sheraton Delfina, the Hyatt Regency Chicago, and the Trump International Beach Resort near Miami have all purchased machines (from Electrolyzer Corp of Woburn, Mass) whose machines range from 10K on up,) but you don’t have to buy a new washing machine or a ten thousand dollar ionizer to help the planet. We have many owners of the SD501 using a quart or two of 11.5 strong Kangen to do a load of clothes in their own top loading washing machines every day, for pennies a load!
  • This is an inlet in the otherwise beautiful Hebba lake (Bangalore, India)—just one reason why the International Earth Environment gave Enagic the Grand Prix Award! If more people would utililze this technology we could not only drastically reduce the amounts of pollution from bottled water- we could reduce the chemicals, cleaning solvents, and Rx drugs that are ending up in our planet’s lakes, rivers, and oceans. That is a whole other subject for another time…suffice it to say that baby alligators in Florida are being demasculinized to the point that the males cannot even reproduce, and today’s generation of young men have half the sperm counts that their great grandfathers did, due to plastics! (See Leonard Sax, M.D. Book: Boys Adrift) NOW POUR THE LIQUID OFF THE TOMATOES AND SHOW THE AUDIENCE THE DIFFERENCE IN THE COLOR AS THE 11.5 PULLED OFF THE PESTICIDES ON THE TOMATOES.
  • Both San Francisco and Santa Barbara have banned water bottles from the vending machines In all the city office buildings. The environmental cost of making the bottles (which come from petroleum) and then shipping them across the country and around the world is astronomical. We throw enough water bottles away in one day in America to fuel 100,000 cars for an entire year!And don’t forget the waste of your own money & cost to our own health of drinking bottled water. Houlilan said this after tests revealed that leading brands of bottled water turned up a variety of contaminantsIncluding caffeine, fertilizer, and the pain reliever acetaminophen---often found in tap water.
  • This is not just a water filter. Now you have seen how Kangen water is scientifically so different from the dead water you are currently drinking. Go over the panel on the device on the table, and the 7 types of water, top to bottom. Review the Strong Kangen ( high allkaline) to clean off your tomatoes, do your laundry, degrease your hubcaps and wash your car--And when you make it from the top hose you are also making 2.7 Strong Acid to electrocute virus and bacteria in 30 seconds and disinfect anything, spray some on your face and tell it’s use in psoriasis, in halting food poisoning by killing salmonella and ecoli, soaking a foot to kill athletes foot or stop diabetic gangrene, brushing your teeth to kill the germs that cause cavities and peridontal disease, disinfect countertops, door handles, toilet seats, cutting boards, treat acne SPRAY YOUR FACE -Then follow that up with 5.5 beauty spray to reset the pH balance of your skin with a blue bottle of beauty water and tell how spas and estheticians are using the beauty water in the hot white towels for facials, which you can do every single night before you fall asleep once you own this device, just make beauty water for a minute or two and pop it in the microwave and then take the hot towel to bed with you, let it moisturize and tone your skin and make your pores smaller as you lay there and relax, when it cools, toss it in the glass by your bed and fall asleep. You won’t believe the difference and your friends will wonder how you got your own fountain of youth! Then the 7.0 clean water for taking meds---since it goes in 6 Times faster than tap water you don’t want all your time release med to go in that fast…so take meds with clean, and check with your doctor, because if you are in insulin for type II Diabetes, you will very likely need less and less insulin so watch your blood sugar carefully.
  • Read the slide. Why? Why did Dr. Carpenter tell me that when he finally got water from an SD501 and his powdered, dried greens actually stayed in suspension in his water for the first time ever, since being in Japan, he said he “Felt like I’d found my Shangrila!” ? Why did the other 7 machines from other company’s NOT GET RESULTS??
  • There are several things that impact the process of ionization, and this determines how truly micro-clustered your water gets when it goes through a machine.It’s a basic law of physics that energy can neither be created or destroyed. So the power going to each plate through the electrode is a BIG DEAL! Enagic’s plates get zapped with a bigger jolt than any other ionizer on the market. So the water is higher powered water, and it keeps its power longer. It’s like the difference between a 40 watt bulb and a 100 watt bulb. Next, Enagic has the largest plates in the industry, and they are SOLID Titanium, which is over $1400 an ounce--Titanium is the best conductor of electricity; but it is toxic to humans. So it has to be covered with something that is actually beneficial, because over time, the coating--- if just dipped or sprayed on—coujld come off, just like your nail polish will. But if you go get your nails done with acrylic gel and it gets BONDED through that chemical and light, you try to get that acrylic fake nail off and your own nail is going to rip off with it. When Enagic coats their plates, they don’t just dip or spray or even double dip like some manufacturers. They Electroplate the platinum to the titanium plate and it is BONDED and basically the two metals become one.
