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English 2 lesson 11
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English 2 lesson 11

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  • 1. Align the Stars(True/False Version)
  • 2. ? Famous Artists ?• Louis Armstrong • Improvisation (no planning)• Duke Ellington • flat musical scales (low• Charlie Parker tone)• Miles Davis • Complicated drum rhythms
  • 3. Louis Armstrong:Questions Hello DollyWhat is he singing about?What kinds of things does thesong make you think about?Is it a happy or sad song?Do you like the music? Whyor why not?
  • 4. Jailhouse Rock Elvis PresleyWhat is memorable for you about this song?
  • 5. Jive Dancing
  • 6. History of Jive Dancing Originating in the United States in the 1940s,Jive (Latin Dance) was influenced by the Boogie, Rock & Roll, African/American Swing and Lindyhop.
  • 7. Characteristics of Jive Dancing• The basic look and feel of Jive is lots and lots of energy. • Legs performing a pumping action.
  • 8. Jive Action• Jive is a very happy, energetic dance, with knee- lifting, bending, and rocking of the hips. • Lots of kicks and flicks, even twirling of the woman Learn the following movements before we learn how to dance.
  • 9. Verbs vs. PrepositionsPrepositions: Express spatial, temporalrelationshipsVerbs: Action, State or relationship betweenthins. • Tell me what the following (?) are….verb or preposition.
  • 10. Hold (?) your partner’s hands.
  • 11. In Front (?)
  • 12. Lift (?) your hands
  • 13. Left (?) / Right (?)
  • 14. Towards (?) Away (?)
  • 15. Up (?) Down (?)
  • 16. Under (?) Swing (?)
  • 17. Let’s Learn How to do the “high lead” • Watch the video 2 times (1:30) • Then lets get up and practice the moves
  • 18. Return (?)
  • 19. Flat Hand (?)
  • 20. Push (?)
  • 21. Around (?)
  • 22. Catch (?)
  • 23. Lets Learn the “Flat Hand Push” • Watch the video 2x (1:30-2:50)• Then lets get up and practice the moves
  • 24. Let’s put it all together now.• I’ll play the video from start to finish. Practice with your partner. • Afterwards lets dance (To songs by Elvis Presley)
  • 25. Jailhouse Rock
  • 26. Hound Dog
  • 27. Blue Sued Shoes
  • 28. Elvis Presley Information Sheet• Read through the information sheet about Elvis Presley.• Notice Some Blanks are Missing. Think for 5 minutes about the questions that you will need to fill in those blanks.• After walk around the class and ask questions to fill in the blanks.• Worksheet A+B: Do not show each other your worksheets!
  • 29. 5 Minute Break
  • 30. Artists • Brainstorm some.• What are these people:
  • 31. Poetry The Rose Family The rose is a rose, And was always a rose. But the theory now goes That the apples a rose, And the pear is, and sos The plum, I suppose. The dear only knowsWhat will next prove a rose.You, of course, are a rose - But were always a rose. Robert Frost
  • 32. Review • Nouns• Adjectives • Verbs• Emotions
  • 33. Let’s write our own poems (Topic: Dancing)• 1st Line:Subject• 2nd line:Describe subject in two words (adjectives)• 3rd line:Describe an action about subject in three words (verbs)• 4th line:Express feeling or emotion you have about subject• 5th line: Use one word to describe what has been said.
  • 34. Understand the words from a poem. • Draw a picture + translate• After come up ideas for what you think the poem will be about
  • 35. POLAR BEAR
  • 36. HAIRY
  • 38. NIBBLING
  • 39. MUNCHING
  • 40. SLURPING
  • 41. LICKING
  • 42. ROAR
  • 43. SCARE
  • 44. PAWS
  • 45. Group Reading• What images are in the poem? • What is the poem about?
  • 46. 2nd Reading (individual) • Where is the bear? • What is the bear doing?
  • 47. 3rd Reading (Draw a picture)• Draw a picture of what is happening in the poem
  • 48. My Picture of the Poem:
  • 49. Brainstorm: Prepositions
  • 50. Prepositions Video• Fill out the study sheet.
  • 51. Let’s divide this space:
  • 52. Where’s Waldo?
  • 53. Drawing Dictation Game• Listen to my description and draw the picture
  • 54. Drawing 1 Answer:
  • 55. Drawing 2 Answer:
  • 56. Asking for Directions: • Excuse me,…..“Can you tell me how to find the train station?” “Can you tell me where the train station is?”
  • 57. Giving Directions• Go Strait Ahead…• Turn Right at….• Turn Left at….• At the intersection……• What else can we say for giving directions?
  • 58. Prepositions of Place p.32
  • 59. Landmarks p.31What can you do there?
  • 60. Complete the Giving Directions Worksheet. • Use the map on p. 33
  • 61. Giving Directions (Possible) Answers:1. Take a right onto Third Avenue, go strait past the movie theatre and the museum on your right. Cross Park street and the high school is on your right.2. The coffee shop is across Hill Street from the Drug Store. It is near an ATM.3. Take a right onto Hill Street and go strait past the hotel to the intersection with Third Avenue. There take a left onto Third Avenue and go strait up the road until you cross Park Street. The High school will be there, across from the French restaurant.4. Take a left onto Masonic St and then a left onto Main Street. Go strait on to the intersection with King St and Rt. 5 until Main St. becomes Bridge St-Rt. 9. Take a right onto Strong Ave and the Strong Ave. Lot will be on your left.5. File legal documents.6. Catch a train (it is a train station).
  • 62. Summary • Jive Dancing• Elvis Information Sheets • “Bear in there Poem” • Basic Prepositions • Drawing Dictation • Directions