English 2 lesson 14


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English 2 lesson 14

  1. 1. Final Exam • 110 multiple choice • 2 hours • February 21st 9AM Review slides at:http://www.slideshare.net/KitFuderich
  2. 2. Games Outside!
  3. 3. Pass through the Center
  4. 4. Simon Says
  5. 5. Countable vs. UncountableCountable (a/an) Uncountable (some/any)• Dog • Water• People • Salt• City • Air• Town • Grass
  6. 6. Questions about quantities (p. 38) How many…..? How much…..?• For countable nouns • For uncountable nouns
  7. 7. Going Fishing!
  8. 8. Answers: • Q: How much flour do you need? • A: 2 cups self-raising flour • • Q: How much brown sugar do you need? • A: ½ cup brown sugar • • Q: How much vegetable oil do you need? • A: 1/3 cup (80mL) vegetable oil • Q: How much milk do you need? • A: 1 cup milk • Q: How many eggs do you need? • • A:2 eggs • Q: How many bananas do you need?• A: Two large bananas. To make 1 cup mashed.
  9. 9. What’s in the fridge? Are (for countable) Is (for uncountable)“There are….” “There is…..”Two or three A littleA few A lotSome Some
  10. 10. What’s in the fridge?Use the table on p. 38
  11. 11. Possible Answers:-There are some bananas -There are a few carrots -There is a lot of Leo-There is some cake -There are some grapes-There are a few apples -There is some noodles-There is some water -There is some butter -There is a little Coke.-There is some meat-There are three or four eggs Is there any chicken?-There is some chocolate There isn’t any. Are there a lot of apples? There aren’t many.
  12. 12. Suits
  13. 13. Boots
  14. 14. Shoes
  15. 15. “Looks good”
  16. 16. Satisfied
  17. 17. Leather Pants
  18. 18. Fits
  19. 19. Want
  20. 20. Glue
  21. 21. Complete the Worksheet1. Translate the following words and draw a picture to match them. 2. Fill in the blanks with the best word
  22. 22. AnswersThe other day I went shopping at Big C because my feet werehurting and I needed some new shoes because they wereripping. However, when I went into the shop the saleswomandidn’t understand me and I thought I was looking forboots, which are like shoes except they are much taller. I toldher that I needed some athletic trainers and I need somethingthat would fit my narrow feet. I tried on some different brandsbut I wasn’t satisfied with any of the options they hadavailable. In the end, I decided that I would just buy some glueand so some repairs. When I was leaving the store a womanwearing black leather pants walked in. She mentioned hownice the suit I was wearing matched my shoes. The only thingis, I wasn’t wearing a suit that day and her comment made mefeel silly.
  23. 23. Song: “The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You”• Do you understand all the words in the title?• From the vocab words what do you think the song is about? • Who do you think the song is for?
  24. 24. 1st ListeningWhat types of clothes is he singing about?
  25. 25. 2nd ListeningFill in the blanks and afterwards compare with a partner.
  26. 26. 3rd ListeningCheck your fill in the blank answers. Afterwards compare your answers with a partner.
  27. 27. Song Discussion1. What types of clothes do you like? 2. What “fits” you well?
  28. 28. 5 Minute Break
  29. 29. Listen to this Jazz Chant!
  30. 30. Why we are doing this Jazz Chant: • Practice pronunciation of: this vs. these • To learn clothing vocabulary
  31. 31. This red shirt?Rising tone for questions. Let’s practice.
  32. 32. Clap the beat. 1. Repeat the lines after me.2. Now just clap and listen to me.
  33. 33. Class in two groups. Lets do the Jazz chant together.I will be the conductor, read when I point to your section.
  34. 34. Split into pairs and practice the Jazz chant.Afterwards we will have a competition. The pair with the best performance gets a prize.
  35. 35. Clothing Word searchWhoever finds the most words in 10 minutes wins!
  36. 36. Clothing BingoLook at p. 40: And write in the articles of clothing into your Bingo Boards Draw a picture with each of the words.
  37. 37. ComparativesWhich dress do you like better, the red or thewhite one?I like the red one better than the white one.Which shoes do you like more, the orange or theyellow ones?I like the yellow ones more than the orangeones.
  38. 38. Practice:Which care do you likemore, the orange one of the red one?
  39. 39. Comparative of Adjectives p. 41 Big Bigger
  40. 40. Small Smaller
  41. 41. Cheap Cheaper
  42. 42. Pretty Prettier
  43. 43. Nice Nicer
  44. 44. Expensive More Expensive
  45. 45. Bad Worse
  46. 46. ComparativesCheap CheaperBig BiggerSmall SmallerNice NicerPretty PrettierExpensive More ExpensiveGood BetterBad Worse
  47. 47. Pin the Tail
  48. 48. Pin the Tail
  49. 49. The Emperor’s New ClothesCheck that you understand all the words in the title
  50. 50. Fashionable
  51. 51. Thieves
  52. 52. Tailors
  53. 53. Invisible
  54. 54. Scissors
  55. 55. Marvelous
  56. 56. Parade
  57. 57. Murmur
  58. 58. 1st reading 10 minutes: Who is the story about?What are the emperor’s new clothes?
  59. 59. 2nd ReadingComplete the multiple choice worksheet
  60. 60. Emperor’s New Clothes VideoAfter the video complete the rest of the multiple choice worksheet
  61. 61. Answers Reading Questions Video Questions1. C 1. B2. C 2. A3. A 3. A4. B 4. C5. D 5. D6. C 6. C
  62. 62. Summary• Countable vs. Uncountable Nouns (There is vs. There are)• Song: “The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You”• Clothing Items• Comparatives• Story: The Emperor’s New Clothes
  63. 63. Class Goals 1. Have Fun Learning English 2. Complete Assigned Lessons3. Be able to ask questions and develop conversational skills