  • You’ve all heard “you’re not getting older, youre just getting better!” well, actually, you’re not getting better, you’re degenerating and you’re getting dehydrated! A full term baby is 82% water according to classic nutrition textbooks. (source: Human Nutrition and Dietitics, by J.S. Garrow, A. Ralph, and William James.) ----An elderly adult has a body content of only 50% water! (according to Dr. Michael Lam, an M.D. who is also a board certified by the American College of Anti-Aging Medicine and a recognized expert in nutritional medicine with more than 50 published articles.)"Denying yourself optimal supplies of water accelerates the aging of the body just as failing to replenish and change oil regularly accelerates the aging of an automobile engine,” William Holloway and Herb Joiner-Bey in their book, Water: The Foundation of Youth, Health, and BeautyWater is used by your body in every function! Most of us are consistently dehydrated. Experts say that dehydration impacts our digestive health, our brain’s neurochemistry, our body’s ability to shed excess pounds of fat, to regulate blood sugar, control our blood pressure, and a host of other processes. How many people in this room drank enough water today? How much did you have? Do you know how to figure out how much you need every day?Take your body weight, and divide it in half. Got that figure?According to the experts and doctors who deal with this, that number is how many ounces you should drink each day, MINIMUM, of water, to maintain health.Dr. Dave Carpenter, in Idaho, who has successfully treated more than 200 stage four cancer patients, says that if you want to see miracles, as quickly as you can, you bring that number of ounces up to one for each ¾ of your body’s pounds, then go to one ounce per pound you weigh. You’re probably thinking right now: THERE IS NO WAY I COULD DRINK THAT MUCH WATER IN A DAY! I”VE TRIED> > >IT”S IMPOSSIBLE”And it probably is, if you are drinking the wrong water. The wrong water doesn’t even absorb correctly or do what you think it ought to do.
  • How old do you think these two people are? Before you guess, check out the crow’s feet-wrinkles around the eyes. Enagic’s president, Mr. Oshiro was 76 in this photo (Click for ages) The Enagic distributor is 51. He has been flooding his body with anti-oxidant Kangen water for 17 years. She’d been drinking Kangen for two. Does he look 25 years older than her, to you?
  • Look at this water skeeter. HOW DO THEY DO THAT? Water has surface tension. Water molecules of H20 have a polarity, and they basically “hold hands” with each other magnetically. Still water that has been sitting around in pipes or in bottles clumps up in huge clusters of 15 to 100 water molecules, and your body can only absorb 17-20% off that kind of water into your cell!
  • When water goes through ionization, as it flicks off the hydrogens, it changes the polarity of water molecules. Instead of 18 to 25 water molecules “holding hands” in a cluster, in Kangen water, just 5 or 6 water molecules “hold hands” in a tiny, hexagonal, microcluster. The surface tension gets broken down as the water gets restructured in the SD501, just like water going over rocks in a waterfall. Start the tea demo while you talk. Dunk it up and down…Watch how this water permeates first the tea bag and then the leaves and starts extracting the nutrients and putting them into solution WITHOUT EVEN BOILING THE WATER. This is cold kangen water we’re using here. And we can make 8 or more glasses…
  • In the body, this means the water goes into your cells better and faster. It goes in so much faster that there is even a warning label on the machine that reads: “don’t swallow time-release Rx drugs with Kangen water” It will break down the meds so fast they’ll all go in at once if you drink them down with a glass of Kangen so wait ten minutes after drinking Kangen, okay, before you take a time release medication! But if you are gonna work out, run, do sit-ups or Pilates, then please drink Kangen, and drink it the whole time, because you won’t feel bloated or get a stomach ache. Dr Carpenter recommends that EVERONE TO START OUT by drinking 8.5 for a period of 2 weeks while your body adjusts to the superior structure of this healing water as it is very detoxifying. Then, when you have your volume up to at least an ounce for each two pounds you weigh, you can move it up to 9.0 pH if you are not experiencing any detox symptoms like headaches or rashes. The water will help assist in taking nutrients in to the cell, and it will assist in carrying the waste and toxins out of the cell, so you want to drink enough to flood your body and carry those out all the way, not just stir them up into solution.
  • The fourth property of Kangen water is it has an amazing ability to detoxify the body.This is the logo for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Hundreds of medical doctors got Continuing Medical Education Credit in April of 09 at their spring conference, and one of their classes presented the research about the power of ionized water to detoxify the body. As far as we know, this is the first time I know that doctors in the US got that education. Your doctor may not have heard of ionized water yet, but he will . . . He will. (Will you be the one to tell him about it?)
  • Read it….click after 11,000
  • Read it as is…
  • Read it as is, click. If you are willing to share the good news, then Enagic has a plan for you! They want everyone to be able to drink Kangen water and return to their origin, return to health. Not just the wealthy people.
  • All a person has to do is share this with 3 people they care about and help them get their own machine. Invite them to a seminar like this, or sit down and watch a DVD with them, then fill out paper work for their purchase with your name as their sponsor. 3 SALES. (3 fingers). Now help those 3 each do their 3 and Enagic will mail you 9 generous “Thank YOU” checks, which will reimburse the cost of your SD501 and still give you an extra $400 or $500. Because drinking Kangen water is what makes people passionate “kangoholics”, Enagic asks us to share water with the people you care about! Sit down and watch a DVD with them; or invite them to your home. When you invite 20 people to your home, on average 10 will show up, and 6 will figure out how to get their own machine. That is just how it goes. (So and so, or I’ve) been sharing the good news for nearly ___ years;and received literally(hundreds), (thousands) of checks. Would that change your life? And don’t leave until I show you what those checks can look like for you…
  • Because acquiring your own device is the ONLY requirement by Enagic in order to be a distributor, The good news is that simply buying your own device sets you up in a Home Based Business. And you buy it with money that most likely would have gone to UNCLE SAM ANYWAY. . . in the form of tax dollars! Yep, it’s a tax write off! Wouldn’t you rather use that money on the charity of your choice? How about your family’s health? Of course, if you’d rather give it to the government and let them decide which of their favorite entitlement programs they want to throw it at, you could do that…By now, you can see that getting this machine on your own kitchen counter can be a lot less than you thought it was. . . .Not only are your purchase dollars tax deductible . . .
