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Build Quality In Build Quality In Presentation Transcript

  • BuildingQuality InKishen SimbhoedatpandayT: KishenPandayE:
  • Defects are expensive
  • Examples FinancialBank: EUR 300.000 Web travel agency: EUR 200.000 80% Software Dev dollars on defects
  • Solving trivial bugs1. Developer writes code and tests2. Tester finds defect and logs3. Developer tries to reproduce4. Developer finds bug and investigates5. Team discussion about how it should work6. Developer re-codes, re-unit-tests, re-builds, re-delivers7. Tester verifies and closes ticket
  • We let bugs happen Requirements Software Bugs Development Quality Control
  •  Requirements Maturity  Three Amigo meeting  Acceptance Driven DevelopmentWe need change!  In Flight UI Review  Pair Programming  Quality Without compromise  Constant Feedback  Deliver Value
  • Where do defects comefrom?
  • Where do defects comefrom? User Experience Quality Requirements Control Software development Deliver the right code / functionality from the start
  • Stop the presses!Don’t make assumptions
  • MiscommunicationMisunderstanding
  • Value people and interactionover documents
  • Requirement maturity Testable and estimable? User Story short enough? UI elements defined? Business rules defined? Customer acceptance Tests defined?
  • Three Amigos meetingsCreate one vision Developer Tester Product Owner One Vision
  • Three Amigos meetingsDiscover unknowns What does the requirement mean? What are the special cases? How will we test this? What about the non-functions? What to do with errors?
  • Deliver value in stead of Huh?Burning Tasks We’re getting wet…Plan Build Test Review Deploy
  • Get Test Infected!
  • Refactor Build test Test Driven Development Build Quality comes first feature
  • FunctionalTest Driven Development Refactor Build test Refactor Build test Refactor Build test Build Build Build feature feature feature
  • Why Functional Testing?Stable code Desired Functionality
  • What is the functionality?
  • Testing Pyramid ROI
  • Agile Testing Quadrants
  • In Flight UI ReviewDon’t wait until the end of thesprint to get feedback
  • Study in Pair programming Goal: Build product in 45min  15 programmers 5 working alone  10 in 5 (swapping) pairs
  • Study in Pair programmingTime
  • Study in Pair programmingTest Cases passed
  • Study in Pair programmingENJOY
  • Study in Pair programmingLines of code
  • Pair programmingBad attitude Good attitude
  • Quality comes from within Commitment Continuous Improvement Quality Responsibility Confidence
  • Working togetherExploratory Testers Programmers Communication  Communication Be curious about how stuff is tested by Programmers  Ask Testers for help Partner with Programmers  Show Testers what’s build / tested Coach Test Awareness / Test infection  Help out with Automation
  • What are we doing here? It’s NOT Testing It’s NOT Coding....
  • It’s Software Development
  • NopeBugs in productionare normalTry to minimize them ASAP