Crafting Of Service Environment


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Service Marketing, Crafting Of Service Environment

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Crafting Of Service Environment

  2. 2. Each of the four dimensions of the service environment will impact on customer behavior through either cognitive, affective, Physiological reaction to the environment .employees likewise are affected by each of four dimensions. Managing the service scape required to selecting the right location for the Facility, creating the right physical apppearance,monitoring the ambient condition, and managing the interpersonal conditions.
  3. 3. Location When choosing the site location service must examine six criteria.  Operational position  merchantability  traffic inception  cumulative competitive attraction  competitive capability  accessibility
  4. 4. Operational position Firm choosing the customization approach should locate the business where they can obtain the prestige and image that will impressed their customers .firm with a service quality approach should make their the customer contract component convenience for their customers. the support component can be in a low cost area if the customer contract and support functions cannot be separated ,than priority is given to the customer contract component.
  5. 5. Merchantability Service high in a merchantability can be conducted without the customer being physical presents cost efficient operations must ensure their facility is convent for customers.
  6. 6. Traffic interception firm using the service quality operational approach will be concerned about the traffic interception for their customer contract facility. hotels that are positioned in the functional service .quality sector will want to be located at high vehicular traffic sites, such as a major highway where the majority of the traffics not local but tourist or business travelers.
  7. 7. Cumulative competitive Attraction The concept of cumulative attraction is most important for services focusing on the cost efficiency operational approach and least important for the service using the customization approaches. for services using the service quality approaches important for in the quality of services. the importance for competitive attraction depends on the volume customers desired.
  8. 8. Competitive capability The more business interchange customers, the great the benefits for being in a complementary cluster with other business Competitive capability is important to such services such as automobile rental agencies. Locating at near hotels and airports allows an interchange of customers tourist attraction and hotels both benefits from competitive compatibility because of the mutual interchange of customers. the same is true for restaurants and hotels and for airports .
  9. 9. Accessibility For services where the customers must go to the firms place of business, accessibility becomes an important issue.
  10. 10. PHYSICAL FACILITY Components of the physical facility that impact both customers and employees include the Exterior and interior decor, layout, furniture, and Equipment. Exterior appearance Firm employing a service quality operational approach will want to design the exterior of that facility to convey an image of high technical service or high functional service. for example security is important for travelers is selection of lodging, so hotels will want to design their facility in such a way that it appears to be safe.
  11. 11. Interior appearance Interior items that affect the service atmosphere include the color of the walls and the material they are made of the signs that are posted and the decorations, furniture, equipment and personal Artifacts found on desk and walls.
  12. 12. Ambient conditions Ambient conditions affect customers and Employees physiologically. these factors include Such things as the temperature of the facility, noise, music, other sounds, air quality .
  13. 13. Interpersonal factors Employees appearance and behavior The appearance of service personnel will often Affect customers cognitive beliefs about the quality of service they will receive. Impact of crowding crowding is based on ones personal preference it normally produces a negative reaction and avoidance behaviors.