  • Once you are getting a W-9 you can start deducting all kinds of things you couldn’t if you just got a W-2! There are almost 100 tax write offs for a W-9 business owner that a W-2 employee can’t take. Since everyone you know drinks water, everyone is a potential client. How easy is it to ask, “How’s your health?” when you go out to dinner with friends? 100% of your entertainment –eating out, theater tickets, golf, movies, done with prospective clients can be a simple tax write off; and 50% with current business partners. Vacations can all be made to be tax deductible. .. Including plane and car travel to get there, hotel and meals while traveling, even the dry cleaning bill when you get home!
  • If you don’t have a HBB or a W-9, then when you leave here tonight, please take your wallet out and put in on the seat beside you as you drive home. Every two miles, throw a dollar out the window…because that is how much you are losing by NOT taking the mileage deduction. You can make any trip a business trip when everyone at the other end is a prospective client…just give your card to a clerk, or someone you went to see, tell them “the healthiest water in the world comes right from my tap, go to my website and check it out!” Then log your miles.
  • One distributor in Utah saved her family $30,300.00 on their 2008 taxes by having an Enagic business…money that would have gone to Uncle Sam had she not had the deductions HER ENAGIC BIZ gave them. Her husband, an M.D., felt it was imperative that they acquire one for their own family’s healthcare. Their machine paid them back 7 or 8 times it’s cost, just in tax savings! That isn’t even counting the checks that came in the mail as she shared the water--You can’t afford NOT to own this machine!
  • The wave of people who, from all walks of life, and in varying degrees of skepticism, who have taken the challenge to “Change Your water, Change Your Life” is gaining momentum and growing daily! The most important question, in regard to your health, may very well be, as Albert Einstein asked, “Which water do I drink?”
  • By now, you can see that not only does everyone need to be drinking Kangen water, you can see that its easy to own your own machine because Enagic makes it do-able for everyone to do so. Get with the person who brought you here; and tell us one of three things:1- I’m interested, I‘d like to try the water, or no thanks2 –I’d really like to try the water and I’d like to see how I can get my purchase cost reimbursed by Enagic3—I’d really like to drink the water and I also want to create a substantial income bringing this to other’s awareness and bodies4-show me how, now!So we are through with the physical health part of the triad of this great company’s mission statement. We’d love for you to join us for a few more minutes if you’d like, to see how Enagic has an amazing solution to the challenges in financial and social/emotional health!
  • Read the slide
  • Let me show you why Enagic is not an MLM, it is a direct sales company recognized by the Direct Selling Association of America.
  • Here are some key differences between Enagic and other MLM companies.The biggest difference, though, is how generous Enagic and Mr Oshiro are. They do two things, make the best machine, and cut the most generous checks!
  • They take the money that would have gone to distribution and advertising, the cost that is built into every single product you buy in your world, and instead of paying Michael Jordan or CBS, NBC & ABC,they pay that to the distributors, so that everyone can afford to buy their own machine and have a way to reimburse their initial expense.They have an 8 point commission system, and for the purpose of simplifying these next few slides, we are going to show you how that will look assuming you are making a sale every 90 days.
  • When you buy your own machine, that sets you up in business. Your first sale is the least you’ll ever get paid on your own sale. And it is $285. And this isn’t AIG; the checks always clear the bank, because the company is solid and debt free! Then when the person you sold too gets his own testimonial and shares the water, and he sells some machines, you also get a check for $285 for being his sponsor and helping him.
  • Your second sale is your other “training sale” . Again, Enagic pays 8 points, and you get paid on indirect sales as well, again, $285 as long as you are active and have made this sale within 90 days of the first one.
  • Now on your third sale you move up a rank to 2A; or get paid 2 points, which is $570! And now you’ve set up a $570 business center. When this guy makes a sale, guess how much you qualify for? Yep, a check for $570. He can make 100 sales and you will get a check for $570 each time for being his sponsor. And you can put more than one person in at that level; because every time you make a sale here, until there are 10 in your group, you will get another $570!
  • Now the power of team work and synergy really kicks in, because when you, and the others you have helped and those they have helped, all form a team of 10, on the 11th sale you will qualify for a check of (click) $855.
  • Remember, this isn’t just you making 11 sales. It is you and the people you have created a team with, all your sales counting!
  • When you have 20 in your group, on your next personal sale, you move up to become a 4A or get 4 of those 8 points Enagic pays out. So now,
  • You’re getting $1140.00 checks. Let me tell you how fun it is to go to the mailbox and pull out a few of those in a day! Because you are working with people you cared enough about to share the water with them, you often get to go out and do presentations with your best friends, or your sister or brother…and instead of going out and running up a big bill for dinner and a shopping trip, you can go out together and help other people get healthier by educating them, and can earn thousands of dollars in an evening while you have fun, meet new people, and help your team members, who are your friends!
  • It looks like a big jump to go from 20 to 50…but actually, you have so many more people helping you now that this is sometimes easier than going from 10 to 20!
  • And when you have 50 and then you make your own sale for #51, you now get $1425 a check from the sales you make at this point forward. And those you sign up at this level, when they make a sale, until they are a 4A, you also get $1425!
