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Tips on keeping your employees happy!

Tips on keeping your employees happy!

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  • 1. Kathryn Kissinger HR Services 2013Employee Morale
  • 2. Employee MoraleWhy is it important to promote and support themorale of your employees?Because unhappy workers cost yourorganization money.Kathryn Kissinger HR Services 2013
  • 3. Employee MoraleUnhappy workers lose sleep, which costs yourorganization in productivity levels and sick time.They don’t support your organization’s goals, whichcan lower your sales profits.Worst of all, they will leave your organization, takingwith them valuable knowledge of your organizationand costing significant financial and time resources torecruit and train the replacements.Kathryn Kissinger HR Services 2013
  • 4. Employee MoraleSo, how do you keep your workers happy?While not every company can compete withorganizations like Google, believe me, it’s not ashard or expensive as you may think.In fact, a small investment in your employees mayreap great profits for your organization.Kathryn Kissinger HR Services 2013
  • 5. Employee MoraleSome examples of employee support:-Thank them for their commitment to theorganization-a simple letter acknowledging years ofservice can be encouraging to workers. Summer BBQsor Christmas parties can be really fun!-Promote a workplace that is free from harassment andviolence, and utilize respectful conversation practices.Kathryn Kissinger HR Services 2013
  • 6. Employee Morale-Investigate any concerns raised by employees in aprompt, courteous manner.-Provide a way for employees to have input into yourorganizations goals and future, such as workplacecommittees or focus groups.-Provide reimbursement for education or training ifthey take courses and can apply the lessons to yourworkplace, either for career advancement or skillsupgrading for the current job.Kathryn Kissinger HR Services 2013
  • 7. Employee Morale-If possible, allow for flexible scheduling to help youremployees with child or eldercare.-Support involvement in community events (charity runs,golf tournaments, etc.). By sponsoring your team withsupplies such as shirts you can also promote yourorganization.-Or you could offer to reimburse part of their membershipcosts for things like fitness clubs or communityorganizations, or partner with other businesses to offerdiscounted services.Kathryn Kissinger HR Services 2013
  • 8. Employee MoraleThe next time you see a magazine or newspapertouting “the Top Managed Companies”, check outthe article.You might just be surprised at the easy andinexpensive ideas companies use to get on that list!Kathryn Kissinger HR Services 2013