  • This is what you are shooting for: the top of the pay scale: 100 people in your group, or 6A.
  • 6A’s get paid $1710 a sale.
  • And as a 6A, you are a real leader, so for every sale in your organization that is below the 8 point pay out, you will get a $200 education bonus for your training and leadership efforts for your team; until the next 6A below you. When you have helped two of your own directly sponsored team members get to be 6A, which means they each have 100 in their group, you are promoted to the rank of 6A-2….
  • And distributors who are 6A-2 and above can take part in Enagic’s global bonus pool –3% of all the profits earned from all the worldwide sales are shared with the distributors at this rank or higher. Monthly bonuses can be a couple of thousand dollars for a brand new 6A-2, quarterly bonuses can range from $6,000 on up to $20, $30 thousand or more for those with huge, active teams!
  • Read the slide…it’s simple.
  • Read the slide as is, with emphasis….then Take a quick Testimonial or two from those there who have earned some money now if you have time
  • In Japan now, it’s estimated that one in 5 homes in the urban areas have a water ionizer.Yet in America, its one in 18,000!
  • You have a great team to support you, there are professionally done DVD’s, presentations on the web, conference calls that are held several nights a week, health and wellness seminars and even a 5 minute prerecorded quick info call that you can use if you don’t know what to say…just dial, put it on speaker, and hold up your phone --
  • The parent company started in 1974 with a commercial hospital version; they expanded in 1994 with a home version; they sold 300,000 units the first year.
  • When Enagic came to the USA they opened in 4 cities that had huge populations of Asian Americans, because they had a word of mouth marketing system.
  • Everyone in the Europe Union can now get a license to market there. Canada is already open, the United states is already open. Mexico is already open.  
  • In today’s economy, EVERYONE needs another stream of income. The Health care industry is projected to be increasing faster than any other sector of society. Today’s average cost of being unhealthy is gauged at $30,000.00 a person (in a recent Time Magazine article, with the bulk of that money spent the last 2 years of life. EVERYONE NEEDS THIS! Why does it work? Why are people from all walks of life experiencing success? Because the water works! Read check list.
  • If you’ve been floating along, hanging out, just bobbing around, waiting for that perfect wave….wait no more. . . It’s here. And it will give you an exhilarating ride! Thank you so much for coming tonight! Get with the person who invited you and they’d be happy to help you get on board!
  • Catch The Wave

    1. 1. Always on Tap.<br />The Kangen Water Project <br />Overview & Demonstration<br />Copyright Kit Kartchner, President Drink to Your Health, Inc.<br />All rights reserved. September 9, 2009 <br />Copies available for purchase by emailing<br />TM<br />Drink To Your Health!<br />
    2. 2. Always on Tap.<br />What is Kangen Water ?<br />TM<br />What is True Health?<br />
    3. 3. Homeostastis<br />Kangen Water is not a drug.<br />It is the most natural element you can <br />put in your body and will bring it into balance so the body can then heal itself.<br />Material contained herein has not been evaluated by the US Food & Drug Administration and is given to inform and educate, is the opinion of the presenters; is not approved to prescribe, treat, diagnose, or cure disease. You should not use information here to diagnose any health problem, or for a substitute for consultation from your health care professional. Consult with professionals before starting any diet, exercise, or supplementation program, and before taking any medication. Individual results may vary. <br />
    4. 4. Enagic’s Mission<br />To Bring TRUE HEALTH and Compassion to All <br />Physical health<br /> Financial Health<br /> Social and Emotional Health<br />
    5. 5. The State of the Union<br />
    6. 6. W.H.O. Statistics<br />Who spends more money on health-care (per capita) than any other nation?<br />Who has the shortest life span--<br /> & a higher infant mortality rate– <br />than 39 developed nations?<br />Who uses Rx drugs EVERY day, for some chronic health problem?<br />
    7. 7. S.A.D. Statistics<br />If you live in America . . .<br />And eat the <br />Standard <br />American <br />Diet . . . <br />And go to Standard American Doctors . . .<br />Then what are your odds?<br />
    8. 8. Follow the Leader<br />Guess who leads the world in Health?<br />In the U.S., the most widely used drugs are those used for conditions treated in Japan<br />By a simple change…<br />from “dead” tap and bottled water--<br /> to negatively charged, Ionized water. <br />
    9. 9. Used in Hospitals <br />In Japan, Enagic’s devices are used in many hospitals, and are approved Medical Devices by the Japanese Ministry of Welfare and Labour –<br />The equivalent of our F.D.A.<br />Kyowa, Lido, Meisiki, Hanabatakre, and Kanto Teishiu Hospitals, Nara College of Medicine Hospital, and Tokyo Women’s College of Medicine Hospital are just a few.<br />
    10. 10. Choices in Health Care<br />Drugs<br />Surgery<br />Repair<br />Replace<br />Nourish/Detoxify<br />Prevent<br />Balance & Heal<br />Holistic<br />
    11. 11. World Renowned<br />Medical Doctor<br />Hiromi Shinya, M.D., Ph D. <br />Dr. Shinya invented the colonoscope and the “Shinya Technique”.<br />Japan’s most famous doctor, he treats the royal family and top government officials in Japan as well as celebrities and a former president of the USA.<br />.PROFESSOR OF SURGERY Albert EinsteinCollege of MedicineCHIEF OF ENDOSCOPYBeth Israel Medical Center New York City<br />
    12. 12. After Just 90 Days…<br />Before<br />After<br />
    13. 13. After Just 90 Days…<br />Before<br />After<br />
    14. 14. After Just 90 Days…<br />Before<br />After<br />
    15. 15. The Healing Food Pyramid<br />University of Michigan<br />College of Integrative Medicine<br />
    16. 16. Scientific Properties<br />
    17. 17. 1) Alkaline pH<br />ACIDIC<br />ALKALINE<br />H+<br />OH-<br />Neutral<br />1 7 14<br />Your Blood<br />7.35-7.39<br /> HEALTH<br />SICKNESS<br />
    18. 18. 80% of Groceries are Acidic<br />Beans Cereal Pasta<br />Beef, bacon Cookies Pork<br />Blueberries Crackers Salmon<br />Butter Dairy-not raw Sausage<br />Cake Ice Cream Shrimp<br />Canned Fruit Flour Salad Dressing<br />Cashews Fish Turkey<br />Corn & chips Lamb Tuna<br />Cranberries Lunch meat Wheat-not spelt<br />
    19. 19. Feeling the Burn?<br />
    20. 20. . <br />The Body Must Buffer…<br />“We have become unconscious mineral thieves”<br />--Dr. Timothy Brantley<br />The Cure<br />
    21. 21. Or Else!<br />Mineral Withdrawals<br />Osteoporosis<br />Back pain<br />Knee Pain<br />Joint Pain<br />Kidney Stones<br />Arthritis<br />Fibromyalgia pain<br />
    22. 22. Acid Symptoms<br /><ul><li>Atopic Dermatitis
    23. 23. Bloating, Indigestion
    24. 24. Diabetes
    25. 25. High Blood Pressure
    26. 26. Obesity
    27. 27. Headaches
    28. 28. Hot or Strong Urine
    29. 29. White-coated Tongue
    30. 30. Acid Reflux; then
    31. 31. Barrett’s Esophagus; </li></ul> Esophageal Cancer!<br /><ul><li>Allergies, Hay Fever
    32. 32. Frequent Infections
    33. 33. Gout
    34. 34. Low energy
    35. 35. Lack of sex drive </li></li></ul><li>The Root Cause of Cancer<br />“Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline…all forms of cancer are characterized by two conditons: acidosis, and hypoxia (lack of oxygen).”<br />Nobel Prize<br />Dr. Otto WarburgDirector of Kaiser<br />Wilhelm Institue<br />
    36. 36. What the Experts Say…<br />One of the important causes of cancer—and other degenerative diseases—is the cumulative effect of the acidic condition of body fluid. <br />--Herman Aihara<br />“You’re not sick…You’re thirsty! <br />Don’t treat thirst with medications” <br />--Dr. F. Batmanhelidj, M.D.<br />“Removing acidic waste . . .<br />is more effective than diet and exercise . . .” <br /> --Sang Whang<br />
    37. 37. 2) Anti-Oxidant<br />(Oxidative damage occurs when cut)<br />Reversing free-radical damage from Oxidation<br />KANGEN™ Breakthrough Water Technology =<br />Health, Anti-Inflammatory, and Anti-Aging!<br />Living Tissue + Oxidation =“RUST”<br /> Sickness, Degeneration, and a speeding up of the aging process<br />
    38. 38. O.R.P. Meter<br />In the process of ionization, molecules will either gain or lose an electron. <br />This is measured by an ORP meter.<br />
    39. 39. 2) Superior Anti-oxidant<br /> Negative ions in Kangen water = Enormous Amounts of Extra Electrons !<br />Which combat the 80,000 free radical hits a day you take.<br />(Just one puff of cigarette smoke steals<br />a trillion electrons from health cells. . . )<br />
    40. 40. Oxidation Reduction<br />Potential<br />- Orp(mv)<br />+ Orp(mv)<br /> -400 -300 -200 -100 0 +100 +200 +300 +400<br />soda<br />Green<br />tea<br />Bottled<br />purified<br />r.o. <br />distilled<br />water<br />Sports <br />drinks<br />Kangen <br />Water<br />Cod<br />liver oil<br />Vitamin c<br />Tap water<br />
    41. 41. Oxidation Reduction<br />Potential<br /> -400 -300 -200 -100 0 +100 +200 +300 +400<br />Positive Hydroxyl Ions <br />Lower pH<br />Acidifies<br />Missing Electrons, so will steal them<br />Free Radicals<br />Causes Oxidation<br />Aging<br />Decays & Damages Cells<br />Artificial Rush – Then Crash<br />Negative Hydroxyl Ions <br />High pH<br />Alkalizes<br /> Donates Extra Electrons to Damaged Cells<br />Anti-Oxidant Power<br />Negates Oxidation<br />Anti-Aging<br />Revitalizes Cells<br />Energizes Steadily; Real Invigoration<br />Hydrates 6x Faster<br />Detoxifies<br />Oxygenates<br />Kangen Water Promotes Bio-Electrical Activity in the Body and Retards the Onset of Disease<br />
    42. 42. How It All Began…<br />In the 1950’s, scientific research was conducted in several unique locations around the world. For thousands of years these places have maintained legendary status as natural sources for <br />“Miracle Water”.<br /><ul><li> Nordenau, Germany
    43. 43. Delhi, India
    44. 44. Lourdes, France
    45. 45. Tlacote, Mexico </li></ul>It was discovered that the “Miracle Healing Water” at all of these locations had one thing in common — An Abundance of Active Hydrogen—which today is simply calledAlkaline Water.<br />
    46. 46. “Return to Origin”<br />Scientists have examined the original<br />Water of our Earth.<br /> Glacial “Milk” <br />is also full of negative ions—<br />It has an abundance of <br />active hydrogen.<br />
    47. 47. How Does it Work?<br />Water flows in a stream over metal plates inside The plates each have either a positive or a negative charge to their electrode.<br />This “zapping” causes many of the “h”’s in the “h2o” to split off. Hydrogen collects into the acid stream; water in the other stream is now alkaline and “OH-”.<br />Water cells from 3 different ionizers contain metal plates with electrodes.<br />
    48. 48. The Company<br /> 34 Year Old Privately Held Company<br /> Original Equipment Manufacturer <br /> Top Industry Leader<br /> Notable Endorsements & Recognition <br /> “A” Rated Member of the Better Business Bureau <br /> Offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Honolulu, Canada, Germany, and sales just began in Mexico<br />Enagic Factory - Osaka, Japan<br />Fukuoka<br />Tokyo<br />Taipei<br />Osaka<br />
    49. 49. Enagic, USA, Inc.<br />Numerous Awards & Documented Recognition <br />
    50. 50. 6,500 + Doctors Agree<br />awarded to Enagic <br />their Seal of Approval for creating the only way to treat water that truly prevents<br />Disease!<br />The Japanese Association For Preventing Adult Diseases<br />investigated all the ways to treat water, and then they<br />
    51. 51. High Quality Water <br />Technology Equipment<br />
    52. 52. Enagic’s Flagship<br />Product <br />Endorsed by the Japanese Association of Preventative Medicine For Adult Disease!<br />
    53. 53. February 23, 2009<br />“A Grime-fighter…but wait! There’s more!”<br />It’s a kitchen degreaser. It’s a window cleaner. It kills athlete’s foot. Oh, and you can drink it. . . <br />The elixir is real. It has been approved by U.S. regulators. And it’s starting to replace the toxic chemicals Americans use at home and on the job….Powerful enough to kill anthrax spores without harming people or the environment.<br /> Says the executive manager at the Sheraton Delfina: <br />“It’s green, it saves money, and it’s the right thing to do,” <br />
    54. 54. Minnesota Food Scientist Linda Feirtag, at the University of Minnesota was skeptical, but she installed a unit in her lab, and research showed that the acid water killed E. Coli, salmonella, listeria and other nasty pathogens.<br />Yet it was gentle enough to soothe her children’s sunburns and acne. She’s now encouraging food processors to take a look at electrolyzed water to help combat the disease outbreaks that have roiled the industry. Most are dubious.<br />“It sounds too good to be true, which is really the biggest problem, but it’s only a matter of time before this becomes mainstream.”<br />
    55. 55. Grand Prix Award:<br />
    56. 56. Or Bottled Water…??<br />“At 1,900 times <br />the cost, <br />consumers should <br />expect better.”<br />JANE HOULIHAN,<br />Environmental Engineer<br />Quote of the Day<br />Time Magazine Oct. 2008 <br />
    57. 57. The LeveLuk SD 501<br /><ul><li>Makes 5 different types of water
    58. 58. Kangen Water™ (3 levels)
    59. 59. Clean Water Beauty Water
    60. 60. Strong Kangen Water™ Strong Acidic Water
    61. 61. Approved as a Medical Device by Japan’s Ministry of Health & Welfare (compare to our FDA)
    62. 62. 7 solid, platinum coated, titanium plates ($1K+)
    63. 63. Industry’s best, automatic, self-cleaning system
    64. 64. Creates Kangen™ Water used in hospitals & homes
    65. 65. 15 – 20 Years or more product life expectancy</li></li></ul><li>Voice of Experience<br /> Dr. Dave Carpenter: <br />“I traveled to Japan10 years ago . . . where I saw firsthand the amazing results doctors were getting by using Kangen Water with patients.<br />Upon returning home, I began my search for a device that would duplicate those results, in my own practice. I bought one; then another, and another…Seven, in fact. None truly did for my patients what I expected. Finally I found Enagic’s SD501. <br />It’s just been an absolute miracle what I’ve seen since. The dramatic progress made by patients from this foundational, simple change is astounding. <br /> I recommend it to everybody that I talk to. <br />
    66. 66. The SD501 versus <br />Cheaper Ionizers<br />230 watts of power… Or 120 to 208 watts of power?<br /> Solid Titanium plates… Or Mesh, slotted, or dimpled?<br />Electroplated Platinum… Or Dipped, or thinly sprayed? <br />Enagic’s Home <br />Ionizers are<br />Built to last…<br />And Proven so for 15 years!<br />
    67. 67. You Are a Body of Water!<br />Aging is a Process of Dehydration<br />
    68. 68. Judge For Yourself<br />Enagic CEO<br />Hironari Oshiro<br />Born in 1933<br />An Enagic Distributor<br />Born in 1957<br />
    69. 69. 3) Micro-Clustered<br />In still water, molecules of h20 cluster in groups of 15 to 100 ~<br />Larger clusters create more surface tension and <br />impede passage in water channels into the cell.<br />
    70. 70. Hexagaonal Structure<br />Kangen™ <br />Micro-Cluster<br />Regular H2O Cluster<br />
    71. 71. Always on Tap.<br />Kangen Water™ has just 3 to 5 molecules in a cluster, so it…<br /><ul><li> Hydrates 6 times faster
    72. 72. Creates superior nutrient absorption
    73. 73. Makes for Superior waste removal from your cells </li></li></ul><li>What the Experts Say…<br />&quot;Replenishing the Hexagonal Water<br /> in our bodies <br />can increase vitality, <br />slow the aging process <br />and prevent disease.”<br />Dr. Mu Shik Jhon<br />
    74. 74. 4) Detoxifying<br />Topic: “The Wisdom of Ionized Water: <br /> The Ionic Solution to Internal Pollution” <br />
    75. 75. The Choice is Yours<br />Over 15 years of buying one bottle <br />of water for just one person a day, <br />you would spend at least $11,000 …<br />Compare with that the cost of Kangen Water for<br />yourwhole family!<br />
    76. 76. How Does Free Sound?<br />Besides what you’ll save on . . .<br /><ul><li> Mineral & Vitamin Supplements
    77. 77. Cleaning products
    78. 78. Drugs and medicine
    79. 79. Juices and food </li></ul>In the spirit of “True Health & Compassion,<br /> Enagic’s<br /> patented plan makes your acquisition<br /> a tax deduction!<br />
    80. 80. Always on tap.<br />You can drink your own, fresh,<br />High potency Kangen Water<br /> for just 79 cents a day!<br />(…that is, if you want to keep it<br /> all to yourself…)<br />
    81. 81. Reimburse Your Own Purchase <br /> Help 3, who help 3, and get…<br />Unlimited Kangen Water Free!<br />
    82. 82. Did I Hear “Bail-Out”…?<br /> In a bad economy, your most valued status is your W-9.<br />“…You would be brain-dead not to start a home-based business…” <br /> --Sandy Botkin, CPA<br />
    83. 83. Everyone Needs Tax Relief<br />Deduct Your Fun! <br />
    84. 84. Everyone Needs Tax Relief<br />Deduct Your Car! <br />
    85. 85. Everyone Needs Tax<br />Relief<br />No one gets a gold star for paying more in taxes than is legally required<br />Can you really afford NOT to drink and share Kangen Water…<br />and get a yearly W-9?<br />
    86. 86. Always on Tap.<br />Ride the Wave <br />toHealth!<br />
    87. 87. It’s Easy!<br />Change Your Water;<br />Change Your Life—<br />today. <br />
    88. 88. Enagic Will Amaze You…<br />An explosive business with massive earning potential!<br /><ul><li> Solid Foundation Built in the Japanese Market
    89. 89. Proven product – BRAND NEW Market
    90. 90. Now reaching Business & Sales Professionals
    91. 91. Major U.S. & Global Expansion
    92. 92. Health & Wellness is a MASSIVE Industry
    93. 93. A True Direct Sales Program – Not Traditional M.L.M. </li></li></ul><li>The Business Model:<br />Direct Sales<br />M.L.M. vs. Direct SalesUnderstanding the Difference<br />MLM – Pyramid<br />Direct Sales – Over & Down<br />You<br />You<br />5<br />2 5<br />1 2 5<br />6 2 5<br />3 1 2 5<br />
    94. 94. The Enagic Business<br /><ul><li>No sign-up fees
    95. 95. No monthly quotas
    96. 96. No stocking / loading inventory
    97. 97. No annual renewal fee
    98. 98. Accumulative sales
    99. 99. International sponsoring
    100. 100. 6 ways to earn income
    101. 101. Pays daily </li></li></ul><li>Commission Structure<br />LeveLuk SD 501 - $3980<br />8 Point Commission System; Generous Referral Check<br />8 points are paid each time a machine is sold<br /> 1 Point = $235.00 <br /> $ 50.00 Bonus gifted to on each point in your entire downline on every sale within your 8 points when you making at least one sale each 90 days<br />
    102. 102. Care? Then Share.<br />No Entry Fee -<br />Just Need Your Own SD 501<br />You<br />Activated ByDirect Sale<br />1a<br />$285<br />Indirect Sales<br />8 Points<br />
    103. 103. Generous “Thank You” Checks<br />You<br />Direct Sale<br />Activated ByDirect Sale<br />1a<br />1a<br />$285<br />$285<br />Indirect Sales<br />8 Points<br />8 Points<br />
    104. 104. Synergistic Efforts Reward <br />You<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Activated ByDirect Sale<br />1a<br />2a<br />1a<br />$285<br />$285<br />$570<br />Indirect Sales<br />7 Points<br />8 Points<br />8 Points<br />$ 285<br />
    105. 105. 10 Group Sales <br />You<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />1a<br />2a<br />1a<br />$285<br />$285<br />$570<br />10Group Sales<br />Indirect Sales<br />Indirect Sales<br />7 Points<br />8 Points<br />8 Points<br />$ 285<br />
    106. 106. Extra $ for that special ?<br />You<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Activated ByDirect Sale<br />1a<br />2a<br />1a<br />3a<br />$285<br />$285<br />$570<br />$855<br />10Group Sales<br />Indirect Sales<br />6 Points<br />$ 570<br />7 Points<br />$ 285<br />8 Points<br />8 Points<br />$ 285<br />
    107. 107. 20 Group Sales<br />You<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />1a<br />2a<br />1a<br />3a<br />$285<br />$285<br />$570<br />$855<br />20Group Sales<br />Indirect Sales<br />6 Points<br />$ 570<br />7 Points<br />$ 285<br />8 Points<br />8 Points<br />$ 285<br />
    108. 108. Serious Income<br />You<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Activated ByDirect Sale<br />1a<br />2a<br />1a<br />3a<br />4a<br />$285<br />$285<br />$570<br />$855<br />$1140<br />20Group Sales<br />Indirect Sales<br />5 Points<br />$ 855<br />6 Points<br />$ 570<br />$ 570<br />7 Points<br />$ 285<br />$ 285<br />8 Points<br />8 Points<br />$ 285<br />
    109. 109. Half Way to 6A<br />You<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />1a<br />2a<br />1a<br />3a<br />4a<br />$285<br />$285<br />$570<br />$855<br />$1140<br />50Group Sales<br />Indirect Sales<br />5 Points<br />$ 855<br />6 Points<br />$ 570<br />$ 570<br />7 Points<br />$ 285<br />$ 285<br />8 Points<br />8 Points<br />$ 285<br />
    110. 110. Grow Exponentially<br />You<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Activated ByDirect Sale<br />1a<br />2a<br />1a<br />3a<br />5a<br />4a<br />$285<br />$285<br />$570<br />$855<br />$1140<br />$1425<br />50Group Sales<br />Indirect Sales<br />4 Points<br />$1140<br />5 Points<br />$ 855<br />$ 855<br />6 Points<br />$ 570<br />$ 570<br />$ 570<br />7 Points<br />$ 285<br />$ 285<br />$ 285<br />8 Points<br />8 Points<br />$ 285<br />
    111. 111. You’ve Helped 100 Families!<br />You<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Activated ByDirect Sale<br />1a<br />2a<br />1a<br />3a<br />5a<br />4a<br />$285<br />$285<br />$570<br />$855<br />$1140<br />$1425<br />100Group Sales<br />Indirect Sales<br />4 Points<br />5 Points<br />$1140<br />6 Points<br />$ 855<br />$ 855<br />7 Points<br />$ 570<br />$ 570<br />$ 570<br />8 Points<br />8 Points<br />$ 285<br />$ 285<br />$ 285<br />$ 285<br />
    112. 112. Now You are 6A!<br />Activated ByDirect Sale<br />You<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />Direct Sale<br />1a<br />2a<br />1a<br />3a<br />5a<br />4a<br />6a<br />$285<br />$285<br />$570<br />$855<br />$1140<br />$1425<br />$1710<br />100Group Sales<br />3 Points<br />Indirect Sales<br />$1425<br />4 Points<br />5 Points<br />$1140<br />$1140<br />6 Points<br />$ 855<br />$ 855<br />$ 855<br />7 Points<br />$ 570<br />$ 570<br />$ 570<br />$ 570<br />8 Points<br />8 Points<br />$ 285<br />$ 285<br />$ 285<br />$ 285<br />$ 285<br />
    113. 113. Once You Hit 6A<br />6A<br />6A<br />6A<br />6A<br />6A<br />6A<br />6A<br />6A<br />You<br />$1710<br />$1710<br />$1710<br />$1710<br />$1710<br />$1710<br />$1710<br />$1710<br />$200 Education Bonus<br />
    114. 114. Global Bonus Pool<br />6A-2 and above leaders can qualify for thousands—tens of thousands<br /> of dollars each month- by helping their teams share Enagic’s vision of True Health & Compassion for all!<br />
    115. 115. What are the Top<br />Earners Doing?<br />Share the Kangen Water<br /> Share the Information<br /> Live Demonstration<br /> Follow-Up<br /> Duplication<br />Simplicity is the Key<br />
    116. 116. Why People are<br />Succeeding<br />First and Foremost: The Water Works!<br />The Product is the Gold Standard<br />Marketing Approach is COMPASSION<br />Every Single “Baby Boomer” Needs It <br />Rock Solid Company<br />Phenomenal Compensation Plan<br />
    117. 117. Why People are<br />Succeeding<br />It’s the Perfect Timing to Catch the Wave~<br />(Remember when you wanted a microwave?)<br />
    118. 118. A Company With Integrity;<br />A Winning Team<br />Solid, growth-oriented company<br /> Revolutionary products with incredible benefits<br /> Leaders who support you<br /> Track record of group success<br /> Proven marketing system<br /> Cutting edge resources<br /> Dynamic referral program<br /> Team oriented<br />
    119. 119. The Complete Picture<br />In 1974 – Commercial Version Introduced<br />In 1994 – Consumer Version Introduced<br />Sold 300,000+ Consumer Units<br />
    120. 120. 2003 Expansion from Japan to U.S.<br />
    121. 121. Leading to a<br />Global Expansion<br />Canada<br />$<br />Europe<br />$<br />Asia<br />$<br />Mexico<br />$<br />South America<br />South Africa<br />Australia<br />$<br />$<br />$<br />
    122. 122. We’re Looking for Leaders… <br /><ul><li>The Project Makes a Difference…
    123. 123. The Water Is Universally Needed
    124. 124. The Potential Is Massive…
    125. 125. The Timing Is PERFECT!!!</li></li></ul><li>Always on Tap.<br />Ride the Wave <br />To HealthAND Wealth!<br />